Many children in Leshan have fever and cough after swimming: more than 20 are still being treated

2022-08-03 05:11

  Not long ago, several parents in Shawan District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province reported that their children developed symptoms such as fever and cough after swimming. They were all students of a local swimming pool.

After the incident, the local official reported that personnel from the Shawan District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and the Shawan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention rushed to the scene to conduct a detailed investigation, conducted a comprehensive investigation of the 147 students in the swimming pool, and sent water quality samples to the site for inspection. , ordered the swimming pool to close immediately for investigation. On July 25, Shawan District established a multi-department working class to jointly carry out investigation and handling. A green channel was opened in the Shawan District People's Hospital to diagnose and treat patients and take samples for inspection. As of 21:00 on July 25, 2 patients tested positive for adenovirus, and their condition was stable. It was initially judged that this was a disease caused by adenovirus. In the next step, Shawan District will organize medical elites to carefully treat patients to ensure an early recovery, while strengthening the supervision of other similar places.
  Now that a week has passed, on August 1, the Red Star News reporter learned that all swimming pools in Shawan District, Leshan City are currently closed, and more than 20 children are still receiving treatment. The relevant local authorities have not yet announced the results of the water quality test of the swimming pool involved.[/COLOR]
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  Reporter visit:
  The swimming pool involved is still closed, and there is no one in the pool
  Since early July, many students in the Xingyuedong Swimming Pool in Shawan District, Leshan City have successively developed symptoms such as fever and cough. However, it was not until the evening of July 24 that some parents communicated that it turned out that many students had similar symptoms, and hundreds of children with similar symptoms were spontaneously registered by the parents of the students in the swimming pool.
  On the afternoon of August 1, a Red Star News reporter visited the Xingyuedong Swimming Pool and found that the swimming pool was not closed, and the huge swimming pool was empty. A notice posted on the door shows that the swimming pool is temporarily closed due to the water quality test report of the CDC, and the date of the notice is July 24.
  At the entrance of the swimming pool, many parents of students are negotiating with the person in charge of the swimming pool. Some parents said that before the incident, many students asked for leave due to symptoms such as fever, but the swimming pool did not pay much attention to it, nor did they notify the parents of the students in time, resulting in more and more students being infected.
  In response, the person in charge responded that the temperature did change a lot during that time. At first, he thought that the baby had a cold. Later, the number of people who asked for leave began to increase. He felt the seriousness of the matter and immediately reported it to the competent department, and also notified the CDC to come over. Sampling and testing of water quality.

  Aftermath of the incident:
  Some parents came to the refund swimming pool one after another and said that a unified disposal plan would be formulated
  According to the poster at the entrance of Xingyuedong Swimming Pool, the summer swimming training class is divided into four periods, the first period is from July 1 to July 12, the second period is from July 15 to July 26, and the third period is July 29-August 9, the fourth issue is August 12-August 23. According to the relevant person in charge of the swimming pool, the third and fourth sessions of training have not yet started, and parents have been notified to come and refund the fees one after another.
  In recent days, parents of some students have received calls from the swimming pool one after another, asking about their children's condition and treatment, and listening to their parents' demands. The above-mentioned person in charge said that they had obtained a list of students in the swimming pool who went to the hospital for medical treatment. At present, most of the children have been cured and discharged, and more than 20 people are continuing to receive treatment.
  On August 1, many parents came to the swimming pool, hoping that the swimming pool could come up with a disposal plan as soon as possible. The above-mentioned person in charge said that the swimming pool did not shirk the blame, and has now come up with a preliminary disposal plan and handed it over to the relevant departments. After all the children are cured and discharged, they will fully listen to the parents' opinions and form a unified disposal plan.

The swimming pools in the jurisdiction are closed and the water quality monitoring report has not been released yet.
  On July 25, the Shawan District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and the Shawan District Health and Health Bureau issued a notice saying that the incident involved 147 students. It is judged that this is a disease caused by adenovirus. At the same time, Shawan District set up a special work class to jointly investigate and deal with the matter.
  After the incident, there was a message in the parent communication group: "After testing by the Shawan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the total number of bacteria, total coliform bacteria, and free residual chlorine in the swimming pool water of Xingyuedong Swimming Pool did not meet the requirements of public places. Sanitation indicators and limit requirements." Many parents said that they went to the health department to see the test report, which was indeed the above, but were not allowed to take pictures.
  Regarding the above water quality test results, the person in charge of the swimming pool was noncommittal, but emphasized that the circulating filtration system in the swimming pool is open 24 hours a day, and the pool water will be disinfected regularly. The water has been changed every day, but the swimming pool cannot be changed every day.
  So, what are the specific results of the water quality test of the swimming pool involved? How many other students tested positive for adenovirus? Hu Xuexia, deputy director of the Shawan District Health Bureau in charge of disease control, said she was unclear. Yang Liu, director of the Shawan District Health and Health Bureau, said that this requires a unified release of the work class.
  Peng Yuqin, director of the Shawan District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, said that it was inconvenient to be interviewed, but he confirmed that all swimming pools in the area are currently suspended.
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  tips: What is adenovirus? How to avoid swimming in summer?
  The "adenovirus incident" in the Leshan Shawan Swimming Pool made many parents who usually take their children to swim a little worried. So, what is an adenovirus? How to avoid swimming in summer?
  According to Shawan CDC, adenovirus is not a new virus, but a common virus that causes respiratory tract infections in children. 4% to 10% of community-acquired pneumonia in children is caused by adenovirus infection.
  Adenovirus is highly contagious, but it is most common in children under 5 years old, and infants and young children between 6 months and 2 years old are particularly susceptible to infection. The incubation period of infection is generally 2 days to 21 days, with an average of 3 days to 8 days.
  Respiratory droplet transmission is the main mode of transmission of adenovirus, followed by contact transmission and fecal-oral transmission. If adenovirus contaminates swimming pools, it can also be spread by touching or ingesting the contaminated water, causing "pool fever" or "pink eye."
  In this regard, the disease control staff of the Shawan District Health and Health Bureau introduced that adenovirus is a very common infectious disease in summer. It is characterized by repeated fever. If it is mild, it does not require medication, and it will usually heal within a week, and its harm is much lower than that of influenza.
  So, how to swim in summer to avoid adenovirus infection? Shawan CDC reminds that when the temperature is high, the environment of the swimming pool is very easy to cause bacteria to multiply. Therefore, swimming in summer should do the following: check whether the swimming pool has sanitary licenses, water quality publicity and other materials; check whether the body is healthy before swimming If you have wounds, avoid swimming with wounds; do not swim in public swimming pools when you have symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, and diarrhea; wash your body with running water and soap before and after swimming; wear swimming goggles and a swimming cap when swimming , avoid eye contact with pool water; try not to swallow pool water when swimming.