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China - Major hospitals seeing small outpatient peak in several disease areas - Jiangcheng district, Wuhan, Hubei province - July 10, 2019

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  • China - Major hospitals seeing small outpatient peak in several disease areas - Jiangcheng district, Wuhan, Hubei province - July 10, 2019

    Apparently the link does not work anymore. This is a copy of the search engine entry:


    There are several locations named Jiangcheng in China: Here are several possiblities:
    Jiāngch?ng (江城) may refer to the following locations in China:

    Also I believe Hubei province is a possibility.

    Link available upon request

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    went digging for a link again and here it is:

    Now can read entire article. Wuhan connection.

    my bolding -

    Jiangcheng's major hospitals welcome the summer peak of small peak outpatient registrations to refresh historical records

    Release time: 09:17, July 10, 2019 Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily

    Pictured: Near 5 pm, there are still many patients waiting in the outpatient clinic of Union Hospital

    □ Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Liu Xun Correspondent Tu Xiaochen Peng Jinxuan Liu Kunwei Jin Tianjiao
    Scheduled for minor skin surgery to 20 days later, doctors worked overtime to increase the number of outpatients ... Over the past few days, reporters learned that after entering the summer vacation, major hospitals in Jiangcheng ushered in a small peak of consultations, many of which were returned overseas students for treatment. There are many primary and secondary school students taking advantage of the summer, and stomatology, dermatology, ophthalmology, etc. have become popular medical departments.

    Record outpatient volume hits record high

    20-year-old Xiao Xi (pseudonym) lives in Wuhan and went to study in the UK a year ago. A few months ago, she developed symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections such as nasal congestion, so she made an appointment with a local family doctor for consultation. Due to the long waiting time for queuing appointments, secretory otitis media has developed at the time of consultation. The family doctor will also make an appointment for a specialist, but it will take at least 3 months to see a doctor. Worried that his condition would further affect his study and life, Xiao Xi immediately took a leave to book a flight ticket to return to China, and made an appointment to register with the expert clinic of Professor Hu Yujuan of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital.

    Professor Hu Yujuan's examination found that Xiaoxi's secretory otitis media has caused mild to moderate hearing impairment, and she was treated symptomatically for a week according to the severity of the disease. She had basically recovered when she went to see the doctor the day before yesterday, so as to avoid recurrence, she brought some external medicine before returning to the UK.

    Like Xiaoxi, there are not a few international students who return to the country for treatment during the summer. In addition to the holiday of elementary and high schools, the major hospitals in Jiangcheng have ushered in the summer consultation. The relevant person in charge of the Outpatient Office of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital introduced that the number of registered outpatient clinics has continued to increase since the hospital entered full-scale medical insurance last year, and until July this year, it ushered in a small peak of summer consultations. According to statistics, the number of outpatient visits has remained at a "high level" since July. Only on July 1st, the number of registered outpatient visits in the three major hospitals of the hospital reached 19,000, setting a new historical record. On July 8, it reached a new high and registered outpatients again.

    The volume increased by 2.43% from last Monday. Dermatology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatrics, stomatology, etc. have become "hot".

    It is recommended to avoid the peak of the first three days of the week
    How to deal with the peak of summer consultations? The relevant person in charge of the outpatient office of the hospital said that although the number of patients continued to increase, there was no "long queue" at the window, and various departments took early measures to respond, such as temporarily adding numbers and extending the time for consultations.
    Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital reminded that every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the peak visits, and patients can choose to see the doctor from Thursday to Sunday. In addition, WeChat appointment registration, WeChat and self-service machine payment methods can help patients save a lot of waiting time in line. It is understood that more than 80% of registered outpatients at Wuhan Union Medical College are registered appointments, and the time-sharing consultation has been notified in advance to prevent patients from waiting in the clinic for a long time.
    It is understood that Wuhan Union Medical College has launched a "multidisciplinary comprehensive clinic". In this function of WeChat, users can directly communicate with expert doctors, eliminating the need for registered outpatient queuing, which is convenient for users to grasp their own conditions and is more suitable for Patients who are inconvenient to come out from the field.



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      Changed title of thread to reflect the discovery of the full article.