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China - Cancer wards at 2 military hospitals closed in Beijing - May 6, 2016 - Apparent hepatitis B outbreaks

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  • China - Cancer wards at 2 military hospitals closed in Beijing - May 6, 2016 - Apparent hepatitis B outbreaks

    Today 10:43 Newsletter pulse
    Two military hospitals of tumor sections Tingzhen

    Wei by the West incident, Beijing Armed Police Hospitals official gateway closed, oncology unable registered, 307 Hospital of Cancer Immunology has also closing the office can not be registered.
    According to "Beijing News" reported that in Beijing Armed Police Hospitals gate, hemangioma specialist, oncology, Breast Surgery, Chinese epilepsy, ENT, neurology Chinese identity have been removed, but still retain the English identity . A hospital building Layer 2 and Layer 3 more walls have torn traces. Billboards some doctors message has been removed. A 1st floor in the lobby, staff receptionist said the recent adjustment of hospital departments, oncology can not be registered.
    As for the People's Liberation Army 307 Hospital, according to hospital medical staff of the Department, said tumor immunity departments within the hospital departments, non-outsourcing projects, followed by superiors notice to suspend admissions, clinic specific time undetermined. Medical staff said that the current closed on tumor Immunology, the remaining sections of the tumor can normally registered for treatment.

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    Beijing Armed Police General Hospital emergency shut foreign contracted departments

    Nian 05 Yue 06 Ri 2016 02:30

    Sing Tao Daily reported that [cancer] Students Wei in the west of Beijing Armed Police Corps Second Hospital (Armed Police hospital) treatment died event caused an uproar, hospitals closing the office the day before yesterday was ordered rectification. Beijing Armed Police General Hospital the same day and hurried quietly shut down foreign contracted TCM hepatology, or to avoid detection. Hepatitis B virus carriers, said here has spent twenty million yuan (RMB, the same below), suspected of being cheated.
    Then west to WEI treatment Armed Police hospital tumor biological center, accused by the Department of Health Putian new medical CIC contracting. Former executives of the company Putian Chen Yuan hair, "China Business News" said that to two ○ 2011, the company has won more than 80 hospitals and police departments, each initial gifts are in the hundreds of thousands to between one million yuan.

    Following the armed police hospital, General Hospital of the Armed Police Force has surfaced. Hepatitis B virus carriers Liu Zhen (a pseudonym) the day before yesterday to the total armed police hospital "of Liver Studies" review found that the department has suddenly closing the office. There customer service staff told him that the department is "foreign cooperation department," so shut up.
    Xu Dawei, director of Hospital Medical Service confirmed that all of the department's three doctors, three physician assistants, and nurses are more than external personnel, and also all leave, and the hospital had to terminate the contract. Liu Zhen said he was treated here for two years, spent more than two hundred thousand, is now seen deceived, he asked to meet with their physician Liu go into details, but the hospital said that Liu is currently shut down the phone, not contact.

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