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China - Government denies bird flu in deaths of hundreds of sparrows in Fuzhou, Fujian province - September 14, 2016

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  • China - Government denies bird flu in deaths of hundreds of sparrows in Fuzhou, Fujian province - September 14, 2016

    After the storm hundreds of sparrows birds died mysteriously suspect is released

    2016-09-14 08:54:55 Chen Gong Zhang Source: Southeast Network Editor: Li Lin a comment

      Tree sparrow piles of corpses
    Southeast Network September 14 hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Gong Zhang / Yu Wen Huang hole / figure) the day before yesterday, the Fuzhou public Chen to call the sea are news hotline 95060 to reflect, Ma On Shan Road near the copper coil Ridge Dr., overnight, there are hundreds of sparrows mysterious death, most of them concentrated in the bodies of several sparrows tree roots. Yesterday morning, Fuzhou Bureau convened experts to the scene, the scene sparrow carcasses sampled for testing.
    The scene say the sparrow chicks died mainly by laboratory tests ruled out bird flu, and the cause of death is likely related to heavy rains the night before.
    Hundreds of dead sparrows push bar
    The day before yesterday, as usual, riding electric car Fuzhou public Chen, along the road to the copper coil former Software Park District E line. But when he came close to the Ma On Shan Ling doctor, suddenly I found a few dead sparrows backwards on the road. When he stopped closer look, it was a sight that shocked: more than a dozen tree roots near a large body of sparrows, and the day before when through here, he had not seen such a situation.
    Chen said that the incident occurred is a large lawn, a field there are a few apathetic sparrows. Because it is wild birds, ranging from general human close, these sparrows will be scared away,
    But a few sparrows have been unable to fly away, only slowly beating on the lawn. Subsequently, he also found three large body doves, they are also dying.
    Subsequently, reporters rushed to the scene found that the sea is, in addition to tree roots, but in a nearby ditch covered with weeds, and sparrows body. These are mostly wet sparrow body feathers are not neat. A rough estimate, the number of hundreds of sparrows live death only.
    Sparrow cause of death and heavy rain, to pesticides
    Subsequently, the reporter contacted the sea are Gulou District Health Department, yesterday morning, Fuzhou Forestry, Forest Public Security Bureau, the city forestry law enforcement detachment, Forestry and Resource Management Station Gulou District Bureau of Parks and other departments who rushed to the scene.
    Experts closer look at the surrounding circumstances to determine death sparrow chicks, birds are successful, there is already a time of death for two days. Subsequently, on-site personnel sparrow carcasses sampled, back testing. The personnel, they will be on the field sparrow body harmless process.
    Scene say the cause of death may have several sparrows, one last night and rain, since the sparrow body mainly in large leafy trees, was probably under a tree to rest, died after being dropped heavy rains. According to media reports, the phenomenon of death sparrow focus after heavy rains in the country have occurred. Secondly, nearby farmers to use pesticides, sparrow eating poisoned insects poisoning.
    Four released birds can only survive a
    Yesterday, the president of the Fuzhou Bird Watching Society Yang introduction, these sparrows are likely to be released birds, because of low prices, many people choose sparrows when released birds.
    Yang said the big birds are released from the countryside to catch, after entering the business, was only released last person to buy. Because the intermediate links, consume long time and a variety of birds in different regions are store together, these birds cause a high mortality rate.According to statistics, catch four birds, can only survive for a while to release, the mortality rate as high as 75%.