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China: The Ministry of Health: probiotics can inhibit intestinal virus

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  • China: The Ministry of Health: probiotics can inhibit intestinal virus


    The Ministry of Health: probiotics can inhibit intestinal virus 2008-6-22 7:41:03 Media author (anonymous)
    [Media Health June 22 - According to the "Nanfang Dushi Bao" reported: the Ministry of Health spokesman Mao Qun said that before the recent disaster areas a small amount of hand, foot and mouth disease cases reported, the local promptly verify the situation and Has taken control measures. Mao said the group, from May 2 this year, the Ministry of Health has been hand-foot-mouth disease into the report of the statutory management of infectious diseases, if there are cases in the disaster areas, will be the first time straight through the network system was reported.
    Prevention of medical microecosystem China will credits will be micro-director of preventive medicine, member of the People's Liberation Army General Hospital, First Affiliated Hospital of Professor Xiong Dexin, hand, foot and mouth disease by the intestinal infection caused by EV71 virus, the disease incidence and more people under the age of 5 Children. Poor sanitation and personal hygiene-induced bad disease, so maintaining environmental hygiene, to develop good hygiene practices to prevent the disease is the conventional method. Especially in infants and young children's hygiene should be washing hands frequently, Buhe raw water, do not eat raw food, keeping indoor ventilation and ground drying clothing.
    In addition, Professor Xiong also pointed out that the probiotic preparations in the prevention of Hand, Foot and mouth disease on a very good results, it can not only regulate cytotoxic T cells and natural killer cell activity, reducing the virus within the cell reproduction, can play a more innate immunity, the immune System and adapt to the activation of the immune response from the formation of a very important role. For school-age children through supplementary Fishing Health of Health and other benefits can promote the growth of origin, the faster the better probiotics can activate the immune response, in order to better play on the intestinal specific immune response, produced against gastro-intestinal virus Antibody. Experts point out that regulate gastrointestinal function must be the beneficial use of biological weapons agents of Health, Fishing, such as health benefits can promote the health of origin of (Bifidobacterium) proliferation. Bifidobacteria are important in human and animal intestinal microbial populations of one of their number may be as many as 1 billion -100 billion, it is not human or animal pathogens in the non-toxic harmless physiological microbial populations. As the origin of it to each person directly involved in the digestion of nutrition, metabolism, absorption, immunization and anti-infection process, and everyone can say that lifelong companions, not abandoning efforts, physiological and biochemical directly involved in the metabolism of the entire process, only in the human body Aging, illness or environmental change due to be reduced until disappeared.
    Of course, each individual's age, physiological changes, changes in nutrition, health status change, or the origin of Bifidobacterium, such as the qualitative and quantitative, targeting a number of implications, it can be said Bifidobacterium is a barometer of the health of each individual , In everyone's long-term historical process of evolution has become a harmonious microecological system, maintain the microecology of the growth and development, on human health and longevity plays a vital role.
    Reporter Xu Jian -