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China - Manzhouli port is fully closed due 60 positive COVID-19 samples in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia (65% of China - Russia trade by land) - December 1, 2021

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  • China - Manzhouli port is fully closed due 60 positive COVID-19 samples in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia (65% of China - Russia trade by land) - December 1, 2021

    Manzhouli Port is closed, Sino-Russian border trade stalls

    With the global supply chain affected by the epidemic this year, since the beginning of this year, ocean freight rates have continued to rise, and many foreign trade companies are facing the embarrassing situation of increasing orders but not being able to ship goods. Under this circumstance, many foreign trade companies and related supply chains have been forced to change their strategies and target the China-Europe freight trains.

    Manzhouli is the largest land port in China. Timber imports rank first among all ports in the country , and it has an extremely important position in timber imports. According to statistics from Manzhouli Customs, since the opening of the border, 310 million tons of imported and exported materials have been evacuated through Manzhouli Port. The heavy container rate of the China-Europe train via Manzhouli Port is as high as 100%, and it is responsible for more than 65% of China-Russia trade by land transportation . It provides strong support for ensuring the stability and smooth flow of the international industrial chain supply chain and helping the domestic and international dual cycle.

    Manzhouli Port is fully closed

    On November 29, 60 positive samples were detected in the first round of large-scale nucleic acid detection in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia. In order to curb the spread of the epidemic, the Manzhouli government of Inner Mongolia announced: Starting from November 27th, flights, trains, long-distance buses, taxis, and urban buses in Manzhouli will be completely suspended, and traffic control will be implemented at all entrances and exits in the city , and 24-hour duty will be implemented. All checkpoints and peripheral checkpoints are strictly investigated and strictly controlled for people and vehicles entering and leaving the city.
    Sino-Russian border trade may stall
    The leakage of houses has happened to rain overnight. Since the beginning of this year, the number of China-Europe freight trains has continued to increase, but the limited port operation capacity, coupled with the impact of border epidemic prevention and control and other factors, has caused a large amount of cargo to be backlogged at the port . With the increase in freight demand at the end of the year, port congestion has become more and more serious recently, and China's export capacity to Russia is gradually declining .

    This has led to the phenomenon of vehicle detention on the Russian side at the Manzhouli port. Truck detention costs 500 euros a day, which indirectly leads to a sharp increase in port freight prices , and China-Russia trade is facing huge challenges. Now that the Manzhouli port is closed across the board due to the epidemic, it may directly lead to the stagnation of Sino-Russian border trade.
    Increased export costs and risks
    The Manzhouli port is an important hub connecting Sino-Russian trade, and the suspension of the entire border port has caused huge losses to timber exporters. The port was shut down due to the epidemic, so they had to start thinking about switching exports to other modes of cargo transportation , such as sea transportation.

    Changing the existing logistics chain means paying a huge amount of cost, leading to increasing export costs and risks . In addition, changing the delivery terms stipulated in the contract requires additional legal consulting fees, which can be described as "difficult" for exporters.
    Concluding remarks
    Affected by Russia's timber export tightening policy, China's timber imports from Russia have been declining in recent years , and the country's total timber imports have dropped to 22.3% of the first seven months of this year. The prosperity of border trade has brought about an accelerated flow of people, and the development of border port work has a long way to go.
    The closure of the Sino-Russian land port, in the short term, there is still a certain amount of domestic timber stocks, which will have little impact on the company ; in the long term, if the epidemic cannot be effectively controlled in the next two or three months, when work resumes and production resumes , The cost of wood may be pushed up again . At present, Sino-Russian bilateral trade is still facing greater uncertainty .


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      Focus on Epidemic Prevention and Control | "Non-stop" Life in a "Paused" City-Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, Fully Guaranteeing Supplies for Epidemic Prevention and Control

      2021-12-03 09:11:50

      (Original Title: Focusing on Epidemic Prevention and Control | "Non-stop" Life in a "Paused" City-Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, Doing its Best to Guarantee the Epidemic Prevention and Control Materials)
      As of 24:00 on December 1, Manzhouli City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has reported a total of 183 confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia in this round of the epidemic, including 151 in the urban area and 32 in the Zhalai Nuoer District. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Manzhouli City has designated 47 enclosed and controlled communities and 8 enclosed and controlled bungalow areas, all of which are under “no-going-out” management and control; the rest of the city is designated as controlled areas and the “no-going-out area” management is implemented .

      In this Sino-Russian border port city where the "pause button" has been pressed, various epidemic prevention and control supplies are being carried out in an orderly manner to ensure that the daily lives of the people are not affected.

      At Qingkelong Supermarket in Manzhouli City, the staff are sorting fruits. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Zhipeng
      Qingkelong Supermarket, a large supermarket in Manzhouli City, has been temporarily closed during the epidemic. Although the supermarket gate is closed, there are still a lot of people in the store, "Some customers want five hairtails", "Do you want a large box of yogurt or a small box of yogurt?" The staff shuttles between the shelves with the order in hand, and distributes the goods for the customers who place the order online.
      “Customers place an order online, and after we prepare the goods, the takeaway brother will deliver it to the gate of the community.” said Liu Wendong, general manager of Qingkelong Supermarket. The supermarket currently has three online ordering platforms. Elderly people who don’t know how to order online can do so. The procurement requirements are sent to the supermarket through the community, and currently more than 300 orders are received every day, and the goods are often distributed until the early hours of the morning.
      Liu Wendong said: "Although traffic control was implemented during the epidemic, the government issued us a permit and the purchase channel was unblocked. At present, supermarkets are fully stocked, daily necessities are reserved for half a month, and vegetables and fruits and other non-staple foods are reserved for 5 days. "

      At Qingkelong Supermarket in Manzhouli City, staff distribute goods according to residents' online orders. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Zhipeng
      According to Guo Haitao, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Commerce of Manzhouli City, there are currently 5 large supermarkets in Manzhouli responsible for the security of daily necessities. The monitoring and analysis of the daily necessities market has been initiated to ensure adequate supply of materials and stable prices. At the same time, it is expanding the supply of daily materials security companies. In terms of scope and fields, more franchise stores and convenience stores will be included to increase supply.
      "The government actively connects with enterprises around the various links of commodity sales, warehousing, transportation, supply of goods, etc., supports enterprises to expand supply channels according to market demand, and arranges funds to allocate shortages and increase supply preparations to meet market supply needs at any time." Manzhouli Said Chen Debin, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission.
      At noon, the takeaway brother Li Wenlong got the latest nucleic acid test report and pass, and started the delivery work in a van. "Time waits for no one. There are a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in the car. Don't hurry up and deliver them to the community for fear of freezing." Li Wenlong said that he and the truck driver drove a car to deliver daily necessities from the supermarket to the gate of the community, and they could deliver 100 per day. To 150 orders.

      In the Fuxin Community of Manzhouli City, the staff transported supplies. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Zhipeng
      Workers from the Development and Reform Commission of Manzhouli City are carrying a batch of newly arrived protective clothing in a temporary storage warehouse for epidemic prevention materials in the Panbin community of Manzhouli City. "This warehouse stores protective clothing, this warehouse stores masks, and the next to it is disinfection supplies." Chen Debin told reporters that the current stockpiled anti-epidemic materials are divided into 4 categories and 37 sub-categories, which are sorted and stored for quick distribution.

      At the temporary material storage point located in the Tanbin community of Manzhouli City, the staff are transporting anti-epidemic materials. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Zhipeng
      According to Li Zhidong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Manzhouli Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, Manzhouli City will synchronize the research and deployment of epidemic prevention and control and people’s livelihood protection. Centralized management and centralized distribution of materials.
      Li Zhidong said that based on the daily guarantee amount of 200,000 people, the rice, flour, and edible oil in Manzhouli City can be guaranteed for more than 20 days; the fresh and non-staple food reserves are sufficient, and the storage of meat and fruits is about 33 tons, and the storage of vegetables is 134 tons. Around; medical surgical masks, isolation gowns, protective clothing and other medical supplies are guaranteed for more than 3 days. Manzhouli is cold in winter, and the emergency management department has uniformly distributed cotton tents, cotton bedding, cotton coats and other cold-proof and warm-keeping equipment for all bayonets in the city, and plans to invest 7.28 million yuan to continue purchasing cotton gloves, gas stoves, electric kettles and other materials .



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