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China - Egg prices "soaring" as supply diminished "due to the prolonged serious losses this year" - December 14, 2017

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  • China - Egg prices "soaring" as supply diminished "due to the prolonged serious losses this year" - December 14, 2017

    Egg prices soaring, chicken people began to worry about before the holiday is a pit!
    Agricultural products futures network

    Although the price of eggs in recent months, up and down the stock market, but also be soaring all the way! Insiders also have bullish market outlook, that prices can continue until years ago!

    Farmers are also a "hi" atmosphere, hard work, waiting to break 5 rushed 6 coming!

    Egg prices rose for a period of time, there are chicken farmers began to worry about a pit before the elimination of chicken.

    In general: the higher the egg price, the less active Amoki, so many older chickens are still producing, there are some farmers want to wait and then eliminated!

    The higher the price of eggs, relatively speaking, farmers reluctant sellers psychological or stronger.

    Although the relationship between the supply perspective, the price of eggs rose a few steps and then retreat to ensure the stability of the egg market, but Amoy chicken is the number of uncertainties! Once the number of Amoy fell, the supply of eggs will increase, will lead to oversupply, then the market is really not too good to say.

    There are many reasons for the egg price rise:

    After entering the winter, the demand for eggs has been relatively strong. As the weather turns cold, output inevitably falls, leading to an increase in egg prices. Due to the prolonged serious losses this year, many small-scale farms have withdrawn from the market and even some large-scale farms have started to reduce the breeding volume, which has led to a serious drop in egg production.

    In addition, because of this year's environmental inspection, all districts have set aside no-up areas. Some farmers have now moved in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements, which has led to a drop in egg production. Based on these reasons, the present situation of the supply of eggs in short supply, the price rise is inevitable.

    Take a look at the price of out of chickens, since early November mid-Amoy prices have been top 5 slightly above the slight turbulence, it can be said is a good price, while the price of eggs this winter's turmoil is still rising trend continues.

    As the price of eggs has risen, many farmers have been postponed to be phased out. Therefore, many small chickens have started to worry about such high profits. The phase-out of pre-holiday will again become a pit and will be buried in chicken farmers who blindly delay their elimination They.

    With the experience of Amoy chicken prices have a downward trend in the market outlook, but the immediate collapse and collapse, it should not yet. However, the risk still exists objectively. Breeding friends should weigh down the old chickens in their own hands. If the age is too long and the profit is limited, they should be eliminated as soon as possible. Do not blindly strong!