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    Google translation:
    Guangdong Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment intervention Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
    2008-06-22 13:50 Source: Guangzhou Daily
    Six and a half months-old baby is receiving treatment. Because of the EV71 virus, the hospital six days spent over 10,000 yuan, a year to work outside her father's income. (Zhang Hongwei Photo)

    Guangdong Provincial Health Office yesterday clarified that the media "not to Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine intervention Hand, Foot and mouth disease prevention and control work" is an error, the province of hand, foot and mouth disease expert group was first set up three Chinese medicine experts have joined. At present, the Provincial Chinese Medicine Council to take the lead in the province to participate in a number of famous Chinese medicine practitioners of Chinese medicine in hand, foot and mouth disease control programme has completed the first draft.

    Hand, Foot and mouth disease is a common pediatric infectious diseases, traditional Chinese and western medicine is still no vaccine and effects of drug treatment. According to participate in the "Guangdong provinces of hand, foot and mouth disease medicine clinical technology programme," the development of an expert, hand, foot and mouth disease in the theory of Chinese medicine, "Wen disease" in areas known as hot and humid Yidu, and the temperature of the TCM treatment Known as effectiveness. The discussion of the draft programme will be divided into hand-foot-mouth disease, "Chang card" and "change card" two categories of six cards, that were symptomatic and treatment. Which, due to lead to serious complications caused deaths in the EV71 infection, can be broadly classified to be "change card" category.

    "Taking into account the actual Guangdong, we advocate the use of hand-foot-mouth disease heat, detoxification, Huashi-based prevention and treatment methods." Chinese medicine hospitals in Guangdong Province Yang Li, the new director of pediatric physicians said that from the perspective of prevention, the recent local weather and humid , High fever, in addition to heat stress, more attention should be paid to Huashi, therefore, do not advocate blindly let the children drink Banlangen granules heat.

    She recommended, can be honeysuckle, Yinchen, the Health and Adlay, Daqingye (Banlangen leaves), licorice, etc. Add to the water, Zhukai after 20 minutes before disposal, when tea drinking use. "You can drink 35 days, but Tixu, easy to diarrhea in children do not drink."

    For his mouth long herpes, ulcers, bad breath child, in addition to the above Fangzai, can also be used Deng Xin Hua, Huoxiang, Sheng Shigao, windbreak, short bamboo leaves Jianshui drinking, Qingxin fire. Loss of appetite for the children but also in the side yard Dengxin spend more malt to appetizers.

    If a child in hand-foot-herpes, can be used in washing, using wild chrysanthemum, Shikonin, Kochia scoparia son, Kushen, such as boiling, cooling to moderate hand-foot-soaking temperature to a heat, Huashi, Liangxue role. (Ren Shanshan WU Yuan Mission Song Liping)