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China - Guangdong - Guangzhou: hundreds of admissions at pediatric hospital, majority have diarrhea

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  • China - Guangdong - Guangzhou: hundreds of admissions at pediatric hospital, majority have diarrhea

    News > Guangzhou

    Diarrhea in children rush to fourfold increase in the number of visits

    More Source: People's Post Time :2013 -11-06 14:08

    Adult four percent increase in the number of visits gastroenteritis

    A cool autumn rain, since yesterday, the Guangzhou into the "cool" mode, many office workers unprepared, cough, colds, fever, diarrhea and other symptoms. Reporter learned from the various hospitals in Guangzhou, the current treatment of diarrhea in children have been killed to the peak, the next two days will be a cooling peak attendance, the doctor reminded the public as soon as possible to guard against.

    "It was just a few days pediatric tumbled, from registration to the doctor, parents almost have to wait four or five hours." Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Lingnan School District associate professor of emergency department director Zhang mark, said yesterday that the hospital pediatric one day Tianhe District Court There are hundreds of admissions volume of attendances and Lingnan School District has also ushered in more than two hundred daily pediatric small number of patients, the vast majority have the diarrhea.

    "This week we Diarrhea Children's Hospital is the usual number of visits four times in the past that rotavirus diarrhea mainly affects children under three years old, but the recent closing of the patients, many of eleven-year-old child." Sun Yat-sen Chen Meiying Sixth Affiliated Hospital emergency pediatric physician said that children generally first spit after diarrhea, watery stool or egg drop soup, usually five to ten days can be good, during which you want to pay special attention to the children, to prevent dehydration caused serious consequences.

    Chen Meiying reminder, infectious diarrhea in autumn, parents should pay attention to the child's personal hygiene, washing hands, keeping indoor air circulation, in bad weather or poor condition when the child, with the child to a less crowded place.

    Chill wind forgot to add clothing, many white-collar workers do not distinguish the seasons out of air-conditioned rooms, and immediately cold, manifested as diarrhea, vomiting, colds, fever and so on. According to Liu Jiemin Zhongshan six hospital emergency department physician introduction, these days the number of hospital visits gastroenteritis than usual three percent Daosi Cheng.

    Yangzhou, a female white-collar workers because of the recent outbreak of myocarditis attack, sudden death on the road, which was suspected after a cold late at night, induced myocarditis. "After a fever young white-collar workplace, avoid staying up teeth, be sure to rest, drink plenty of water." Zhang marked that in the case of extreme fatigue, cold and fever may evolve into acute pneumonia, or myocarditis induced seizures. If more than two days after a cold persistent fever, or accompanied by severe headache, vomiting, heartburn, palpitation, chest tightness and other symptoms should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, so as not to lead to serious complications.

    Experts predict that this round of cooling peak attendance will be triggered before the weekend to kill, in addition to fever and other common "cool" disease, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, old patient inevitably caught.

    Editor: Wang Yanzi

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