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China - Border areas in "the wartime state of epidemic prevention" in Yunnan province after 2 people from Myanmar are positive for COVID-19 coronavirus - September 15, 2020

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  • China - Border areas in "the wartime state of epidemic prevention" in Yunnan province after 2 people from Myanmar are positive for COVID-19 coronavirus - September 15, 2020

    Yunnan Ruili Bulletin: 2 confirmed cases imported from abroad are illegal immigration
    2020-09-15 07:18

    On September 14, Ruili City, Yunnan Province held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The situation of close contacts of the confirmed case was reported at the meeting.
    According to reports, after receiving the report, Ruili City quickly transferred the patients Yang Zuomou, Yimou and the other 5 people to the Department of Infectious Diseases of Ruili People’s Hospital for isolation and treatment through a negative pressure vehicle, and to the places where the confirmed cases had been. Perform all kills.
    The public security department further tracked the movement of the cases. As of 16:00 on September 14th, a total of 190 people in close contact have been quarantined and all samples have been collected. 98 of them have been tested and the results are negative. The rest are being tested.
    At the same time, closed management of residential communities of confirmed cases will be implemented. At 19:30 on September 12, Ruili City issued a notice to close 192 households in Phase I and 427 households in Phase II of Aoxing Century, and conduct nucleic acid sampling tests on all residents. At present, 409 people have been tested in the first phase of the Aoxing Century nucleic acid test and 776 people have been tested in the second phase of the Aoxing Century test. A total of 1,185 people are all negative.

    Basic situation of the case
    1. Yang Zuomou, female, 32 years old, Burmese nationality, permanent residence in Mandalay City, Mandalay Province, Myanmar, temporary residence in China is Aoxing Century Community, Ruili City.
    2. Yimou, female, 16 years old, Burmese nationality, is Yang Zuomou's nanny and lives with Yang Zuomou.
    On September 13, according to the patient's epidemiological history, nucleic acid test results, and clinical diagnosis and treatment data, Yang Zuomou and his nanny Yimou were diagnosed as confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and imported cases from Myanmar.
    Case Yang Zuomou activity track
    Before August 31, Yang Zuomou lived at his home in Mandalay, Myanmar. On August 31, Yang Zuo's husband drove his family and a babysitter from Mandalay to Mu Jie, and lived in a pedicure shop in Minghella. During this period, he had no contact with other people. On September 3, Yang Zuomou's husband again drove the family and nanny to Nankan, Myanmar, and the husband returned to Muse, Myanmar. Yang Zuomou smuggled into Myanmar with 3 children and 2 nanny, at 14:00 noon. Arrived around Hour and temporarily stayed at the home of his sister Yang Gui in Aoxing Century Community.
    During the period from September 3rd to 12th, Yang Zuomou walked to Nong'en Vegetable Market alone twice to buy vegetables, wearing a mask during the process. At 15:28 on September 6, Yang Zuomou and his sister Yang Guidi took a taxi to Caiyun City to buy bicycles. At 18:48, Didi took a taxi to Nongmo Lake Park and went home for a walk. Masks. At 15:24 on September 7th, Yang Zuomou and his two daughters and sister Yang Guimou went to eat at the Changdi Western Restaurant in Taipei, Ruili City, and left at 17:06. According to his statement, he wore masks during the process.
    On September 7, Yang Zuomou and his two daughters and sister Yang Guimou went to the house of his sister Yang Shuangmou in Agile. On September 9, Yang Zuomou and his sister Yang Guimou took a taxi to the Toronto gym in Ruili City at 19:50. According to his self-report, they wore masks during the process. On September 10th, Yang Zuomou himself felt insensitive to smell and taste. Accompanied by his sister Yang Guimou, he took a taxi to Jingcheng Hospital at 8:52 in the morning for a nucleic acid test, and then went to Da Cai Street. While shopping for vegetables, wearing a mask, he arrived at his sister Yang Guimou's house at 11:40, and did not go out again.
    Case according to a certain activity trajectory
    Before August 31, he had been living in a house in Mandalay Yang Zuo. The trajectory of activities from August 31 to September 3 was consistent with that of Yang Zuomou. After arriving at Yang Gui's house in Aoxing Century Community on September 3, he did not go out again.
    Many border areas in Yunnan have entered a state of wartime epidemic prevention
    The reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee that on the 14th, a video and telephone conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Yunnan Province was held in Kunming. According to a report from the Yunnan Provincial Health Commission on the 14th, from 0:00 to 24:00 on the 13th, 2 newly imported confirmed cases in Yunnan Province (all from Myanmar and imported from Myanmar), and both confirmed cases entered Ruili from Myanmar.

    The meeting requested that the 8 border states (cities) and 25 border counties (cities) of Yunnan should immediately enter the wartime state of epidemic prevention. Ruili City immediately initiated nucleic acid testing for all employees, and tried everything possible to minimize the risk of the spread of the epidemic.

    Original title: Yunnan Ruili Bulletin: Two confirmed imported cases were smuggled into China, details announced

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    Global Times says there are 6 people who crossed border....who knows.......

    Global Times


    China state-affiliated media
    Illegal border crossing of six people from Myanmar triggered lockdown in #Ruili, and other Southwest Chinese cities in #Yunnan. Ruili to begin citywide #COVID19 test.


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      2020.09.15 20:20:31
      On September 15, the police delivered the food from the supermarket to the first phase of the Aoxing Century community in Ruili City.
      Ruili City, Yunnan Province, announced the details of the trajectory of two confirmed imported cases of new coronary pneumonia in Myanmar on the 14th, and announced that it will carry out nucleic acid testing for all employees in Ruili City, and the cost will be borne by the government.
      After 22:00 on the 14th, people are not allowed to enter or leave Ruili City without special circumstances. The time is tentatively scheduled for one week.
      Residents in the whole city are isolated from home.


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        Release time: 2020-09-22 10:41:57 Source: Sina News Comprehensive

        Channel: News Center / News Video
        Label: Education and Training

        From 22:00 on September 21st, Yunnan Ruili lifted its home isolation in the urban area (after the second nucleic acid test was carried out by residents of the closed management of Aoxing Century Phase I and Phase II, the home isolation was lifted on September 26), and the citizens set off fireworks celebrate. In addition, from 22:00 on September 21 to 0:00 on October 10, a valid nucleic acid test negative certificate within 7 days is required to leave Ruili. Ruili will return to school in batches on a staggered peak, and the third grade plans to return to school on September 25. On September 27, the first, second and third grades of high school resumed school. (Beijing-Beijing Headline Editor Li Yue)


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          Gene sequencing shows latest coronavirus cases in China's Ruili share same origin

          Source: Xinhua| 2021-04-04 19:53:47|Editor: huaxia
          Gong Yunzun, Party chief of Ruili, said at a press briefing on Saturday that the viruses from 14 COVID-19 cases reported in the city are very similar in their gene sequencing results, suggesting that they came from the same transmission source.

          Gong said the viruses belong to the same group as those reported by Myanmar, adding that the virus gene sequencing results of 10 of the cases are exactly the same. No virus mutation has been found.

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