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China - Yangzi Province 40+ Cases of HFMD

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  • China - Yangzi Province 40+ Cases of HFMD

    By February 16 from the first patients were received after the deadline yesterday, the people of Taizhou high port hospital has treated more than 40 "Hand, Foot and Mouth" ill, some local kindergarten classes have been part of a holiday, but experts advise parents importance at the same time, there is no need to panic, "Hand, Foot and Mouth" disease epidemic While there is some, but completely preventable and curable.

    Yesterday morning, reporter at the people Taizhou high port hospital emergency department to see the two wards, 56 children accompanied by parents are linked to water, one of a parent told reporters that children 6 years old this year, at the high port authority kindergarten on Medium (3) classes, 3 days ago she found the hands of children played a little red point, the children straight喊疼the next day the doctor diagnosed as "hand, foot and mouth" disease.

    Pediatric hospital a doctor said in an interview, "Hand, Foot and Mouth" disease symptoms of hand, mouth, feet, anus and other parts of red papules or herpes, which they treated all children the disease has been effectively controlled.

    Yesterday afternoon, reporters kindergarten through high-port authority in front of "A Letter parents were" aware that the park has been identified and have confirmed three cases of "hand, foot and mouth" sick child, the letter also warned other parents if their children have similar symptoms should promptly report and go to hospital for treatment.

    Introduction of the Park, a teacher, in order to prevent infection, currently in kindergarten (3) classes and small (2) classes have all been a holiday.

    Reporter also learned that Diao local shops, shipyards, such as kindergarten have a "hand, foot and mouth," the sick child.

    Kindergarten children suffering from a "hand, foot and mouth" disease, many local parents have been very panic.

    "There is no need to be too nervous," the people of Taizhou City, the new hospital out-patient department director Chen said that the reason why some parents are afraid, are parts of our country last year because of individual patients "hand foot mouth" disease of death, "It was just a very individual situation, may be virus there has been some variation, combined with timely treatment is not caused by.

    Director Chen introduction, in fact, "hand, foot and mouth" disease is not a "new disease", in the winter and spring or continuous overcast and rainy days, especially vulnerable children, the parents found their children to the hospital after a timely manner, can be effective treatment.

    In order to prevent child illness, parents should pay attention to the children to wash bedding ground to increase the vitamin-rich food, to let children develop a good habit of washing hands frequently.

    This disease is completely preventable and curable, there is no need to panic.
    (贾宏伟 王国柱)
    (JIA Hong-wei WANG Guo-zhu)