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China - COVID-19 outbreaks in Putian, Xiamen, Quanzhou City recently - Fujian province - September 10+ - NHC sending working group

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    Xiamen University implements closed management on Siming campus and Xiang'an campus to close laboratories

    2021-09-23 07:48:32
    Source: Taiwan Strait Network
    Taiwan, September 23, according to Xiamen Daily reported that Xiamen University has upgraded its epidemic prevention and control measures from 12 noon yesterday. The campus has implemented closed management. Students who live on campus are not allowed to leave the campus and the laboratory is closed.
    The school said that the upgrade of epidemic prevention and control measures is not only based on the latest requirements of Xiamen City’s response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, but also in view of the increasing pressure of epidemic prevention and control in communities around the campus, “in order to minimize the movement of people and resolutely stop the epidemic. Into the campus" and implemented.
    At present, there are no diagnoses, no suspicions, and no infections among faculty, students and staff at Xiamen University. The overall operation of the campus is stable, and the work and life of teachers, students and staff are normal and orderly. When school starts this fall, Xiamen University has implemented online teaching.
    On-campus residential students cannot leave the school
    The school issued a notice yesterday stating that since 12:00 on September 22, 2021, the campus has implemented closed management, and the opening hours will be notified separately according to the epidemic situation; students who live on campus are not allowed to leave the school, and students who live off campus are not allowed to enter the school. Special circumstances are strictly enforced. Approval procedures; in principle, the faculty and staff living on campus are not allowed to leave the school, and they must report to the unit for approval;
    At the same time, Xiamen University will strictly control the school gates, and all school personnel must scan codes and measure temperature strictly, and implement closed-loop management.
    Of course, the epidemic prevention and control, logistical support, and necessary on-duty staff who live outside Xiamen University can still enter and exit the campus, but there are requirements for their movement trajectory.
    Full online teaching laboratory closed
    The notice pointed out that Xiamen University will fully implement online teaching, and in principle, teachers who live off campus will not enter the campus. Each unit implements a flexible working system and is equipped with necessary staff on the job to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
    From 0:00 on September 23, 2021, the Siming campus and Xiang'an campus of Xiamen University will close the laboratories. The opening hours will be notified separately according to the epidemic situation.
    At the same time, the school requires the student work class to go deep into the student dormitory, take the initiative to care for students, and provide service support in life security, medical treatment, psychological counseling, and humanistic care.
    The notice also requires that all teachers and students of Xiamen University must strictly obey the arrangements for nucleic acid testing of all employees in Xiamen, so as to cover all employees without missing one person. (Reporter She Zheng)



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      Due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, Xiamen Metro Line 2 Jiangtou Station is closed

      2021-09-23 07:43:48

      According to @厦门 Metro Weibo news, according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, since September 23, Xiamen Metro Line 2 Jiangtou Station will be closed. Passengers going to this station can get off at Lucuo Station or Houpu Station in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to your travel.

      Editor in charge: Geng Pei