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China - Floods: Some dams breached incl. Guojiaju dam, people evacuated in Henan province, Zhengzhou and other cities, "the flood control situation is very severe". - July 21+, 2021

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  • China - Floods: Some dams breached incl. Guojiaju dam, people evacuated in Henan province, Zhengzhou and other cities, "the flood control situation is very severe". - July 21+, 2021

    Ministry of Water Resources: The downstream dam slope of Zhengzhou Guojiazui Reservoir collapsed in a wide range, and no dam breach occurred.

    2021-07-21 10:19:19

    (Original title: Ministry of Water Resources: The downstream dam slope of Zhengzhou Guojiazui Reservoir collapsed on a large scale, and no dam failure occurred)

    Since July 17, heavy rains have been experienced in northern China, western Huanghuai, central and northern Jiangnan, southeastern southeast, eastern Hubei, northeastern Inner Mongolia, and northwestern Heilongjiang, including central and northern Henan, southern Hebei, and southern Shanxi. Partial areas fell from torrential rain to heavy rainstorms, and partly with extremely heavy rainstorms. The accumulated maximum rainfall was 884 millimeters in Jiangang, Zhengzhou, Henan. 46 rivers in 14 provinces across the country have over-warranty floods, with a maximum super-warning range of 0.01 to 2.50 meters, of which 7 are super-guaranteed and 4 are super-historical. Typhoon No. 7 "Chapaka" landed on the coast of Yangjiang, Guangdong at 21:50 on the 20th. The maximum wind force near the center was 12 when it landed, and it was located in Yangjiang at 6 on the 21st, with a wind force of 8. At present, the coastal rivers of Guangdong and Guangxi were stable.

    From 8:00 on the 17th to 6:00 on the 21st, the cumulative average rainfall in Henan Province was 108 mm, of which Zhengzhou was 345 mm and the maximum rainfall was 884 mm in Jiangang; Jiaozuo was 218 mm and the maximum rainfall was 314 mm at Jiaozuo Meteorological Station; and Xinxiang was 211 mm. The maximum rainfall is 324 mm at Yanjin Meteorological Station; Pingdingshan is 180 mm, and the maximum rainfall is 363 mm at Lushan Zhongtang. Affected by heavy rainfall, the Yihe River, a tributary of the middle reaches of the Yellow River in Henan Province, the Jialu River, a tributary of the upper reaches of the Shaying River in the middle reaches of the Huai River, and the Dasha River, the Communist Canal and Weihe River, a tributary of the Zhangweinan Canal in the southern part of the Haihe River, have been flooded. Historical flood. At 7 o'clock on July 21, the water level of the Zhongmu Hydrological Station of the Jialu River rose to 79.40 meters, exceeding the historical highest water level of 1.71 meters, and the corresponding flow was 600 cubic meters per second. The water level and flow both ranked first since 1960; Dasha River, Communist Chaoqu and Weihe super police are 0.22m to 0.96m.
    In the Zhengzhou Changzhuang Reservoir that was in danger on the 20th, 13 piping has been dealt with and the danger was effectively controlled. The water level of the reservoir was 128.67 meters at 7 o'clock on the 21st, down 2.64 meters from the peak.

    The downstream dam slope of the Guojiazui Reservoir on the Jinshui River in the Erqi District of Zhengzhou City was eroded and collapsed on a large scale, but no dam failure occurred. At present, the top of the dam is basically no flow, and the local area is continuing to expand the temporary discharge channel to lower the water level of the reservoir.

    While guiding the Henan Provincial Department of Water Resources to prevent rainstorms and floods, the Ministry of Water Resources urgently deployed the Construction and Management Bureau of the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project to prepare for various responses.
    First, at 0:30 on the 21st, the canal head diversion sluice further reduced the flow into the canal to 50 cubic meters per second, and successively opened the upstream retreat sluice to return water. Significantly lower the opening of the upper and lower reaches of the Jinshui River to reduce the impact on the main canal as much as possible.
    The second is to organize the emergency evacuation of all operation and management personnel in the canal section of the Jinshui River upstream and downstream that may be affected by the dam failure flood of the Guojiazui Reservoir.
    The third is that the gates of the canal sections within the affected area of ​​the dam-break flood shall be maintained for remote dispatch and operation, and the sections outside the affected area shall be prepared for on-site manual control of communication interruption.

    The fourth is to urgently report the danger to the four provinces and cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan and make preparations for water cuts and water source switching. At present, the general main canal of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project is operating safely.

    It is expected that in the next three days, affected by cold and warm air and typhoons, there will be heavy to heavy rains in southern North China, northwestern Huanghuai, southern southern China, eastern Jiangnan, and southern Yunnan, including southern Hebei, northern Henan, southeast Shanxi, and southern Guangxi , Southeastern Guangxi and other places will have heavy rainstorms, and local extremely heavy rainstorms. It is expected that the Zhangwei River, Ziya River, Daqing River in the Haihe River Basin, Yiluo River, Qin River, and Fen River in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, Hongru River and Shaying River in the Huai River Basin, and the Pearl River Basin along the southern coast of Guangxi and the coast of Western Guangdong will appear obvious During the flooding process, some small and medium-sized rivers in the rainstorm area may have floods above warning level. In addition, affected by the upstream water, part of the main stream of the middle and lower reaches of the Nenjiang River and the Zhaoyuan section of the upper Songhua River will exceed the alarm.



    National Defense General Raises Flood Control Level III Emergency Response to Level II

    July 21, 2021 05:31 Source: Xinhua News Agency

      On July 20th, Henan Province encountered extreme heavy rainfall. The daily rainfall of many national meteorological observatories in Zhengzhou exceeded the historical extreme value since the meteorological record. Affected by heavy rainfall, the water level of Guojiazui Reservoir in Erqi District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province rose rapidly, and the dam broke at 1:30 on July 21. The local area has moved the people downstream of the reservoir in advance. According to the relevant provisions of the "National Emergency Plan for Flood Control and Drought Relief", the General Administration of National Defense has decided to upgrade the emergency response of level III to level II at 3 o'clock on July 21.
      After receiving the report, the main responsible comrades of the emergency management department and the leaders of the branch management department immediately rushed to the command center, video linking the main responsible comrades of the Henan Provincial Government, dispatched to understand the situation, required the timely transfer of people in dangerous areas to ensure the safety of people’s lives; take practical and effective measures Measures to ensure the safety of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. The Emergency Management Department dispatched a working group led by Zhou Xuewen, the Secretary-General of the State General Defense, the Deputy Minister of Emergency Management and the Deputy Minister of Water Resources, to the scene to guide the local flood prevention and disaster relief work. (Reporter Liu Xiacun)


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      China floods: 12 dead in Zhengzhou train and thousands evacuated in Henan
      Published 3 hours ago

      Twelve people have died after record-breaking rainfall flooded underground railway tunnels in China, leaving passengers trapped in rising waters.

      Video shared on social media shows evening commuters just managing to keep their heads above water. Water is seen rushing onto platforms.

      More than 500 people were eventually rescued from the tunnels in Henan province, officials said.

      Days of rain have caused widespread damage and led to 200,000 evacuations.

      Above ground, roads have been turned into rivers, with cars and debris swept along in fast moving currents. A number of pedestrians have had to be rescued.

      More than a dozen cities in Henan province are affected. President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday that there had been "significant loss of life and damage to property".

      Several dams and reservoirs have breached warning levels, and soldiers have been mobilised to divert rivers which have burst their banks. Flights and trains in many parts of Henan have also been suspended...


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        The General Secretary of Flood Prevention and Disaster Relief once again requested this "first place"

        July 21, 2021 19:24 Source: CCTV Network

          Hookup+丨The General Secretary of Flood Prevention and Disaster Relief once again requested this "first place"
          In recent days, Henan and other places have continued to experience heavy rainfall, Zhengzhou and other cities have experienced severe waterlogging, some rivers have exceeded warning water levels,
        some reservoirs have broken dams, some railways have been suspended, and flights have been cancelled, causing heavy casualties and property losses. The flood control situation is very severe.
          On July 21, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued important instructions to flood prevention and disaster relief work, requiring that the protection of the people’s lives and property should always be given top priority, and various flood prevention and disaster relief measures should be taken seriously.
          CCTV Network "Link +" specially sorts out the important instructions of the general secretary, and learns with you the general requirements of the general secretary on flood prevention and disaster relief work, and enhances the awareness of flood prevention and disaster relief.



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          Three cities in Hebei launched emergency response to flood control level IV, and the risk level of flooding in many places was adjusted to level I

          22:03, July 21, 2021

            China News Service, Shijiazhuang, July 21 (Li Xiaowei) Many places in Hebei are experiencing another heavy rainfall. Starting at 20 o'clock on the 20th, Shijiazhuang, Handan, and Xingtai, Hebei Province, started flood control level IV emergency response. On the 21st, the meteorological risk level of urban waterlogging in most areas of Shijiazhuang, central and western Xingtai, and Handan was adjusted to level I.
            The Hebei Meteorological Observatory released the actual weather at 14:00 on the 21st: From 20:00 on the 20th to 14:00 on the 21st, there were 610 stations in the central and southern Baoding, western and southern Shijiazhuang, central and western Xingtai, Handan and other places with rainfall exceeding 50 mm (heavy rain). ), of which 98 stations in the west and south of Shijiazhuang, central and western Xingtai, Handan and other places have rainfall of more than 100 mm (heavy rain), and the largest is 208.6 mm (heavy rain).
            The Hebei Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters has decided to start flood control level IV emergency response in the three cities of Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, and Handan starting at 20 o'clock on the 20th. At 17:00 on the 21st, the province continued to issue an orange rainstorm warning. It is expected that from the evening of the 21st to the 22nd, there will be torrential rain to heavy rain (70-180 mm) in the western part of Shijiazhuang, central and western Xingtai, and central and western Handan (70-180 mm), and local heavy rain (250 mm) the above).
            On the same day, Hebei issued meteorological warnings for mountain flood disasters and geological disasters, and issued a forecast of urban waterlogging meteorological risk grades: From the afternoon of the 21st to the morning of the 22nd, the meteorological risk grades for urban waterlogging in most areas of Shijiazhuang, central and western Xingtai, and Handan were Ⅰ Level, the possibility of urban waterlogging is very high.

            In response to heavy rainfall, Hebei temporarily restricted the "two passengers and one danger" key vehicles on high speeds in the rainfall area, and restricted yellow-licensed trucks on road sections with heavy rainfall. It also requires all types of schools (including kindergartens) and off-campus training institutions to immediately stop all offline teaching, summer training and summer camps. Handan, Shijiazhuang Pingshan, Lingshou and other places temporarily closed tourist attractions on the 21st to ensure safety.
            Shijiazhuang Metro has established 71 flood control emergency teams with a total of 3168 people, implemented nearly 40,000 flood control emergency supplies, and strengthened inspections, personnel on duty and equipment maintenance along the line. On the evening of the 21st, the author saw at the Shijiazhuang Metro Torch Square Station that the station was equipped with flood control sandbags and other emergency supplies. (Finish)



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            Deputy Director of Henan Meteorological Observatory: Rainfall in the next two days is at high risk of disaster

            22:22, July 21, 2021

            The picture shows the "Flood Prevention Emergency in Henan Province" press conference. Kan Lishe

              China News Service, Zhengzhou, July 21 (Yang Dayong, Kanli, Li Chaoqing) In the past few days, Henan Province has experienced torrential rains, heavy rains, and local extreme heavy rains. The heavy rainfall has a long time, a wide range, a large magnitude, and a strong rainfall. So, will the heavy rainfall in Henan continue in the next few days? Will there be heavy rains in Zhengzhou? At the "Henan Provincial Flood Control Emergency" press conference held by the Henan Provincial Government Information Office on the 21st, Su Aifang, deputy director of the Henan Meteorological Observatory, answered this.

              According to Su Aifang, it is estimated that by 14:00 on the 22nd, there will be moderate to heavy rains in most of Henan, including heavy rains to heavy rains in central and northern Henan, and extremely heavy rains (250-270 mm) in northwestern Henan. Zhengzhou has heavy rain and local heavy rain, with a total of 60-100 mm and local 120-140 mm; among them, 50-90 mm at night on the 21st, 5-25 mm in the morning on the 22nd; maximum hourly rainfall is 20-40 mm. From 14:00 on the 22nd to 14:00 on the 23rd, there were light to moderate rains in central and western Henan, with local heavy rain; the showers in Zhengzhou turned cloudy with rainfall of 1 to 5 mm.
              According to Su Aifang, the rains in Henan are expected to continue on the 21st and 22nd. Heavy rains to heavy rains will occur in central and northern Henan, and the risk of disasters is extremely high. All regions need to continue to prevent floods, geological disasters, urban waterlogging disasters, river embankments and reservoirs And prevent the adverse effects of heavy rainfall on disaster relief work, and do a good job in sanitation and epidemic prevention work. In addition, the Huaihe and Haihe River basins need to pay close attention to the upstream inflow of water.
              Su Aifang said that in the next step, the Henan Meteorological Department will closely monitor weather changes, release forecast and warning information in a timely manner, and go all out to provide weather protection services such as heavy rainfall and possible floods in small and medium rivers, mountain torrents and geological disasters. (Finish)



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                China floods: dozens feared to have died when they became trapped in road tunnel
                • A crowded tunnel in Zhengzhou flooded within five minutes, trapping large numbers of people in their cars
                • More than half a million people in Henan province have been evacuated and nearly 920,000 relocated by the authorities
                Amber Wang in Zhengzhou, Henan and Cissy Zhou in Hong Kong
                Published: 11:22am, 24 Jul, 2021


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                  Catastrophic floods in Henan caused 302 deaths, including 292 in Zhengzhou

                  August 02, 2021 16:52

                    Original title: 302 people were killed in Henan's devastating floods
                    Source: Henan Daily
                    A total of 302 people were killed and 50 people were missing in the catastrophic floods. Among them, 292 people were killed and 47 people were missing in Zhengzhou City; 7 people were killed and 3 people were missing in Xinxiang City; 2 people were killed in Pingdingshan City; 1 person was killed in Luohe City. #河南Announcement of flood situation and disaster overall situation# (Reporter Qu Xiaoyan and Li Hong)