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​China - Henan Province: herpes pharyngitis has increased significantly

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  • ​China - Henan Province: herpes pharyngitis has increased significantly

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    One day visit more than 100 people! Henan's sister-child disease has entered a period of high incidence

    2018-05-21 15:48 Source: River Client

    On May 18th, the reporter interviewed the Children's Hospital of Henan Province and the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Since her entry into April, especially after May 1, herpes pharyngitis has increased significantly.

    “For now, we have three to four hundred small patients every day in the outpatient department, of which there are more than 200 patients with hand-foot-mouth disease and more than 100 small patients with pharyngeal inflammation.” said Wang Fang, Director of Infectious Diseases Department of Children's Hospital of Henan Province. .

    In the pediatrics clinic of the provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the situation is similar. Wang Wei, chief physician of the Department of Pediatrics, said that in addition to herpes pharyngitis, there are some children who have herpetic stomatitis. The typical symptoms of these children are high fever, bad spirits, sore throat, and a small throat on the child's throat. In the case of herpetic stomatitis, there will be ulcers in the tongue, gums, and mouth.

    What is herpes pharyngitis?

    "In fact, it is almost the same as hand-foot-mouth disease. It can be said to be a pro-sister." Huang Xueyong, deputy director of the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention of infectious diseases, said that many viruses that cause hand-foot-mouth disease and herpes pharyngitis are overlapping. Such as CA16, can cause hand, foot and mouth disease, but also can cause herpes pharyngitis, the difference is the symptoms are different, one is the hands, feet, ass and mouth may have phlegm, one is a pimple in the pimple. "Herpes pharyngitis and hand-foot-mouth disease are the same." He explained that the disease, like hand-foot-and-mouth disease, is a high season from April to July, and children under 5 are high-risk groups.

    It is reported that after a herpes pharyngitis, it will be reinfected. Because there are many types of viruses that cause herpes pharyngitis, the child is infected with one of the viruses and has certain resistance to the virus. However, other viruses are still blank, so they should also attract attention.
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