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China - Food Security Promotion Week - "food production and demand will still maintain a tight balance" - October 16, 2020

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  • China - Food Security Promotion Week - "food production and demand will still maintain a tight balance" - October 16, 2020

    2020-10-16 11:23:25Beijing News reporter: Chen Lin Editor: Fan Yijing

    Beijing adds two more food security education bases, totaling 12 in the city

    Beijing News Express (Reporter Chen Lin) October 16 is the 40th World Food Day, and this week is also my country’s Food Security Promotion Week. On that day, two more municipal food security publicity and education bases were listed in Beijing. There are 12 food safety education bases, and citizens of some bases can make an appointment to visit for free.

    Last year, 10 food safety publicity and education bases including the Capital Museum of Food were opened. The two food safety publicity and education bases opened today are the COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute and the Beijing Cereals, Oils and Food Inspection Institute. These two bases are based on food and Food science research has played an important role in the promotion and popularization of scientific diets, love of food and food saving.

    The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Food and Material Reserves that this year the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has set the theme of its global activities as "Growing Together, Prospering Together, and Sustaining Together. Action Creates the Future." The week of October 16 is my country's Food Security Promotion Week. , The theme of this year’s Food Security Awareness Week is "Firming China's Rice Bowls and Building Global Food Security". The theme of the Beijing World Food Day publicity activity is "Love Food, Save Food, and Protect Food Security Together with Scientific Diet."

    Wang Deqi, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves, said that at present, my country’s grain production, reserves, and circulation capabilities continue to increase, with sufficient inventories, reserves, and supplies, and the food security situation continues to improve. In the context of the continuous spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, my country has always maintained a stable and orderly social order, and the stable supply of food and important agricultural and sideline products is indispensable. However, the problem of food loss and waste in the post-production purchase, storage, transportation, processing, consumption and other links still exists, and the waste of food consumption, especially catering consumption, is more prominent. Statistics show that the per capita food waste in China's catering industry is 93 grams per person per meal, with a waste rate of 11.7%, and the waste at large gatherings is as high as 38%.

    In the medium and long term, my country's food production and demand will still maintain a tight balance, and the waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by food waste must not be underestimated. Using the power of science, Beijing is working hard to achieve the whole chain of food saving and loss reduction. Including strengthening grain acquisition and storage management, adopting advanced grain storage technology and facilities and equipment, promoting "green grain storage" and "low energy consumption grain storage", and achieving "grain storage"; using the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, Information technology such as 5G improves the optimization level of grain logistics routes and reduces the transportation cycle. Develop the traceability technology of the grain industry chain, improve the supply chain's ability to reduce losses, and reduce the “loss on the road” of grain; carry out research and development of grain reduction and loss reduction technologies and equipment in the fields of grain storage, logistics, processing, etc., strengthen the promotion and application of related technological achievements, and through technological innovation Realize high efficiency reduction and build invisible fertile land. At the same time, through scientific research institutes, universities and leading enterprise research institutes, we will drive innovation resources and continuously improve the ability of food science and technology innovation.