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China - Jiangsu province: Nanjing COVID-19 outbreak & Yangzhou outbreak - Delta strain - July 21+

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  • China - Jiangsu province: Nanjing COVID-19 outbreak & Yangzhou outbreak - Delta strain - July 21+

    7 new local confirmed cases in Nanjing, 4 places adjusted to medium-risk areas

    Many communities and villages in Nanjing were adjusted from low-risk areas to medium-risk areas. Lukou Subdistrict was closed

    08:46, July 21, 2021

      China News Service, Nanjing, July 21 (Reporter Zhu Xiaoying) On the 21st, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government’s official WeChat “Nanjing Release” released, with the approval of the Nanjing New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, starting from July 21, 2021 Xiecun Community, Baiyun Road Community, Shinian Village, Lukou Street, Jiangning District, Lishui District, Jiutang Administrative Village, Shiqiu Street, Lishui District, adjusted from low-risk areas to medium-risk areas. Lukou Street is a closed area. At present, the risk level of other regions remains unchanged.

      On the 21st, Nanjing issued a notice from the city’s new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters on further strengthening the epidemic prevention and control work. The announcement is as follows:
      1. Strictly implement the control requirements for key epidemic-related areas, accurately implement hierarchical and classified control measures, and advocate that the general public is not necessary to stay away from Ning, and those who really need Ning must have a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours (negative certificate requirements within 48 hours) (Implemented from 0:00 on July 21). Other regions should strengthen community prevention and control, strengthen grid management, and all units implement epidemic prevention and control measures, and strengthen their main responsibilities.
      2. Strictly implement traffic travel epidemic prevention and control measures. Transport stations such as highways, railways, civil aviation, ports and docks should strengthen passenger flow guidance, avoid crowds, carefully check passenger information, and implement the requirements of wearing masks, temperature detection, and code verification; Such public transportation, taxis, and online car-hailing must implement the prevention and control requirements such as wearing masks, temperature testing, code verification, prohibiting red and yellow code personnel from boarding, ventilation and disinfection, and personal protection of staff.
      3. Strictly implement isolation control measures. Personnel in medium- and high-risk areas and enclosed areas will not leave their homes, and personnel in enclosed and controlled areas will only be allowed to enter. It is necessary to strictly abide by various management and control requirements, actively cooperate with health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and other work, and must not go out without authorization. If the violation of relevant regulations causes the risk of epidemic transmission, legal responsibility will be pursued in accordance with the law.
      4. Actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing. According to the development of the epidemic prevention and control situation, our city will expand the scope of nucleic acid testing in a timely manner. The general public is requested to proactively cooperate in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control work to ensure that all inspections are required and no one is missed. Observe the on-site order at the inspection points, and implement preventive and control measures such as wearing masks and keeping a distance of more than one meter.
      5. Strict information reporting. In the past 14 days, people living in high-risk areas, closed and closed areas, should report to their communities as soon as possible, provide activity trajectories and personal health information, and cooperate with nucleic acid testing and health For monitoring and other tasks, the information provided must be true and credible, and corresponding legal responsibilities must be borne for concealing and false reporting. All retail pharmacies must implement a real-name registration report when selling antipyretic drugs in the catalog.
      6. Strictly control all kinds of gathering activities, try to adopt online methods for meetings, trainings, and activities, and minimize offline large-scale activities. If it is really necessary to hold, control the number of people and implement all kinds of activities. Epidemic prevention and control measures.
      7. Strictly implement prevention and control measures in public places. All public places in medium and high-risk areas and areas where closed and sealed control management are implemented shall be closed immediately unless necessary. In other areas, indoor public places shall be subject to appointment, peak shifting, temperature measurement, and code verification. , Wearing masks and other prevention and control measures, closed entertainment venues are temporarily closed.
      8. Strictly implement personal protective measures, adhere to good living habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, cleaning frequently, and using public chopsticks. Pay attention to cover when coughing and sneezing. Keep ventilation indoors, reduce gatherings, and maintain a social distance of more than one meter. Every citizen conducts self-monitoring every day. If symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, decreased sense of smell (taste), diarrhea, etc. occur, immediately go to the nearest medical institution with fever clinic (office) and truthfully inform the epidemic Medical history, personal protective measures such as wearing a mask should be taken during the consultation process, and avoid taking public transportation. Eligible citizens who have not been vaccinated against the new coronavirus should take the initiative to vaccinate as soon as possible.
      The above prevention and control measures are dynamically adjusted based on the results of the epidemic risk assessment. This notice will be implemented from the time it is issued. (Finish)


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    Nanjing notified the epidemic situation: 17 positive cases have been found

    14:21, July 21, 2021

    Nanjing held a press conference to report the situation of the epidemic. Photo by Shen Ran

      China News Service, Nanjing, July 21 (Reporter Shen Ran) On the 21st, Nanjing issued a notification on the positive results of 9 cases of the regular nucleic acid test samples at Lukou International Airport in the city. According to Hu Wanjin, deputy mayor of the Nanjing Municipal Government, a total of 17 positive cases were found after centralized isolation, re-sampling and rechecking and diagnosis with the expert group. Currently, 9 people are confirmed cases, of which 4 are mild and 5 are ordinary. 5 people were asymptomatic infections, and 3 cases of nucleic acid test positive are still in further diagnosis.

      According to Hu Wanjin, on the morning of July 20th, the Nanjing Jiangning District New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters received a report from the Lukou International Airport Epidemic Prevention Team. During the routine regular nucleic acid tests by the staff of Lukou International Airport, it was found that there was confusion. Nine samples tested were positive, all of which were airport cleaning staff. After receiving the report, Nanjing City immediately organized efforts to quarantine relevant personnel at the airport and re-sampled for testing. After review and diagnosis by the expert group, a total of 17 positive cases were found. Currently, 9 people are confirmed cases, of which 4 are confirmed cases. Light type, 5 common type, 5 people are asymptomatic infection, and 3 cases of nucleic acid test positive are yet to be further diagnosed.
      At present, the city has organized a distribution team of more than 1,500 people to quickly carry out the flow adjustment and traceability work. As of 5 o'clock on July 21, 157 close contacts of the positive test persons have been identified, 56 close contacts, and other personnel are in the process of further investigation. At the same time, it organized overnight nucleic acid testing in Jiangning and Lishui districts. A total of 116,500 people in key areas, Lukou Town, Lukou Street, Airport, and Lishui District were sampled. So far, 44,309 people have been found. All the results are negative.
      Hu Wanjin said that the city's testing forces will be mobilized to make full preparations for large-scale nucleic acid testing. At present, Lukou Sub-district of Jiangning District has done all-staff testing. Today, the whole-staff testing of Jiangning District will be completed, and it is planned to complete the nucleic acid testing of all staff in the city in the shortest possible time. (Finish)


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      Six new medium-risk areas in Nanjing, Jiangning District, are expected to complete inspections for more than 1.92 million people

      23:23, July 21, 2021

      On the evening of the 21st, millions of people in Nanjing carried out nucleic acid tests for all employees. Photo by Shen Ran

        (Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Six new medium-risk areas in Nanjing, Jiangning District, are expected to be tested for over 1.92 million people
        China News Service, Nanjing, July 21 (Reporter Shen Ran Xu Shanshan) On the 21st, the reporter learned from Jiangning District, Nanjing that as one of the key areas for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Nanjing, as of 10 pm on the 21st, the district A total of 1.69 million people have been sampled in the whole district (completion rate 82.4%). It is expected that all 1.926 million people in Jiangning District will be sampled at around midnight on the 21st.
      On the 21st, Nanjing officially launched nucleic acid testing for all employees in the city. In key prevention and control areas, we will make every effort to speed up the completion of all staff inspections. Photo by Shen Ran

        At the same time, according to the news from the Nanjing Municipal Health Commission that night, with the approval of the Nanjing New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, starting from July 21, 2021, Zhangjia Natural Village and Huandunshan Natural Village, Caocun Village, Lukou Street, Nanjing Waicaofang Natural Village of Xing Community, Tongshan Duan Natural Village of Litang Village, Bailihuafu Community Phase III of Maoting Community, and Maoting Community were adjusted from low-risk areas to medium-risk areas. The risk level of other regions remains unchanged. (Finish)



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          Nearly 100 people have been infected in 5 provinces and 8 cities. Why did the Nanjing epidemic end?
          July 26, 2021 10:37 Upstream News
            Original title: Nearly 100 people have been infected in 5 provinces and 8 cities. Why did the Nanjing epidemic end?

            Chutian Metropolis Daily-Jimu News, on July 26, Zhuhai City reported 1 new case of asymptomatic infection of the new crown virus. The patient Deng arrived in Zhuhai on a flight at Nanjing Lukou Airport on July 19, and was subsequently quarantined as a key population. After four new coronavirus nucleic acid tests, they were all negative, and the nucleic acid test was positive on the 25th. After consultation with experts, they were diagnosed as asymptomatic patients with new coronavirus.

            On July 26, the Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission notified that 39 new local confirmed cases were reported in Jiangsu (Nanjing City reported 38 cases, of which 8 cases were converted from asymptomatic infections to confirmed cases; Suqian City reported 1 case as asymptomatic infections Was converted to a confirmed case), and 1 new local asymptomatic infection was reported by Nanjing City. The above cases were treated in isolation in designated hospitals in Nanjing.

            Prior to this, on July 25th, Nanjing held a press conference to announce that since Nanjing started the first round of nucleic acid tests for all employees on the 21st, by 24:00 on the 24th, a total of 57 positive cases were found. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Nanjing has carried out the second round of nucleic acid tests for all permanent residents and people in Nanjing starting at 11 am on the 25th.

            Counting the 10 cases of spillover in 5 provinces and 7 places, there are nearly 100 people infected in this round of the epidemic in Nanjing.

            Why did the Nanjing epidemic come to this?

            Infected nearly a hundred people

            Since 9 positive cases were detected at Nanjing Lukou Airport on the 20th, as of 24:00 on the 24th, a total of 57 cases of new crown infections have been reported in Nanjing in this round of epidemics, including 51 cases in Jiangning District, 4 cases in Lishui District, Gaochun District and Jianye District each In one case, they were mainly engaged in airport-related work, among which 33 were cleaning staff.

            On the 26th, Jiangsu notified that 39 new local confirmed cases had been added. In addition to the 10 cases of spillover, nearly 100 people have been associated with the epidemic in Nanjing as of this writing.

            The 10 Nanjing-related cases of the spillover occurred in 7 places including Suqian, Jiangsu, Ma'anshan, Anhui, Wuhu, Anhui, Shenyang, Liaoning, Zhongshan, Guangdong, Mianyang, Sichuan, and Zhuhai, Guangdong.

            Jimu News reporter noticed that among them, the Zhongshan case arrived at Lukou Airport T2 Terminal on the 15th; the Mianyang case departed from Nanjing Lukou Airport on the 17th and returned to Mianyang on the 18th; the Suqian case also arrived in Lukou on the 17th. Airport; Wuhu case is also related to Lukou Airport. The latest confirmed case in Zhuhai was taken by plane at Nanjing Lukou Airport on July 19.

            The second case discovered in Shenyang is currently the earliest case related to Lukou Airport in other places. The case took a flight from Xiamen to Shenyang on the 14th, stopped at Nanjing Lukou Airport and ate once, and finally included his parents. A family of three was also diagnosed with asymptomatic infection.

            Therefore, the time of the outbreak at Lukou Airport is likely to be earlier than July 14. Since then, it has spread to 5 provinces and 7 cities except Nanjing.

            According to the news client report, Wen Yumei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, once said that based on recent case analysis, Nanjing Lukou Airport has loopholes in the management of epidemic prevention. For example, did the airport cleaners handle items reasonably and compliantly when cleaning? Are their own protective measures in place? Academician Wen Yumei raised questions.

            According to The Paper, Jin Dongyan, a professor and virologist at the School of Biomedicine of the University of Hong Kong, said that the Lukou Airport epidemic may be a small "super spreading incident." It is likely to be spread to other cleaning staff and imported from abroad. The actual transmission chain remains to be further revealed by the gene sequencing results.

            On the evening of the 23rd, Xinhua Daily reported that the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee decided to suspend Comrade Feng Jun’s posts as Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Eastern Airport Group Co., Ltd. According to Caixin, this matter may be related to improper epidemic prevention. Eastern Airport Group Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of Lukou International Airport.

            Lagging inspection

            Since the announcement of 9 positive cases detected at Lukou Airport at about 11 pm on the 20th, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Government has issued an important announcement No. 5. In addition, Nanjing’s public account also pushed a number of important reminders and important news related to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

          Announcement 1Announcement 1
            Jimu News reporter noted that as early as the 21st, the official announcement No. 1 clearly stated: Those who really need to leave Ning must have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours (implemented at 0:00 on July 21 ). Announcement No. 3, also issued on the 21st, further pointed out that drivers and passengers driving away from Ning by highway should hold a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours.

          Announcement 3Announcement 3
            However, it was not until 7 o'clock on the 25th that 68 "lining checkpoints" on all expressways and city borders in Nanjing were officially established, and the nucleic acid negative certificates and health codes were checked for those leaving Nanjing by highway.

          Notice of Lining Inspection PointNotice of Lining Inspection Point
            The reporter learned from interviews that some people tried to leave Nanjing by road before this time. On the afternoon of the 24th, four women who had not received the nucleic acid test results were preparing to take a taxi to Hefei. They told reporters that they had noticed this point in time and already had a companion who had just left Ning by the highway.

            Announcement No. 1 also stated that all types of online car-hailing vehicles should not be used by people with red and yellow codes. But in fact, from the 22nd to the 25th, many online ride-hailing drivers met by Jimu News reporters did not check Su Kang's code. However, there was also a driver who said that he had rejected the order of eight yellow-coded personnel on the morning of the 24th. The driver also said that according to the relevant regulations of the ride-hailing company, passengers can only get on the bus with a green code. "If the destination is in a hospital or other testing point, I will call ahead to ask about the passenger's health code, and persuade the passenger to cancel the order." He said that the number of orders has dropped significantly in the past few days, and he has extended his working hours to guarantee one day. Running water.

            In addition, Announcement No. 1 stated that various gathering activities should be strictly controlled, and offline large-scale activities should be minimized. A woman who was supposed to get married on the 25th told Jimu News that she had taken the initiative to cancel the banquet. However, because there is no official stipulation that banquets are prohibited, but gatherings are not allowed, the hotel says this is not a "force majeure factor" and therefore refuses to refund.

            Announcement No. 3 also pointed out that passengers from Lining (excluding transit passengers from other places) who pass through airports, railways, and highways should hold a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours. However, on the 22nd, a passenger who was going to Enshi told reporters that he had departed from Beijing and was required to refund his ticket and undergo a nucleic acid test on the spot when he was transiting at Nanjing South Railway Station.

            Correct the "wrong code"

            On the evening of the 23rd, overnight, many Nanjing residents' Su Kang codes changed from green to yellow. According to the regulations at the time, the yellow code personnel must perform three nucleic acid tests at designated test points within a week, and only those who are negative can restore the green code.

          Transcoding operation methodTranscoding operation method
            That night, Yang Dasuo, deputy director of the Nanjing Municipal Health Commission, introduced that Sukangma Huangma personnel who entered and exited Lukou Airport from July 10 to 20 will be strictly managed. In principle, a 14-day centralized quarantine medical observation will be implemented. At 11 o'clock in the morning on the 24th, Nanjing also issued a reminder: Since July 10th, people who have a history of stops at Nanjing Lukou International Airport (including departure, return, stopovers, inbound transfers, etc.) should immediately report to the community where they live Take the initiative to report and register, and implement corresponding control measures such as centralized isolation, home observation, and three nucleic acid tests.

            Before the promulgation of the above regulations, Ms. Huo (surnamed Hua), who arrived in Nanjing via Lukou Airport late at night on the 20th, told JiMu News that she noticed the official checkout at Lukou Airport at 11pm on the 20th when she was about to get off the plane. A positive notice, but after that, she was only asked to show the green health code when she left the airport. There was no abnormality at the scene and there was no related reminder. She stayed at the airport for a total of about 15 minutes. The next day, Ms. Huo took the initiative to report after returning to Suzhou. On the 23rd, community staff asked Ms. Huo to quarantine for 14 days. What Ms. Huo puzzled was that after the official announcement on the evening of the 20th, why did the personnel who arrived at Lukou Airport not be taken seriously immediately?

            In the daytime on the 24th, just after some Nanjing residents Su Kangma turned yellow overnight, many drivers also told reporters that if they refused to carry the yellow code personnel, their business would be difficult to do, and the requirements of different companies were not consistent. One of the drivers mentioned that he took passengers to Lukou Airport twice on the 21st and 22nd, but the green code was always on, probably because he quickly returned the same way after arriving at the airport. "But I still reported to the community." He said, "I rent a car and use the Internet to book a car. I have to pay rent every day. The yellow code will prevent me from starting work." Another driver asked the other way. The yellow code personnel need to be appointed within a week. The site does three nucleic acid tests. If they don’t have a private car, how can they be tested?

            But there are also drivers who turn into yellow codes when they pass by Lukou Airport, and many netizens have posted that they also have no clue about the yellowing of their Sukang codes, and it seems difficult to find their connection with Lukou Airport, even the southeast Many students on the Jiulong Lake campus of the University who did not leave the school have also become yellow codes.

            However, there are also many people who arrived in Nanjing via Lukou Airport 20 days later with their health codes always being green. Ms. Shi (surname Hua), who arrived at the airport at 10:20 pm on the 20th, returned to the hotel as usual. After that, she went to Shanghai with a negative nucleic acid test certificate. The family of three who arrived in Nanjing from Xi’an via Lukou Airport on the 21st was almost inseparable, but only One person's health code turns yellow.

          A letter to a citizen friendA letter to a citizen friend
            The wronged yellow code has received official attention. In the early morning of the 25th, Nanjing released the "Regarding the Classification and Screening of "Su Kang Code" Yellow Code Personnel in Nanjing City and the Operational Measures for Implementing Management Measures" and "A Letter to Citizen Friends".

            The operating method divides the personnel into 6 categories, and the yellow code personnel turn to green and no longer require three nucleic acid tests across the board. Among them, those who stay at the airport for a short time (within half an hour) and have not entered the airport lobby only need to do one nucleic acid test, and the result is negative, which can be transferred to the green code; those who pass the airport by transport and have not been to the airport, pass the big data After screening, the green code can be transferred; the yellow code personnel from other places are temporarily unable to transfer the code and can contact the designated hotel to stay.

            In the "Letter to Citizen Friends", the Nanjing New Crown Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Emergency Command wrote: In the early stage, in order to quickly cut off the virus transmission chain, a big data screening of personnel with history of stopovers at Lukou Airport was implemented. , So that many citizens received the "wrong code." If you are mistaken, please contact the "12345" government service hotline to review the transcoding.

            Nucleic acid testing for all employees

          Announcement 4Announcement 4
            The official No. 2 and No. 5 announcements will carry out two rounds of nucleic acid tests for all employees in the city. Regarding the above-mentioned special inspection points for personnel returning to Nanjing via Lukou Airport, in fact, as early as 12:00 noon on the 23rd, the official No. 4 notice has already notified that 12 locations have been set up, and each of the 12 districts in Nanjing has been set up. one place.

          Detection point at Nanjing Station late at night on the 22ndDetection point at Nanjing Station late at night on the 22nd
            Full-staff mixed screening test points, special test points at Lukou Airport, medical institutions with test capabilities but at their own expense, special test points for Lining personnel in the railway station, Jimu News reporters went to four different types of test points within a few days to find out. Many citizens cannot distinguish between them, and the four types of testing points themselves do not strictly distinguish the tested persons.

            Many netizens also reported that there was a serious gathering of people during nucleic acid testing. A netizen said that during the second round of full inspection, there were teams that lined up for several kilometers, and the elderly and children waited for several hours but were told that the test was temporarily cancelled. This is basically in line with the situation learned by Jimu News reporters during on-site interviews.

          22nd Nanjing South Railway Station Inspection Point22nd Nanjing South Railway Station Inspection Point
            At about 11 o'clock in the evening on the 22nd, the Jimu News reporter saw at the nucleic acid testing point of Nanjing Station that the number of people in the queue was increasing, but the testing work had been suspended. Volunteers at the scene said that the reagents were used up at 9 o'clock in the evening, and it is estimated that the testing work will not restart until the next morning.


          On the 24th, citizens at the special inspection point of Yifu Hospital were persuaded to return
            On the 24th, Jiangning issued a noon notice stating that there were two special sampling points for "people returning to Jiangning via Lukou Airport", located in Yifu Hospital and Jiangning Sports Center Gymnasium. Less than two hours later, when Jimu News reporters came to Shaw Hospital, many citizens were persuaded to leave one by one. On-site personnel on duty told reporters that the hospital’s nucleic acid testing has been suspended. No matter whether the green code or the yellow code, self-funded or free, the test cannot be performed in the hospital. The broadcast reminded that the suspension was to prevent typhoon storms.

          24th Jiangning Sports Center "special inspection point for personnel returning to Nanjing via Lukou Airport"24th Jiangning Sports Center "special inspection point for personnel returning to Nanjing via Lukou Airport"
            At the Jiangning Sports Center, the Jimu News reporter saw that the two teams made three turns around the sports center. According to the on-site staff, the queue of thousands of people is estimated to be 1 km in line, and the waiting time is about 3 hours. However, many citizens did not understand that this is a special inspection point, and many citizens holding green codes are also waiting in line. The staff at the entrance of the inspection point said that the Sukang code yellow code or the people who received the notification from the community through Lukou Airport should be tested here, and other personnel should return to the community for testing in principle.

            Mr. Zhao (Hua surname) who works in a company more than 30 minutes' drive from Lukou Airport, Su Kangma turned yellow at about 9 pm on the 23rd. Mr. Zhao introduced to Jimu News reporters that he is a programmer. On the evening of the 23rd, when he got off work from the company and took the subway, he also showed the green code to pass smoothly, but the code turned yellow as soon as it was refreshed on the road. On the afternoon of the 24th, after finishing his work at home, he took an online taxi to a special sampling site in Jiangning District to complete the first nucleic acid test. What makes Mr. Zhao strange is that some staff members said that the results of the nucleic acid test he did at his own expense at the Yifu Hospital on the evening of the 22nd could not be counted in the three required nucleic acid tests, and all three must be performed at a special test point.

            On the evening of the 24th, Xinhua Daily reported that experts from the Jiangsu Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Group stated that three tests can be carried out in a week through various channels. If the nucleic acid test is performed for all employees, the report may not be provided, but the sampling time and location should be provided, and the declaration should be signed by the person.

            trigger the alarm

            On the 23rd, the State Council's Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Team sent a working group to Nanjing, Jiangsu to guide the development of epidemic response and treatment work such as medical treatment, epidemiological investigation, close inspection management, and community prevention and control.

            According to Xinhua Daily, on the afternoon of July 24, Wu Zhenglong, governor of Jiangsu Province, went to the Nanjing Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters for inspection and guidance. "The lesson of the epidemic in Lukou Airport is very profound and it has sounded the alarm for us." Wu Zhenglong pointed out that the difficulties must be estimated more fully, there must be no paralysis, and there must be no luck.

            He emphasized that the most decisive, rigorous, precise and effective measures must be taken to quickly curb the spread of the epidemic. Among them, strictly implement the management and control measures of the Chuning Passage, staying true to non-necessity, and resolutely preventing the spread of the epidemic.

            According to Nanjing Daily, on the morning and evening of July 24, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee’s Leading Group for Epidemic Response and the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters held two dispatch meetings and held a video dispatch meeting for the city’s medical and health system epidemic prevention and control.

            The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to implement various work requirements in accordance with the "state of war", race against the virus against the clock, and strive to stop the spread of the epidemic in the shortest time. The meeting emphasized that at present, it is necessary to focus on prevention of proliferation and spillover, to find deficiencies, correct problems, and plug loopholes. It is necessary to dig deep and thoroughly investigate potential infected persons in medium and high-risk areas and closed management areas at the fastest speed, and push the information for assistance to the cities and provinces at the fastest speed, and go all out to control the risk to a minimum.

            In the evening, Han Liming, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that the current detection capabilities and sampling capabilities are not enough to match, and the support of institutional and professional forces is urgently needed. It is necessary to accelerate the formation of strong nucleic acid detection capabilities and block transmission as quickly as possible. The chain, extinguish the epidemic as soon as possible.

            Why is there such a thing as the Nanjing epidemic? Professor Yu Chuanhua, an expert on epidemiology and health statistics at Wuhan University, said in an interview with the Health Times: First, some people have relaxed their mentality in preventing and controlling the epidemic. It is believed that the country is already very safe and will not be infected again after being vaccinated. In addition to the hot weather, the basic prevention and control measures of wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and washing hands frequently have been lax. Second, international ports such as airports and cargo terminals are important sources of imported cases of COVID-19 and COVID-19. In addition to human-to-human transmission, many goods and even the air can also carry the virus and spread it to people. This time, the cabin cleaning infection of Nanjing Airport does not rule out the failure to wear a mask when cleaning the cabin.

            Yu Chuanhua believes that the Nanjing epidemic should be extinguished relatively quickly and will not spread on a large scale.



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            So local cases increase in Jiangsu province by 1/3 in a day?

            There were 71 newly confirmed cases in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and 31 local cases were in Jiangsu

            July 27, 2021 08:53




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              Nanjing: Fully closed management of Lukou Airport staff, and centralized isolation of staff on site

              On the afternoon of July 26, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee’s Leading Group for Epidemic Response and the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters held an enlarged meeting to inform the city’s recent epidemic prevention and control situation, and mobilize the whole city to work together, to work together, to overcome the difficulties, and to fight resolutely. Win this war without gunsmoke.

              The meeting pointed out that the situation in this round of the epidemic is very serious, because the place where the epidemic occurred is special, the virus is highly infectious, and the prevention and control is difficult. It is necessary to keep a close eye on the work goals of extinguishing the epidemic within one to two incubation periods, achieving zero deaths of cases, and zero infections of medical staff and personnel in centralized isolation points, accurately grasping the stage characteristics of epidemic prevention and control, and quantifying “clearing the number, preventing transmission, and preventing spillovers”. "As the top priority of the current work, scientific, standardized, orderly and effective prevention and control work.
              1. It is necessary to accurately expand the scope of management and control and expand detection capabilities. Fully recognize the particularity of the epidemic, adopt a more proactive prevention and control strategy, further expand the closed control area around the positive case area according to different risk levels, and scientifically divide the closed area, the closed area, and the warning area to resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic . Quickly gather and improve nucleic acid detection capabilities, strengthen the coordination of procurement, transportation and inspection, and make preparations for the third round of nucleic acid detection for all employees in advance.
              2. To slow down the city's daily operation rhythm in an orderly manner. All public places in medium and high-risk areas and closed management areas shall be closed immediately unless necessary, and prevention and control measures shall be strictly implemented in other areas to reduce all kinds of gathering activities.
              3. The "four lines of defense" must be built to prevent proliferation and spillover. The airport epidemic prevention working group has stepped up its efforts to conduct comprehensive closed management of Lukou Airport and related staff, evacuate and centrally isolate personnel on site; strengthen the storage and standardized management of centralized isolation sites, and make good use of civil and physical defense technologies. Do a good job in caring guidance, emotional counseling, and service guarantee; comprehensively improve the management and control standards of closed communities, and effectively build community defense lines; comprehensively control all lanes from Nanjing, and resolutely assume the responsibility of controlling and resolving risks locally.
              Fourth, we must make every effort to carry out clinical treatment, concentrate the strength of four-level experts and superior resources, focus on the combined treatment of Chinese and Western medicine, do our best to improve the cure rate, and resolutely prevent nosocomial infections.
              5. To strengthen material guarantee and work implementation, all departments and units must actively participate in the fight against the epidemic, unconditionally obey command and dispatch, and all levels of command and work teams must coordinate and operate efficiently, and further improve detection, discovery, flow adjustment, and isolation , The closed loop of epidemic prevention for medical treatment improves the efficiency of the execution system, and ensures that the work is accurate and strict without leaving dead ends.
              The meeting emphasized that since the outbreak, the majority of medical workers, grassroots cadres, public security police, street community workers, and volunteers have braved the sweltering heat and fight day and night on the front line. The general public has actively cooperated with all staff to test, and actively strengthened self-protection and social order. maintain stability. At present, the epidemic has not yet reached an "inflection point". The whole city must continue to unite and work together to build a steel Great Wall to fight the epidemic and win the ultimate victory in prevention and control.



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                  Media: There is a "fatal negligence" behind this wave of epidemic in Nanjing

                  July 28, 2021 09:17

                    Original title: Behind this wave of epidemic in Nanjing, there is a "fatal negligence"

                    The shadow of the Zhengzhou flood has not yet completely dissipated, and many parts of Henan are plunged into a vast ocean. Water, an element that combines many beautiful qualities, presents a hideous side at this time. A similar disaster occurred in the city I once lived in, so that people would be more cautious before every heavy rain. The best story in the world is that, because of foresight, the tragedy that may happen did not happen in the end. If the world cannot be so perfect, I hope that the tragedy that has already happened will never happen again.
                    In the past few days, as lingering as the floods, there are repeated new crown epidemics. Since 9 positives were found in the nucleic acid samples of the staff at Nanjing Lukou Airport on July 20, this wave of infection has spread to 5 provinces and 9 cities. The latest statistics show that the number of confirmed cases in Nanjing alone has reached 106. Like the outbreak in Shijiazhuang at the beginning of the year and Guangzhou in June, the outbreak in Nanjing was already more difficult when it was discovered, and the virus has spread.
                    But unlike Shijiazhuang, the source of the epidemic in Nanjing has been more clearly locked in Lukou Airport. At present, the local infected persons in Nanjing are mainly the cleaning staff, ground crews and related cases of Lukou Airport. Cases from other provinces also have a history of staying at Lukou Airport. It was soon reported by the media that the cleaning company at Nanjing Lukou Airport was an outsourcing operation. The management responsibility boundary between the outsourcing company and the airport was unclear, and each other was shirking each other. This led to a fatal loophole in the management, namely , domestic flights and overseas flights. The cleaning staff are not separated, and the cleaning staff are mixed with their families.
                    On July 10th and 12th, there was a case of overseas personnel returning to China via Lukou Airport, and both were later determined to be confirmed cases. People suspect that the cleaning staff were exposed to the residual virus when cleaning the cabins of these people's flights. They went to clean up domestic flights without strict disinfection, spreading the virus to the cabins of domestic flights and other places, which caused the virus to be in the passenger room and the families of cleaning staff In the spread. The genetic testing of the virus also confirmed this conclusion, because it was the delta mutant strain that caused repeated epidemics in many countries that triggered this wave of spread. According to this chain, the management loopholes of airport cleaning staff are obviously the key link that caused the spread of the epidemic.
                    At present, Nanjing has adopted stricter control measures. The Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee suspended Feng Jun, the party secretary and chairman of the Eastern Airport Group, and did not give him the opportunity to "put crimes and meritorious service". At the same time, the reappointment of the former chairman Qian Kaifa, who has been retired, as the acting party secretary and chairman of the board, was an extraordinary act of personnel, and to a certain extent, it was confirmed that human error was indeed an important reason for the spread of the epidemic.
                    Of course, the delta strain itself is also inevitable. Experts say that this mutant strain has the characteristics of stronger transmission and higher viral load, and may have the ability to escape immunity. The epidemics in Yunnan Ruili, Guangzhou and other places were all caused by it. In a case in Shenyang, he had a meal at Lukou Airport on the 14th and passed it on to his parents when he returned. In a previous case in Guangzhou, the third-generation contact and the fourth-generation contact completed transmission in only 14 seconds.
                    The cunningness of mutant strains should have attracted our attention. Since the victory of the "Wuhan Defense War", through the most powerful prevention and control measures in the world, it can be said that the spread of the virus from domestic sources has basically been cut off, and the overseas return has become the focus of epidemic prevention and control. In November last year, cargo personnel at Shanghai Pudong Airport were infected and spread. At the beginning of this year, there was an outbreak in Xiaoguozhuang near Shijiazhuang Zhengding Airport. In June, the infection spread by customs personnel at Shenzhen Baoan Airport, and the infection entered by foreigners in Ruili, Yunnan and other places. These cases remind us, The prevention and control of the epidemic should shift from an average effort to a focused effort. Airports, ports, borders and places where foreign personnel and materials are concentrated should be the top priority.
                    Domestic people in and out of the station and airport have to measure their temperature and show a green code. In order to prevent and control the overall situation, we all cooperate seriously. However, airports where foreigners are concentrated, regardless of domestic and foreign flights, can be said to be a typical formality. The cleaning staff who were originally engaged in the work of killing were infected themselves. The place where the most effort should be made was loosened, and something went wrong in a key position, and the cooperation of thousands of people was zero.
                    At present, the investigation of the epidemic in Nanjing is in a critical stage. The more than one hundred cases of infection that have been discovered may not be bottomed out. Experts also said that the scale of the epidemic is still unpredictable. The next step is to find out who or what goods the real source of transmission is, and to clarify the chain of transmission, and more importantly, to remedy management loopholes. I believe that as long as things are taken seriously, this wave of epidemics will be extinguished sooner or later. This is the advantage of the system.
                    But on the other hand, it may not be difficult to concentrate on fighting a war of annihilation in a short time , but once prevention and control become normal and the hanging spirit is exhausted, all kinds of strange status quo of formalism will appear. At present, the international epidemic is far away from peace of mind. Under such circumstances, foreign defense import will be a protracted battle. This reminds us once again that to consolidate anti-epidemic measures and prevent bureaucratic formalism, we must act truly.
                    Reflection is a precious quality, and those who evade it end up stumbled.



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                    On the 27th, the Nanjing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that this round of the epidemic was caused by the Delta strain.
                    Starting on July 27, the risk level of the epidemic in some areas of Nanjing has been adjusted. Nanjing currently has 4 high-risk areas and 36 medium-risk areas.
                    On July 28, Nanjing held the eighth press conference on epidemic prevention and control to inform the latest situation and respond to social concerns.



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                        China - Media report: Nanjing airport coronavirus cluster ‘spreads to 15 other Chinese cities’ - July 30, 2021


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                          On August 1, in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, citizens undergo nucleic acid testing on the "Mobile Nucleic Acid Testing Vehicle in Jianye District".
                          On the same day, Nanjing carried out the third round of supplementary inspection of nucleic acid testing for all employees.
                          In the Jianye District of Nanjing, one hundred "nucleic acid testing mobile vehicles" were distributed to various neighborhoods and communities to provide convenient nucleic acid testing for the public.



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                            40 new local confirmed cases and 2 local asymptomatic infections in Jiangsu

                            08:50 August 02, 2021

                              China News Service, August 2 According to the official Weibo news of the Jiangsu Health Commission, between 0-24 o'clock on August 1st, 40 new local confirmed cases in Jiangsu (11 cases reported in Nanjing, 3 cases reported in Huai'an, Yangzhou Reported 26 cases), 11 cases were light type, and 29 cases were ordinary type. 2 new cases of local asymptomatic infections (both reported by Yangzhou City). There were 3 newly imported confirmed cases imported from abroad. The above cases were treated in isolation in designated hospitals. On the same day, 2 cases of asymptomatic infections imported from abroad were released from medical observation in the province.

                              Since July 20, Nanjing has reported a total of 215 local confirmed cases (including 81 cases of light type, 127 cases of normal type, and 7 cases of severe type).
                              The case details are released by the relevant districts and cities.
                              At present, 297 confirmed cases have been isolated and treated in designated hospitals, including 282 local confirmed cases (including 97 mild cases, 177 common cases, and 8 severe cases); 18 cases of asymptomatic infection under medical observation, of which local asymptomatic 5 cases were infected.
                              From January 22, 2020 to 24:00 on August 1, 2021, a total of 1041 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia (including 127 imported from abroad) have been reported across the province.



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                              15 places in Yangzhou, Jiangsu are adjusted to medium-risk areas
                              The surging news at 15:30 on August 02, 2021
                                Original title: 15 places in Yangzhou, Jiangsu adjusted to medium-risk areas

                                Announcement on the adjustment of the risk level of the epidemic

                                (No. 10)

                                According to the requirements of the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism "Notice on Adjusting the Regional Classification Standards for New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemics and Implementing Precision Control Measures" (Guodian Fa [2020] No. 11), after research by the Yangzhou New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, since the date of release Since then, the following areas in Yangzhou City will be adjusted to medium-risk areas:

                                1. Yunhe Shuiting Community, Xinxing Community, Qujiang Street, Guangling District, Yangzhou City;

                                2. No. 58, Guangchumen Street, Geyuan Community, Dongguan Street, Guangling District, Yangzhou City;

                                3. No. 105, Nanmenwai Street, Hehuachi Community, Wenhe Street, Guangling District, Yangzhou City;

                                4. The area south of Building 13, Building 14, and Building 15, Shanwan Garden Phase 2, Shanwan Garden Community, Tangwang Township, Guangling District, Yangzhou City;

                                5. Xicheng Shangzhu Community, Wuli Community, Hanshang Street, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City;

                                6. Laidongyuan Village Terrace, Lanzhuang Community, Hanshang Street, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City;

                                7. The State Tax Dormitory of Lanzhuang Community, Hanshang Street, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City;

                                8. Aodu Huacheng Community, Yinxiang Community, Xinsheng Street, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City;

                                9. Wuzhuang Community, Kangle Community, Shuangqiao Street, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City;

                                10. CIMC Zijin Wenchang Community, Wenyang Community, Shuangqiao Street, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City;

                                11. Wenhuayuan Community, Wenyang Community, Shuangqiao Street, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City;

                                12. Baodai New Village (Beibao Belt), Baodai Community, Wenhui Street, Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone;

                                13. Guangchuzhuang Terrace, Guangchu Community, Meiling Street, Shugang-Slender West Lake Scenic Area, Yangzhou City;

                                14. No. 10 Shikefa Road, Guangchu Community, Meiling Street, Shugang-Slim West Lake Scenic Area, Yangzhou City;

                                15. No. 86-1, Jade Street, Caohe Community, Meiling Street, Shugang-Slender West Lake Scenic Area, Yangzhou City.

                                The risk level of other regions remains unchanged.

                                Yangzhou New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters

                                August 2 2021