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China - Patient interviews: This COVID-19 wave symptoms are conjunctivitis, menstrual disorder, sore throat, smell issues, memory and reaction time slower - May 24, 2024

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  • China - Patient interviews: This COVID-19 wave symptoms are conjunctivitis, menstrual disorder, sore throat, smell issues, memory and reaction time slower - May 24, 2024

    Possible XBB version of COVID-19.....

    "Second Yang" is milder than "Shouyang"? This wave, the situation has changed

    2023-05-24 21:49

      Source: Morning News
      Recently, many friends or colleagues around the citizens have "two positives", and they are a little worried. Are the symptoms of "two yang" lighter than "one yang"? What are the main symptoms? Is there anything that needs special attention? On May 24, the reporter interviewed 5 citizens who had just experienced "two yangs". Two of them had new symptoms such as conjunctivitis and menstrual disorder.
    "I didn't take a pill this time, just drink more water"

      On May 15, Xiao Chen was at home on vacation. He wanted to go out to deliver dry cleaning clothes, but he felt dizzy after waking up. He quickly took his temperature and found that it was 37.5°C. So, she bought another new crown antigen for testing, which showed "two bars" and the color was very dark.
      "This time I was positive for the second time. I felt better on the 16th, but it didn't turn negative, and I didn't have much appetite. After another day, when I got up and tested the antigen again, there was a 'bar', but my body was still a little weak, and I kept coming out. Sweating, especially on the soles of the feet."
      Xiao Chen thought about it. In fact, two days before the antigen test was positive, she felt a little uncomfortable, but she didn't pay much attention to it because of her busy work.
      On the morning of May 13, she felt her throat was very dry after waking up, and she wanted to drink water all the time, and she could down a 500ml bottle of mineral water at a time. At the same time, my throat was also a little uncomfortable, and I felt that there might be some inflammation, but the antigen was not detected at that time, so I continued to go to work the next day.
      On the 14th, she felt that she was "a little floating", but she was outside at the time and did not take her temperature. It was not until May 15 that dizziness occurred, and when the antigen was tested again, it showed "two bars".
      "When you become positive, you just drink plenty of water. This time, you didn't take a single pill." Xiao Chen said that when she was "positive" at the end of last year, she vomited for the first two days, throwing up whatever she ate, and had a low-grade fever for the first three days. I couldn't even read my mobile phone, so I could only lie down. On the fourth or fifth day, I started coughing.
      "My yang this time was not as serious as the first time, but I still had to lie down for the first three or four days. I felt very sleepy. It was no problem to sleep in the afternoon until 10 pm, but at that time I slept until 4 pm , I'm sleepy again at 7 o'clock in the evening, I still need to rest more." Xiao Chen said.
      Xiao Le (pseudonym) was particularly impressed with the situation in "Yi Yang" last year. At that time, she was on a business trip in Shanghai, and she had a high fever and pain all over her body. She could only lie on the bed and couldn't even make a phone call.
      Since there were no fever-reducing medicines around at that time, her husband called her and contacted her family in Shanghai to deliver the fever-reducing medicines. Afterwards, her husband also became positive. "At that time, his vision went dark for a moment, and he sat down in the bathroom."
      Some time ago, Xiao Le had "two yang", but this time there was no high fever, but conjunctivitis and bloodshot eyes, "I have a sore throat, but it's not as uncomfortable as last time. I just feel a little weak, and it lasted for about five or six years. It's getting cloudy."
    "I've always been 'underestimating the enemy', and 'Eryang' lost three to five catties"

      At the end of last year, Ms. Xu's nucleic acid test was positive. Compared with many symptoms such as "blade throat" and "cement nose" at that time, her symptoms were very mild, and she did not have a fever, but her throat was a little sore. After staying at home for a week, her nucleic acid showed that she had turned negative again.
      "It was my son Xianyang at the time, and his symptoms were relatively mild. The highest fever was 37.8°C, and he had a little diarrhea. We all said that his strain was better, and the symptoms of the whole family were relatively mild, so we always 'underestimated the enemy'. "Ms. Xu said that she experienced almost all the symptoms during the "two yang" this time.
      On the morning of May 12, she woke up feeling a little unwell, tired and with a sore throat. After arriving at the workplace, before she had time to start work, she suddenly felt chills all over her body, "I felt like I was going to die." Afterwards, she hurried home by taxi, and when she checked her body temperature, she found it was 39.3°C. In the middle of the night, she also woke up with a headache, then felt dizzy and began to vomit violently.
      "The next morning, my body temperature dropped a little, to 38.5°C. From 39.3°C to 38.5°C, I took two Tylenol in the middle, and I didn't take any after that. It was a case of influenza A, and I happened to have Tamiflu at home, so I started taking Tamiflu." When she was able to get up, she took another antigen test, which showed "two bars".
      In order to avoid infecting her family members, she stayed alone on the 4th floor for self-isolation. During this period of time, she developed symptoms such as "blade voice" and "cement nose". smell.
      "It feels like the tongue is covered with a layer of wax, and there is no sense of taste. After two bites of hot and sour rice noodles, I can't eat any more. I can't taste the taste. The taste in my memory is completely different from the taste I ate in 'Eryang'. Those few days Today, I basically drink electrolyte water, light salt water, and porridge, but I can’t taste it at all, I just feel like I need to eat.”
      Afterwards, her body temperature continued to drop, and on the fifth day she began to have thick yellow phlegm. "During this period, in addition to Tylenol and Tamiflu, I also took Xuanfei cough syrup. Fortunately, I didn't have a continuous high fever. I also had a finger pulse oximeter at home. There was no problem with the test, and I didn't feel particularly short of breath, so I didn't go to the hospital. If it keeps going like the first day, I'm sure I'm going to the hospital."
      Ms. Xu said that she lost three to five catties during the "Eryang" period. It has been nearly ten days now, and her appetite and sense of smell have not fully recovered. "The sense of smell has recovered by about 30%. I ordered a bowl of noodles two days ago. I really want to eat, but I just can’t eat.” At present, she still has some cough, and sometimes wakes up at night with cough, and plans to go for a CT scan after a while.
    "The symptoms are relatively mild, but the memory loss is obvious"

      Some time ago, Xiaoxue felt a little sore throat, but it didn't reach the level of "blade throat", and she didn't have other symptoms. At first, she thought it might be caused by a bit of dust or bad air in the place where she worked, but she didn't think it was "two yang". Later, her colleague became "positive", and she also tested the antigen at home and found that it was "two bars".
      "I only had a little sore throat in the first few days. After the antigen test and found 'positive', the sore throat was no longer there. What was abnormal during the period was the menstruation. This time, the menstruation suddenly came a week earlier, which did not appear before. However, when the 'Er Yang' was about to get better, the menstrual holiday came again. Later, my roommate told me that she had a colleague who, like me, had menstrual confusion before and after the 'Er Yang'."
      "Compared with the symptoms during the "Yiyang", Xiaoxue's symptoms this time are much lighter. "My first yang lasted for a long time, and it took ten days to turn negative. I have experienced all the symptoms that everyone mentioned, such as 'blade throat', 'Baojuan voice' and 'cement nose', etc., and because I have a bad stomach, I vomited while holding the toilet on the first night, so I was particularly impressed. "
      However, there is also one thing that makes her a little anxious, that is, her memory and reaction ability are obviously slowed down. "I told my friend a few days ago, it's over, I'm stupid." She said that from "Eryang" to now, she obviously felt that her memory had deteriorated, she couldn't remember too many things, and she was particularly easy to forget. Things, such as what a colleague said just now, will not be remembered after a while.
      "I read the news once, but I couldn't understand what it meant. It took me a long time to understand the meaning of each word. Now I am more anxious. gone."
    Public sharing: It is recommended to wear a mask and organize the medicines at home

      A few days ago, Aunt Liu went hiking with her friends and did not wear a mask during the period. That night, she felt a little uncomfortable and a little tired, but the antigen test was no problem. On the second day, she developed symptoms such as fever and cough, and the antigen test showed "positive".
      Aunt Liu said that the symptoms this time were much lighter than last time, and because of her previous experience, she was not too flustered this time. I had a little fever two days ago. After taking some medicine prepared at home, it got better on the third and fourth day. My throat is still a bit uncomfortable.
      "I still have to wear a mask when I go out recently. When I was climbing a mountain, I heard someone coughing, but I didn't think it might be positive." Aunt Liu said.
      Ms. Xu also reminded that it is still necessary to wear a mask when going to crowded places recently, especially for the weak. If it is "sun", it is recommended to self-isolate if conditions permit, and pay attention to ventilation every day, so that you can have a good rest and avoid infecting your family members.
      She said: "Half a year has passed, and I have to look at the expiration dates of the medicines at home. After reorganizing, I have forgotten many medication methods. The most important thing is to prepare antipyretics and cough drops. Also, I took the medicine first and then tested it. Antigen, if you have a fever, you should test the antigen first, and then decide what medicine to use."

    source: z oc=5&r=0&rfunc=32&tj=cxvertical_pc_pager_spt&tr=18 1

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