Sichuan Electricity Sales Market|A major change in the electricity price policy has encountered a "market turning point" for electricity consumers!

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Since the National Development and Reform Commission’s “Notice of Document 1439” was issued on October 12, while looking forward to the implementation of Sichuan’s power market guidance, “electricity price policy”, “floating range”, “fire distribution ratio”, “electricity cost”, Themes such as "time-of-use electricity price" and "spot trading" have become hotspots for exchanges and discussions among power market entities.

The major policy guidelines that guide the development direction of the power market at the national level have been set. In the upcoming 2022, Sichuan power users, who account for the majority of market players, will face great changes and impacts in participating in power market-oriented transactions.
Based on policy trends, Xiaoshuo observes that in the new year, Sichuan power users will encounter a "market turning point", especially for commercial users and high energy-consuming users.

(1) Cancellation of electricity prices in the industrial and commercial catalogue
According to the spirit of the "document", the entry of power users into the market is an absolute trend, and the power purchase by grid companies is only a transition. The “ceiling” of the electricity price of retail users’ door-to-door policy has been cancelled. The electricity price of electricity users is completely determined by the market. Even the proxy price of the grid company is based on the market, which means that the electricity users will calculate the “how much” through absolute price comparison when purchasing electricity. The “money” model is no longer applicable, and the role of retail agents is more important. The actual electricity cost and energy efficiency of its own will become the focus of power users in the future.
(2) Expansion of thermal power price fluctuation range
The price of thermal power implements the market-based price mechanism of "base price + fluctuating up and down". In accordance with the latest requirements issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the price fluctuation range of thermal power has been expanded to both the upper and lower limits of 20%, and the original benchmark pricing sales model has been completely cancelled.
In the short term, thermal coal prices continue to run at a high level, leading to rising thermal power costs, and rising thermal power prices have become inevitable. Regardless of how the follow-up Sichuan power transaction policy changes in the way that thermal power participates in the market or the proportion of fire distribution, the increase in the cost of electricity for the thermal power part of power users will become inevitable.
(3) Implementation of the time-of-use and peak electricity price mechanism

Under the current electricity market-oriented trading policy, the market-oriented user-to-household electricity price is composed of transaction electricity prices and transmission and distribution prices in addition to funds and surcharges. Neither transaction electricity prices nor transmission and distribution prices are classified according to peak, flat and valley periods. The policy is It did not play the role of price signals to stimulate industrial and commercial users to cut peaks and fill valleys in electricity consumption.

In 2022, the era of strict implementation of peak-to-valley price spreads and peak power prices in the electricity market is officially coming. Relevant documents stipulate that where the maximum system peak-to-valley rate of the previous year or the current year is expected to exceed 40%, the peak-to-valley price difference shall not be less than 4:1 in principle; a peak power price mechanism shall be established. The peak period is based on the highest local power system load 95 The period of occurrence of electricity load of% and above shall be reasonably determined, and flexible adjustment shall be made in consideration of the power supply and demand situation of the year, weather changes and other factors. In principle, the peak power price shall not be less than 20% on the basis of the peak power price.

As can be seen from the above figure, the peak-to-valley difference rate of the Sichuan network supply system in 2021 has exceeded 40%. If the peak-to-valley price difference is expanded to 4 times in strict compliance with the spirit of the document, it is very likely that the floating ratio will be expanded from the current 50% to 60%. , That is, the peak electricity price is 160%, the flat electricity price is 100%, and the valley electricity price is 40%. The implementation of the peak electricity price mechanism has further widened the peak-to-valley price difference.

For the electricity users who have entered the market, the electricity price has changed from the uniform price of electricity throughout the day to the peak-to-valley price difference. The intraday load curve structure will have a significant impact on the cost of electricity. Will rise sharply;
For new electricity users, although the previous catalog electricity price also implements the peak-to-valley price difference, in the face of the expansion of the floating ratio after entering the market, even if the price remains unchanged, users who consume more electricity at the peak of the daily load curve It is also facing a substantial increase in electricity costs.

The time-of-use electricity price mechanism on the power consumption side will completely change the current situation where participation in market-oriented transactions only pays attention to the rich and dry structure, and then shifts to the trend of focusing on both the rich and dry structure and the daily power load curve. Especially for commercial and power users with high peak rigid loads, they have to bear the peak electricity price or even the peak electricity price, which will increase the cost of electricity. However, the implementation of the time-of-use electricity price on the user side of market-oriented transactions and the increase in the peak-to-valley price difference have provided sufficient living soil and considerable development space for comprehensive energy transformation projects such as "valley power cold storage" and "valley power heat storage". .
(4) High-energy-consuming projects are under control

From the standpoint of electricity cost alone for high-energy consumers, 2022 will be an earth-shaking year. In August 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice mentioning that it is strictly forbidden to implement preferential electricity price policies for the electrolytic aluminum industry; followed by a notice issued by the National Development and Reform Commission on October 12, it pointed out that the market transaction price of energy-intensive enterprises is not affected by coal-fired power generation. There is a 20% limit on market transaction prices.
At present, the above two industries enjoy electricity price discounts due to the characteristic of Sichuan Hydropower’s unique high-water period electricity supply exceeding demand. However, after the relevant state departments have recently taken a heavy blow to control high-energy-consuming projects, the electricity price discounts they enjoy next year may be cancelled accordingly. . In the context of the country’s “dual control of energy consumption”, high-energy-consuming industries led by aluminum, electricity and steel have encountered policy reversals, followed by upgrades in the management and control of electricity and energy consumption, which will promote high energy consumption. The energy industry’s technical reform efforts for energy conservation and consumption reduction have accelerated the promotion of technological transformation and upgrading.

At present, the electricity market has gone out of the stage of relying solely on certain aspects to release policy dividends to help promote large power users to reduce electricity costs. In the new stage of greater emphasis on market mechanism adjustment, how to effectively adjust the company's own electricity structure and scientifically participate in the electricity market Will become the only way to optimize electricity costs.