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China - Huaihua First People's Hospital launches anti-terrorism and anti-riot drill, Hunan province - June 30, 2021

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  • China - Huaihua First People's Hospital launches anti-terrorism and anti-riot drill, Hunan province - June 30, 2021

    Safe Escort for 100 Years of Founding of the Party-Huaihua First People's Hospital launches anti-terrorism and anti-riot drill

    Release time: 06-3019:01Huaihua Daily Official Account

    In order to ensure the safety and stability of the hospital, and continuously improve the level of hospital security work and the emergency response capabilities of security team members, on the afternoon of June 30th, as the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, the First People’s Hospital of Huaihua City launched a close to actual combat in the outpatient hall. Anti-terrorism and anti-riot exercises. The Public Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Hecheng District, the Hutian Police Station, and the Security Department of the hospital provided on-site guidance, and 60 security personnel participated in the drill.

    The drill was divided into two parts: riot prevention skills drill and anti-terrorism and riot emergency drills. As the security guards marched into the exercise site in a neat manner, the anti-terrorism and anti-riot exercise officially began.

    In the anti-riot skills training session, the drills performed the performances of capturing the enemy boxing, turning exercises and capturing the enemy. The slogans of the drills were loud, moved by the orders, and uniform, showing a good mental outlook.

    During the anti-terrorism and anti-riot emergency drills, the participating team members acted as a medical staff who did not wear a mask, trying to forcefully break into the entrance clinic hall and show the "knives" he was carrying. After receiving the police, the security captain immediately arranged for nearby special service personnel to bring equipment to the scene. After receiving the call, the Security Section rushed to the scene and sent an alarm to the local police station to request support. After the special service arrived at the scene, they immediately separated the irrelevant personnel from the armed personnel, and successfully controlled the armed personnel to snatch the knives, and waited on the spot for the public security department to arrive and deal with it.

    During the exercise, everyone acted upon hearing the police, coordinated operations, performed their duties, responded quickly, and successfully dealt with them, achieving the expected results of the exercise.

    This exercise has further improved the actual combat capabilities of hospital security personnel in dealing with daily emergencies, and laid a solid foundation for better maintaining the hospital's medical order and internal safety precautions. The Security Department will further consolidate the cornerstone of the construction of a safe hospital, do a good job in hospital safety with high standards and strict requirements, and escort the party's centuries of safety. (Chen Huiting)