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China - Zhangye, who accounts for half of the domestic corn seeds, pressed the "pause button" by the COVID-19 epidemic, Gansu province - November 4, 2021

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  • China - Zhangye, who accounts for half of the domestic corn seeds, pressed the "pause button" by the COVID-19 epidemic, Gansu province - November 4, 2021

    Zhangye, who accounts for half of the domestic corn seeds, pressed the "pause button" by the epidemic

    November 04, 2021 16:15

      Original title: Zhangye, who accounts for half of the domestic corn seeds, pressed the "pause button" by the epidemic
      New seeds cannot be shipped or sold, but old seeds are popular in the market.
      "Look, these are all urging the delivery (dealer)." Staring at the phone number that kept ringing on the table, Li Junying began to worry again.
      As the owner of a seed company in Zhangye, in previous years, Li Junying was worried about how to sell corn seeds, but this year, he was worried about how to get the corn seeds trapped in the Zhangye breeding base as soon as possible.
      The new crown epidemic that gradually spread from Xi'an, Yinchuan and other places to Zhangye has suddenly escalated the prevention and control of the epidemic in Zhangye City. This not only changed the itinerary and plans of Zhangye people, but also disrupted dozens of Zhangye City including Li Junying. Marketing plan for corn seeds of a domestic breeding company.
      "Pause button"
      Zhangye was named after Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty as "Zhang State Arms Ye, to the Western Regions". As a prefecture-level city in Gansu Province, this city is located in the middle of the Hexi Corridor where the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Mongolian Plateau meet. Since ancient times, it has been an important merchant town and throat of the Silk Road. The reputation.
      However, this historical city has been plagued by the epidemic recently.
      On October 20, Zhangye City’s New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Wartime Headquarters Office urgently issued a notice on further strengthening Zhangye City’s epidemic prevention and control work, stating that Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province recently reported 7 cases of positive nucleic acid tests for tourists from other provinces, Yinchuan, Ningxia There is one new confirmed case of imported new coronary pneumonia caused by the return of silver to the province in the city, 6 new cases of positive nucleic acid test were notified in Chengguan District of Lanzhou City, and one case of positive nucleic acid test was confirmed in Zunyi City, Guizhou City and Changsha City, Hunan Province. Their activity tracks are all involved Ganzhou District of our city.
      A number of positive nucleic acid test cases are all related to Zhangye, which has further escalated the epidemic prevention and control in this city located on the Hexi Corridor.
      Accompanied by this, Li Junying discovered that the busy vehicles transporting corn seeds in the past had also ceased operation. Anxiously, he contacted many logistics companies, railway stations and express companies, and the answers were all , Without the clearance procedures jointly issued by the local agricultural department and the Health and Health Commission, vehicles cannot run on the road, let alone transport seeds to other places.
      "At the critical moment of seed shipment, my 2 million catties of seeds were forced to press the pause button!" Li Junying complained to a reporter from China Business News that this will have a greater impact on the upcoming domestic corn seed sales and operations .
      "If you understand Zhangye's position in China's maize breeding community, you know that I said this, and it is by no means alarmist." Li Junying said that Zhangye is located in the core area of ​​the Hexi Corridor because of its flat terrain, fertile soil, and superior light and heat conditions. , Eventually became the best advantage area for domestic and foreign seed companies to produce corn. Among them, Ganzhou District under the jurisdiction of Zhangye City produces 300 million kilograms of corn seeds on average every year, with an output value of 2.5 billion yuan, accounting for the country’s large-field corn seeds. More than 40% of the amount, and the entire Zhangye City, the annual number of breeding seeds occupies nearly half of the country's market share. "Equivalent to every two (corn) seeds in the country, one may come from Zhangye."
      According to a document from the Seed Industry Association of Zhangye City, Zhangye’s corn seed production area is as high as 1 million mu, with more than 400 varieties, and an annual output of 450 million kilograms of high-quality hybrid corn seeds, which can meet the production of more than 200 million mu of field corn in the country. Use seed. At present, there are nearly 70 companies engaged in the production and operation of corn seeds in the city. The seed industry directly drives 10,000 employees, and radiation drives more than 150,000 jobs. The world includes Pioneer in the United States, Bayer in Germany, and Limagrain in France. Seed industry giants all have breeding bases in Zhangye. In 2011, "Zhangye Corn Seeds" became a geographical indication certification trademark, which is the only geographical indication certification trademark for crop seeds in China. In July 2013, Zhangye City was recognized as a national hybrid corn seed production base.
      Seeds in stock soared
      This season of previous years was the preheating period for the sale of corn seeds after they matured in Zhangye City. After the seeds are picked, they will be bagged by the seed company after dehulling, sealing and other procedures, and finally distributed by corn seeds scattered in all corners of the country. It is sold to farmers in major corn-producing areas across the country.
      But this year, due to an outbreak in Zhangye, seeds that should have been shipped to distributors were forced to stay there, which directly caused no seeds to sell in terminal distributors in some regions.
      Li Junying’s seed company in Zhangye has harvested 2 million catties of corn seeds this year. According to the current market conditions, this batch of seeds is expected to bring him 12 million in sales. But at present, because the seeds cannot be shipped out, some are unwilling. The dealer who continued to wait has already begun to throw him away.
      "A dealer in Zhoukou called me several times because I have been unable to deliver goods. He has renegotiated a seed company locally in Henan." Li Junying said that the seed market is so big every year. Out of stock, it does not mean that your competitors are out of stock. In fact, due to the poor sales of corn seeds last year, many seed companies in Henan have pressed a lot of last year's seeds. According to the normal market logic, with the new When seeds enter the market, the stock of seeds cannot be sold at a high price. However, this year, due to a large number of new seeds from seed companies being stranded in Zhangye, the price of these stocks of seeds has also begun to rise. From three to four yuan per catty two months ago, all the way Soared to 6 yuan/jin.
      New seeds cannot be shipped or sold, but old seeds are popular in the market. The bosses of several seed companies in Zhangye City, including Li Junying, finally couldn't bear it. They found the Zhangye City Agriculture and Rural Department, hoping to come up with a plan as soon as possible, and the local government quickly reported this to the Gansu Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.
      On October 29, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Gansu Province submitted a report to the Seed Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs called "Report on the Progress of Seed Processing and Transportation during the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control" (hereinafter referred to as " report").
      "Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia...In response to the problems reported by some seed companies in Zhangye City that the transportation of corn seeds has been blocked, our department has attached great importance..." Guarantee the fast pass" and coordinate the application of the "pass" for seed transfer through multiple channels to ensure the smooth transfer of seeds of urgently needed crops in the market sales link.

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