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China - Hundreds of dead piglets in ditch in Fujian province - March 8

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  • China - Hundreds of dead piglets in ditch in Fujian province - March 8

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    Dead pigs stink the Gully, processing should running forward
    Add a comment 2013-03-08 10:19 Tong Ji Weide Source: Southeast Network 
    Yesterday afternoon, the Herald reporter came to a section of the bridge, 324 State Road, Jimei guankou top Xucun, to smell the stench. The original, in a muddy creek surface, floating the abnormal objects "one only taupe, clutching his nose close look original is dead piglets, each estimated to be no more than 5 kg. (March 7, "Channel Guide")

    Two of the country during the "welcome breath of fresh air" became a place of business card to Fujian, "beautiful Fujian" became the slogan of the Fujian delegation, which, while certainly out of the Fujian Environmental Protection and Governance also unswervingly do a good job of attitude expression. To achieve this purpose, so beautiful Fujian perfect show in front of everyone, and accumulate on such an important issue, should attach great importance all tarnish and environmental phenomenon.

    Hundreds of head of small dead piglets dead bodies at the roadside ditch, contaminated water, fetid air, local residence unbearable, also let the hearts of passers unhappy. Deeper is dead pig existence of the risk of disease transmission, resulting in the spread of the epidemic, caused by human and animal cross-infection, the loss may be incalculable. Therefore regardless of environmental protection or the perspective of the disease prevention and control, to deal with this phenomenon is desperately needed.