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China - 8 in a tour group from Shanghai infected with COVID-19 and traveled to 5 provinces, many spots closed, fogging, testing.."the battle of the epidemic has begun again" - October 19, 2021 - now spread to 11 provinces

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  • China - 8 in a tour group from Shanghai infected with COVID-19 and traveled to 5 provinces, many spots closed, fogging, testing.."the battle of the epidemic has begun again" - October 19, 2021 - now spread to 11 provinces

    Eight people in Shanghai tour group infected 5 provinces, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Ejin closed: Xi'an is too difficult

    8 people in Shanghai tour group infected
    Spread to 5 provinces

    Dayan Pagoda and Datang Evernight City are closed
    In one day, the northwest tourist route was even worse.
    In the early hours of yesterday morning, Yinchuan announced that it had found an exceptional case of returning silver nucleic acid-positive people from the province. They formally traveled with the Shanghai tourists who were diagnosed yesterday and visited Zhangye Danxia, ​​Jiayuguan, and Populus euphratica scenic spots.

    As soon as the news came out, many people stayed up all night.
    Because all the places visited by the confirmed patient are popular attractions, and it can be seen from the notification that the epidemic has involved 5 provinces...
    Shanghai, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia...

    Things must start with a couple in Shanghai.
    At 8 o'clock on October 9, the couple took flight CA1216 from Shanghai Pudong Airport, arrived at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport at 10:40, and transferred to flight MU9649 to Zhangye City, Gansu Province at 13:54.
    From October 9th to 15th, travel by car in Gansu and Inner Mongolia.
    At 9 o'clock on October 15th, two people took the initiative to conduct a nucleic acid test at Jiayuguan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. The hospital conducted a 10:1 mixed test according to the normalized test requirements.
    After sampling, the two returned to the hotel to check out and proceed to Jiayuguan Airport.
    Check in at 13:38 with a negative nucleic acid test certificate from the People's Hospital of Ejina Banner within 48 hours, health code green code, and itinerary code without medium-to-high-risk travel history, and arrive in Xi'an at 15:25 on the flight.
    At 17:30 on October 15th, the result of the 10:1 mixed test in the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was suspiciously positive, so 10 people were contacted and quickly went to the hospital for sampling and re-examination, but 2 people had already arrived in Xi'an.
    On October 17, I received an "Information Letter" from the Shaanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The initial nucleic acid test result was positive at 17:00 on October 16.
    Just as everyone prayed and hoped that no more confirmed cases would appear, Shaanxi announced six new confirmed cases.

    Two of them are the Shanghai couple.
    The remaining four people are all people who swim with the couple.
    After seeing the announcement, everyone knew that they were a spontaneous "tour group"...
    As of this morning, the number of infected persons in this "Shanghai tourist group" has increased to 8.

    The Dayan Pagoda is closed, the Datang Night City is closed... Other provinces and cities have also issued emergency reminders, and the battle of the epidemic has begun again.

    Many people say that this outbreak was caused by the failure of Xi'an to find out in time, which made things serious.
    But in fact, everyone is wrong to blame Xi'an.
    The misunderstood "Xi'an"
    This year's Xi'an is quite special. The National Games and Paralympics are all held here, so it can really be described as "severe" for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

    During the peak summer tourist season, in order to avoid crowded infections in the scenic spots, many scenic spots in Xi'an announced that they will suspend their opening in accordance with the unified arrangements for epidemic prevention and control, and the opening hours will be notified separately.
    Sacrificing the golden period of summer vacation in exchange for everyone's safety, Xi'an can be said to be fighting.

    Similarly, most of the entertainment venues are closed.

    The National Games and the Paralympic Games in the whole region involved urban roads, competition venues, training venues and other venues within a range of 2,000 meters.
    A total of more than 50 vehicles were dispatched with equipment such as fog cannons, sprinklers, and small high-pressure washing vehicles, and the spraying and killing area reached more than 6 million square meters.

    Except for the key roads and venues, Xi'an has not let down its vigilance in other places.
    The Chang'an Blue Sky Rescue Team and other professional epidemic prevention and elimination organizations carried out "carpet-style" comprehensive epidemic prevention and elimination at Xi'an Station and Xi'an North Station to ensure the safety of passengers' travel environment.

    The city's people's nucleic acid testing has been round after round.
    For the convenience of everyone and reduce the frequency of entering and leaving the hospital, Xi'an People's Hospital has selected 400 medical staff to conduct free testing at 15 nucleic acid testing sites in Xi'an throughout the day!
    In addition, the test results can be queried within 24 hours, which is convenient and fast while guarding the security line at the door of the house, with a total of 460,000 inspections.

    In order to avoid large-scale cluster testing as much as possible, there are 100 nucleic acid testing institutions in Xi'an to provide testing services for citizens!

    The strictness of Xi'an is not only for the inside, but also for tourists from other places who come to Xi'an.
    From August 9th, personnel returning to Xi'an from outside Shaanxi Province "need to provide a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours"!

    Strict and considerate
    Although prevention and control are strict, Xi'an is very considerate.
    For those who fail to provide proof, they can also go to the nucleic acid testing point for free nucleic acid testing with the "notice" issued by the Xi'an North Station Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters.

    In addition, in order to better enable Xi'an citizens to keep abreast of the latest situation of high school risk areas in China in real time, and protect citizens' travel safety, Xi'an "One Code" platform has launched the "Domestic High School Risk Area Inquiry" function.
    You can check the list of high school risk areas across the country at any time online, which is very convenient.

    At that time, Xi'an even tried to control the number of people dining:
    In principle, the number of diners is controlled within 10 people, and no longer holds or undertakes various offline large-scale conferences and events. If it is really necessary to hold the event, the number of people shall not exceed 100.

    The prevention and control measures at that time made the locals shout too strict!
    At that time, Xi'an was probably the only city that had no confirmed cases and was almost shut down:
    All movie theaters are closed; Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Hot Springs, Datang Furong Garden, Bell and Drum Tower, and various museums are all closed; even the botanical gardens, Qinling Wildlife Park, and forest parks are also closed; square dances in city parks are also closed. Prohibited; all districts and counties have also begun to eliminate the work of the whole city; many high-speed vehicles are persuaded to return without nucleic acid; multiple districts carry out nucleic acid testing for all employees; ...
    In 2021, Xi'an people will experience life in early 2020.
    But it is precisely because of Xi'an's efforts that the National Games can be held normally, and the safety of all Xi'an people and tourists who come to Xi'an can be ensured.

    Some people say that Xi'an will relax because of the end of the National Games.
    Xi'an is still very strict when there are signs of relaxation on epidemic prevention in some areas.
    People living in Xi’an say: Until now, taking subways, buses, Didi taxis, and going in and out of shopping malls in Xi’an requires scanning codes and wearing masks to and from work.

    Some people even say that Xi'an is the city with the strictest prevention and control except Xinjiang.
    This includes the fact that I was able to find out which scenic spots the confirmed cases have visited so quickly this time. Thanks to the scanning codes everywhere in Xi'an, thanks to the 48-hour nucleic acid test certificate required to enter Shaanxi Province.
    And as of 8 o'clock on October 18th, 33,777 people have been sampled in Xi'an, 20,481 people have tested negative, and the remaining results are yet to be released.
    This is the speed of Xi'an.

    If you say wronged, Xi'an can really be wronged, because it has been scolded because of the strict epidemic prevention, and now because many people do not understand Xi'an's strict epidemic prevention, they are scolded again.
    Moreover, finally ushered in his most beautiful season, and finally pressed the pause button.

    The 1400-year-old ginkgo planted by Li Shimin in the ancient Guanyin Temple is about to enter its most beautiful season, and may be missed this year.

    Xingqing Park is about to usher in the most splendid season, which may be missed this year.

    The ginkgo in front of the Dacien Temple is about to turn golden, and it may be missed this year.

    Can't see the simple autumn colors of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

    Also missed the golden leaf red wall of Tang Furong Garden.

    Datang Evernight City has been lively for two days, and it has become low-key again...

    At the expense of the summer golden tour, it may also miss the small peak of autumn travel. Xi'an has already endured too much.
    So don't leave it to those unprovoked accusations, it needs a cry now: Come on.

    Strict prevention and control, never let up
    However, this epidemic also reminded everyone that we must not relax our prevention and control.
    Because the current virus is too cunning.
    Just like Xi'an, a city with such strict prevention and control, it has not escaped the attack of the epidemic.
    This year, everyone can find that the nationwide fight against the epidemic has never stopped.
    Guangzhou, Nanjing, Yangzhou, Zhengzhou, Putian, Xiamen, Northeast China...
    Some netizens joked that they were afraid to see their city's name in the hot search, because everyone had felt the "uncomfortable" of epidemic prevention and control, and they didn't want to "lost freedom" again.

    Why is there wave after wave of epidemics under strict prevention and control?
    Because now the virus has also become extremely cunning.
    The Xi'an epidemic has not reported what virus the confirmed person was infected with this time, but almost all the confirmed cases of the previous wave of epidemics were infected with Delta virus.

    1. The spread of this virus is very strong.
    There have been cases of "14 seconds" infection in Guangzhou before.
    Because they did not wear a mask, the two completed the virus transmission without any physical contact in the bathroom because they did not wear a mask. This process only took 14 seconds.
    The intensity of this infection must be taken seriously.

    2. The difficulty of finding increased.
    In addition, before being infected with the new coronavirus, almost all patients will have fever. But if you are infected with Delta virus, you may not have a fever.
    The main symptoms of the patient are very similar to those of ordinary flu, making it impossible to distinguish them, and can only be found through nucleic acid testing to find out whether they are infected.

    3. High viral load.
    The risk of hospitalization for people infected with the "delta" variant strain is twice as high.
    In the Guangzhou epidemic, the proportion of patients who became severe and critical after the onset of illness was higher than before, and the time for the conversion to severe and critical was earlier.

    Therefore, this also tells us that even if there is no confirmed person in the city, our personal protection must be indispensable.
    Wear a mask when you need to wear it, and fight when you need a vaccine...
    Regarding the vaccine, Zhang Boli once said: "Delta" is more contagious and its toxicity has increased. Due to the mutation of the virus, there have been some cases of infection after vaccination, but based on previous experience, the prevention rate of vaccination can reach more than 90%!

    And related experts also said: Among the confirmed cases, the proportion of people who have not been vaccinated becomes severely ill or suffers from severe illness is significantly higher than that of vaccinated people.
    Therefore, the vaccine still has a protective effect on the new strain.

    But as mentioned above, don’t feel that everything is going well after vaccination. After all, the virus is too cunning.
    The prevention and control of cities is part, and conscious prevention and control are also part.
    At present, the related scenic spots are gradually closing, and just yesterday afternoon, Ejina showed a positive initial screening.

    The scenic spots are all closed, and the most beautiful Populus euphratica forest is probably missed by everyone, so there is no need for everyone to travel far in the near future.
    Stay at home and wait for the mountains and rivers to survive.
    ▽Ejina Populus euphratica

    I hope that the epidemic will be over, and that these places will restore their former vitality as soon as possible!


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    China Expects New Covid Outbreak to Worsen in Coming Days

    Bloomberg NewsOctober 24, 2021, 4:08 AM EDT Updated on October 24, 2021, 9:17 AM EDT
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      There is a series of maps that I can not copy onto this site.

      The risk of the spread of the epidemic has increased! A quick overview of 157 positive reports from 11 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities

      Client of Beijing Daily at 22:18, October 24, 2021
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