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Daily China news July 30, 2008 - October 27, 2008

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  • Daily China news July 30, 2008 - October 27, 2008

    As we know, China is hosting the olympics and they also are witholding the news..nothing new there. Flutrackers is not a political site and I like it that way, however some sites we are gettin questionable news from ,are definitely against the Chinese govt. I intend to post relavent stories from them, but remember to take the news with a grain of salt
    Some will be rumors and some will be half truths..some will be the real deal.Tracking and deciphering news from there is an arduos task and very time consuming. Finding disease news from them is like pulling hens teeth!
    There is extreme pollution in China and they are going to extreme measures to correct it for the olympics.. such as shutting factories down in Beijing, closing highways and limiting traffic and they have also pulled all the army troops from the quake areas. Speaking of the quake areas.. that news has been shut down..there are no huge outbreaks of infectious diseases, ANYWHERE in the quake zone or China overall for that matter .. maybe a little HFM.
    The olympics may be threatened with terrorism, smog, bird flu or any other contageous disease we can imagine and they will have their task at hand to put on a good face..and that will be hard to see with everyone wearing masks, so dont be alarmed!
    In my opinion we are at a critical time in tracking disease outbreaks and we are just a few that are doing our best to get a heads up on all this crazy stuff. Most gov'ts don't want us to know what is going on in their countries far as disease is concerned, so we have to stay on base. I can hunt news for hrs at a time and see nothing new or nothing that hasn't been posted. If I see a new story at another site I will bring that here too. Sometimes I see smaller stories that I send to a few friends, but now I will try to put them on a single thread..just everyday stories about diseases or disease control measures or birds that died mysteriously. It may be a story about an outbreak of something somewhere else besides China. Somedays I may not post anything. If it is a major story, it will get its own thread or be posted to an existing one All of you are welcome and invited to post your strange China news here.
    I would like to limit the reports to disease only, unless there is a large disaster or something. If there is any funny stuff or an actual attack, small or large I will probably report on that too. I don't really expect any, as the Chinese have positioned over 500,000 soldiers in Beijing,are checking every single car and person, made countless arrest.. also may be bugging hotel room internet connections. All tv coverage will be on a 10 second time delay at least.Tons of stories have been removed and plenty of websites don't translate with google, "China's good friend". This is getting worse as the olympics approach.
    Flu season is any time in China and I don't intentionally want to single them out as the only bad guys. If ALL gov'ts were more honest in their reporting of disease outbreaks that could affect my family, I would not feel so compelled to find out what the hell is actually going on. I want to try this to make it easier to post the stories I see. If there are objections then I will close it. With that being said, I will start this thread.

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    Re: Daily China news has not updated since the 23rd.This was their last story..maybe they are just takin a break. Announcement Regarding Oversight of Websites During Olympics - Jul 23, 2008 - 12:35:16 PM
    This regulation was released on July 18
    [ Read More... ]


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      Re: Daily China news

      China Blocks Internet Sites for Foreign Journalists Covering Olympics

      Wednesday, July 30, 2008


      July 29: Foreign journalists use Internet services provided at the Main Press Center at the Olympic Green in Beijing.

      Olympic organizers are backtracking on another promise about coverage of the Beijing Games, keeping in place blocks on Internet sites in the Main Press Center and venues where reporters will work.
      The blocked sites will make it difficult for journalists to retrieve information, particularly on political and human rights stories the government dislikes. On Tuesday, sites such as Amnesty International or any search for a site with Tibet in the address could not be opened at the Main Press Center, which will house about 5,000 print journalists when the games open Aug. 8.
      "This type of censorship would have been unthinkable in Athens, but China seems to have more formalities," said Mihai Mironica, a journalist with ProTV in Romania. "If journalists cannot fully access the Internet here, it will definitely be a problem."
      The censored Internet is the latest broken promise on press freedoms. In bidding for the games seven years ago, Chinese officials said the media would have "complete freedom to report." And in April, Hein Verbruggen and Kevan Gosper ? senior IOC members overseeing the games ? said they'd received assurances from Chinese officials that Internet censorship would be lifted for journalists during the games.
      China routinely blocks Internet access to its own citizens.
      Gosper, however, issued a clarification Tuesday. He said the open Internet extended only to sites that related to "Olympic competitions."
      "My preoccupation and responsibility is to ensure that the games competitions are reported openly to the world," Gosper said.
      "The regulatory changes we negotiated with BOCOG and which required Chinese legislative changes were to do with reporting on the games," Gosper added, using the acronym for the Olympic organizers. "This didn't necessarily extend to free access and reporting on everything that relates to China."
      Journalists trying to use the Internet on Tuesday expressed frustration, and some also complained about slow speeds. Several said it might be an intentional ploy to discourage use.
      Reporters Without Borders condemned Chinese authorities, who they say have yet again lied, and the IOC?s refusal to prevent the situation.
      ?Yet another broken promise,? the press freedom organization said. ?Coming just nine days before the opening ceremony, this is yet another provocation by the Chinese authorities. This situation increases our concern that there will be many cases of censorship during the games. We condemn the IOC?s failure to do anything about this, and we are more than sceptical about its ability to ?ensure? that the media are able to report freely.?
      Journalists on Tuesday reported they were unable to access a new Amnesty International report entitled ?The Olympic countdown ? broken promises? or the Web sites for many foreign media, such as the BBC?s Chinese-language service, the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, the Hong Kong-based Apple Daily and the Taiwan-based Liberty Time. The Reporters Without Borders website was also inaccessible.
      IOC officials have said the Internet would be operational by "games time," which began Sunday when the Olympic Village opened.
      In a related event, Amnesty International released a report Tuesday accusing China of failing to improve its human rights record ahead of the Olympics.
      The group said that in the last year, thousands of petitioners, reformists and others were arrested as part of a government campaign to "clean up" Beijing before the Olympics. It said many have been sentenced to manual labor without trial.
      Beijing organizers have been backtracking on the freedom to report.
      Rights holders such as NBC, which has paid about $900 million to broadcast the games, and non-rights holders have faced roadblocks, red tape and changing rules as they prepare to cover unexpected events away from the venues.
      Broadcasters have complained about having permits rescinded, being forced to give notice a month ahead of time about the location of satellite trucks, and facing harassment from bureaucrats and police about renting office space or getting parking permits for their vehicles.
      Earlier this month, broadcasters tried again to get Olympic organizers to lift restrictions on live broadcasts from Tiananmen Square. Alex Gilady, a senior IOC member and a senior vice president of NBC Sports, has pushed for more live time from the iconic venue ? China is offering six hours daily, and no interviews. Others are pressing to lift the ban on live interviews.
      "Don't push the issue," responded organizing committee executive vice president Wang Wei, according to an official who attended the meeting. It was Wang who led Beijing's 2001 bid, and who said after winning: "We will give the media complete freedom to report when they come to China."
      NBC is promising to air 3,600 hours of coverage, and its owner, General Electric, is one of 12 top sponsors of the IOC. Some top sponsors have reportedly paid as much as $200 million.
      In an interview with The Associated Press, Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Universal Sports, said he would like to see more "openness" from Chinese officials. But he seemed to play down the news value of the Olympics. He said NBC was ready to cover stories as they come up, but "we're not going to cavalierly ... blow out sporting events to show news."
      Olympic historian David Wallechinsky has criticized the IOC for giving the games to China. He's visited the country more than a half-dozen times in 30 years, and said the IOC and its sponsors were distracted by China's booming economy.
      "There is so much money being made that the IOC has just turned a blind eye," Wallechinsky said. "The IOC wanted to believe it was all going to go well, and they weren't there when they should have been. You know, the Communist Party wants to control everything."
      The IOC has maintained the Olympics are a sports event, and it should not intervene in politics. However, others have faulted the Swiss-based body for failing to hold China to promises made seven years ago when it won the bid.
      "It is truly sad to see the IOC fail in this regard," said Vincent Brossell, a spokesman for Paris-based press rights group Reporters Without Borders.
      Rioting in Tibet four months ago, which sparked protests on international legs of the torch relay, was followed by the mobilization of an army of security personnel in Beijing ? 110,000 police, riot squads and special forces, augmented by more than 300,000 Olympic volunteers and neighborhood watch members.
      Cuban reporter Joel Garcia Leon, with the magazine Trabajadores, said he expected the censorship. But he was overwhelmed by other red tape.
      "I'm surprised how tightly controlled and complicated everything is here," he said. "To get a phone number from China Mobile, I have to give them a copy of my passport and my mother's maiden name. This seems quite excessive and abnormal."
      The Associated Press contributed to this report.,2933,394501,00.html
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        Re: Daily China news

        China Spying on Olympics Hotel Guests, Says US Senator
        Reuters Jul 29, 2008

        The Chinese government has put in place a system to spy on ? Olympic visitors, says Sen. Brownback
        The Chinese government has put in place a system to spy on? Olympic visitors, says Sen. Brownback

        WASHINGTON?China has installed Internet-spying equipment in all the major hotel chains serving the 2008 Summer Olympics, a US senator charged on Tuesday.
        WASHINGTON-China has installed Internet-spying equipment in all the major hotel chains serving the 2008 Summer Olympics, a US senator charged on Tuesday. "The Chinese government has put in place a system to spy on and gather information about every guest at hotels where Olympic visitors are staying," said Sen. Sam Brownback (R - KS).
        The Republican senator from Kansas, citing hotel documents he received, added that journalists, athletes' families and others attending the Olympics next month "will be subjected to invasive intelligence-gathering" by China's Public Security Bureau. He said the agency will be monitoring Internet communications at the hotels.
        The Republican senator from Kansas, citing hotel documents he received, added that journalists, athletes' families and others attending the Olympics next month "will be subjected to invasive intelligence-gathering" by China's Public Security Bureau. He said the agency will be monitoring Internet communications at the hotels.
        The US senator made a similar charge a few months ago but said that since then, hotels have come forward with detailed information on the monitoring systems that have been required by Beijing.
        The US senator made a similar charge a few months ago but said that since then, hotels have come forward with detailed information on the monitoring systems that have been required by Beijing.
        Brownback refused to identify the hotels, but said "several international hotel chains have confirmed the existence of this order."
        Brownback refused to identify the hotels, but said "several international hotel chains have confirmed the existence of this order."
        Spokesmen at the Chinese Embassy in Washington were not available for comment.
        Spokesmen at the Chinese Embassy in Washington were not available for comment.
        Brownback, who staged an unsuccessful campaign for president this year, released documents that he said were notices to the hotels on Internet security. The authenticity of the documents could not be checked and portions were redacted.
        One document said: "In order to ensure the smooth opening of Olympic in Beijing and the Expo in Shanghai in 2010, safeguard the security of Internet network and the information thereon in the hotels ... it is required that your company install and run the Security Management System. "
        Brownback said the hotels "have invested millions of dollars in their Chinese properties" and "could face severe retaliation from the Chinese government" if they refused to comply.
        The senator called on China to reverse its policy, but said the hotels are advising guests that "your communications and Web site activity are not private" and that e-mails and Web sites being visited are accessible to local law enforcement.
        More than two years ago, a US House of Representatives committee held a hearing to probe US firms' compliance with China's Internet censorship demands.
        More than two years ago, a US House of Representatives committee held a hearing to probe US firms' compliance with China's Internet censorship demands.
        Brownback has been a critic of China on human rights issues and has been among US lawmakers calling on President George W. Bush to boycott the Olympics opening ceremonies, largely to highlight allegations of Beijing's supply of arms to Sudan in return for oil. Those weapons have been used to carry out genocide in Darfur, according to China critics.
        China has called human rights allegations nothing more than "noise pollution" and is hoping the Olympic Games will boost its international image.
        China has called human rights allegations nothing more than "noise pollution" and is hoping the Olympic Games will boost its international image.

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        Jul 29, 2008
        Jul 29, 2008


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          Re: Daily China news

          <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=600 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=txt18 align=middle colSpan=2 height=66>Japanese scientists cracked the structure of influenza virus RNA polymerase
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          2008年07月30日20:20:31  来源: 新华网
          July 30, 2008 20:20:31 Source: Xinhuanet </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#000000><TD align=middle colSpan=2></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD align=middle colSpan=2 height=2></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#003483><TD class=hei12 align=middle width=344 bgColor=#4372ae height=26></TD><TD class=hei12 width=300 bgColor=#4372ae height=20><TABLE class=hei12 height=26 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=290 border=0><FORM name=Form2000 onsubmit="return validate_form()" action="" method=post encType=text/plain><TBODY><TR><TD class=navy width=81>
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          -- Tokyo, July 30 (Xinhua Qian Zheng) Japanese scientists recently cracked the influenza virus RNA polymerase subunit binding sites between the construction, for the development of influenza vaccine provides a new idea. Japan's high-energy accelerator research institutions issued press releases on the 29th that the H1N1 subtype of influenza A virus RNA polymerase by the three sub-units, composed of a subunit of any deficiencies in the influenza virus replication process of nuclear play



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            Re: Daily China news

            Does this mean i have to start trackin donkey disease?
            China's high-grade food upcoming Donkey Meat
            • 2008年06月22日China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine at 07:27
            • Recently, Shandong Dong-E E-Jiao joint-stock companies and Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other provinces and cities of 38 businessmen, signed a 45 million in "Sky Dragon" brand high-end Donkey Meat products orders. This means that the company's East Azerbaijan Ejiao Donkey Meat series of high-grade food, soon will be some major shopping centres in the domestic market large supermarkets.
              China Agricultural University Professor Du Yuchuan, East Azerbaijan Ejiao Donkey Meat food companies to market high-end, the end of the market is not brand China's Donkey Meat, no high-grade processed food history. Donkey Meat consumption is becoming a fashion, Donkey Meat is great potential market, China's market space for about 100 billion yuan. However, the current domestic Donkey Meat processing extensive, only a Donkey Meat division, we can increase the added value of more than 20 percent.



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              Re: Daily China news

              Woman with an imported dengue fever, July 30 -
              (Ming Pao Daily News on July 30, 2008 report) living in a Western 34-year-old woman infected with dengue fever, she admitted to Queen Mary Hospital, is now in stable condition.

              July 21 patients with dengue fever symptoms, including fever and rash, July 25 in Queen Mary Hospital.
              Center for Health Protection of the investigations revealed that she had July 9 to 21 visit to the Philippines, her home contacts have no Dengue fever symptoms appear. So far this year there were 17 imported cases of dengue fever last year, there were 58, all imported cases.



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                Re: Daily China news

                Licensing measures to implement the Government expected that the risk of avian flu spread大减
                Chinese Culture Network <!---time--->
                2008-7-29 10:05:58 中新网
                2008-7-29 10:05:58中新网 <!--关键字 b-->
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                <!--主体内容 b-->

                June 9, live chicken stalls in Hong Kong markets closed for two days in advance for cleaning, the prevention of avian flu. June 7, Hong Kong security Road Market of the five chicken samples, confirmed with the H5N1 avian flu virus, the SAR Government will strain of bird flu-level upgraded to a "serious" level.
                July 25, Xinhua Hong Kong Secretary for Health and Food York Chow recently reiterated the need to pay 85% of the chicken traders licences will be issued compensation, otherwise all the industry will continue to "clear day" programme, but it is understood that the relevant Hong Kong Departments that pay 70% of the chicken traders have been licensed大减risk of transmission of avian flu, generally in line with the policy objectives.
                According to the Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily reported that the future direction of the live poultry industry gradually taking shape, the Hong Kong Government on the 25th is expected to announce whether the implementation of compensation arrangements, accept compensation to the chicken stalls in the September 24 parade. Chicken farmers and wholesalers also on the same day to decide whether to return the licence. Yesterday's chicken traders apply for compensation expiry of the deadline, but it seems much less the 85% of the chicken traders set the goal of cross licensing.
                It is understood that the Government that the Hong Kong market to reduce 339 chicken stalls, disguised in the area on the demolition of more than 300 "time bomb", the future of Hong Kong left more than 100 chicken stalls in operation and supervision will be more easily and effectively And the "day-chicken" measures, bird flu spread further reduce risk.

                However, the Government still believes that the shadow of avian flu has yet to withdraw at the end of the Eradication of the one hand, in June the source of the outbreak of bird flu, is still unclear why the same time the Hong Kong New Territories Chicken paper swab samples are found to have avian flu, whether involved in smuggling Or vaccine failures or virus variant ?
                Live chickens are still on the 1st District and out of transport, risk always linger.
                The Government has repeatedly indicated that the poultry industry should not be permanent illusion of "day-chicken" or to occupy the dream of the market, the Hong Kong authorities will ultimately implement the "people separated chicken", no later than 2011 or 2012 the "central slaughtering" . However, when the number of chicken stalls大减70%, it still such a large-scale central slaughterhouse ? It is understood that the Government does not rule out the encouragement of private business or the possibility of a regional slaughtering plant.
                As Hong Kong in September after about 130 chicken stalls selling live chickens, the industry estimated daily sales of live chickens in Hong Kong can maintain 30,000 to 35,000, demand for large, local chicken farmers not only to absorb the supply of chickens, more needs Hong Kong's imports, has been opposed to pay licensing of local chicken farmers, I believe Xinkeshu breath.



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                  Re: Daily China news

                  31/07/2008, on Thursday in the morning 03:17

                  Fears the pollution to damage the health Australia contestants to be possible to draw back the match

                  [Daily Sun special news]Beijing air pollution question had still not solved, possibly the foreign athlete was considered that draws back the match. The Australian Olympic committee indicated that if the athlete worried that Beijing's air pollution damages the health, will allow that they decided voluntarily whether to withdraw. On the other hand, New Zealand has prepared the mouthpiece"Masks" for the athlete, deals with the ash haze weather which the national capital possibly appears, this country's riflery contestants teach especially for this reason in the weak light environment.

                  The visibility difference fire difficultly to aim
                  Australia "the Pioneer Daily Sun" reported that Australian Olympic committee vice-president hoodwinks Gomery arrived at when the day before yesterday Beijing pointed out that if the athlete worried that the air pollution did not want to play a match, they 絕 to will not face the pressure, because possibly polluted to initiate the athlete to present the dangerous the physiological reaction. But he stressed that the majority of contestants have prepared for ten years, believed that is extremely impossible to occur draws back the match.
                  New Zealand government also takes the corresponding countermeasure, distributes similarly to 183 contestants may use in infectious disease quarantine area and so on bird flu mouthpieces, because and arranges their physical examination, the appraisal to be able the air pollution to present the side effect.
                  Riflery contestant Ede indicated that in April once arrived at Beijing to participate, the visibility bad question influence, aims at the goal with difficulty, he therefore decided that accepts in the weak light environment teaches especially.



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                    Re: Daily China news

                    Gathers qualifications child in November the injection influenza vaccine to be possible to obtain the subsidization
                    2008-07-30 16:17

                    [ special news]The government ?the influenza vaccine subsidization plan? November to the end of next March, will subsidize the young child to accept the influenza vaccine injection by private doctor. Is 6 months as well as not the reach 6 years old, has Hong Kong resident qualifications young child to be possible to obtain the government subsidization. 6 year-old above Hong Kong resident, if is going study the preschool and the child care center, may also obtain the subsidization. The find mercying child injects the influenza vaccine, the guardian only need pay 80 Yuan, the remaining sum subsidizes by the authority. The health protection center has set up the hot line: 2125 2125 inquire for the resident.



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                      Re: Daily China news

                      Kunming, a kindergarten-reporting hand, foot and mouth disease epidemic was ordered to stop sponsoring
                      2008年07月30日08:42 [ 我来说两句 ] [字号: ]
                      On the 27th of this month in Kunming, Taipei media reported that a kindergarten-reporting hand, foot and mouth disease epidemic, relevant departments held yesterday Wu Huaqu note, to the media on the new Shuxiang Telei first kindergarten door found a 3-year-old child infection Hand, Foot and Mouth disease in the situation.
                      The official said, kindergartens, child care found that kindergarten has been closed after the illness, also has a resume of relevant plans. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 align=left border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top>
                      </TD></TR><TR><TD><TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><SCRIPT src="" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT><SCRIPT language=javascript>if(window.location.href.getQue ryString("ip")==null)Loc=sohu_IP_Loc.substr(0,4);e lseLoc=window.location.href.getQueryString("ip");</SCRIPT></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
                      Kindergarten was ordered to the scene to stop sponsoring

                      Wu Huaqu departments in yesterday's note will provide the materials, on the 21st of this month Telei new Shuxiang door first kindergarten a 3-year-old male child care because of illness to hospital the following day kindergarten parents to take leave, 24 The Children's Hospital in Kunming child was diagnosed as "hand, foot and mouth disease and encephalitis," Children's Hospital in Kunming on the same day straight to the network reported.

                      On that day, Wu Huaqu CDC in accordance with national disease surveillance information management system prompted the report, that the child was diagnosed as "hand, foot and mouth disease and encephalitis," the report immediately to the District Health Bureau, and in accordance with the requirements of the CDC in Kunming Hospital staff to conduct flow-sample sent to the scene and laboratory testing.
                      7月25日,五华区政府热线办接到家长举报电话后,当天14时20分,五华区疾控中心专业人员组成调查小组 到幼儿园进行情况调查后,在现场填写了?五华区疾控中心幼儿园传染病疫情调查处置表?,还发放了消毒药品, 并提出了处理建议。
                      July 25, Wu Huaqu Office of the Government hotline received a call parents to report after 14:20 the same day, Wu Huaqu CDC investigation team composed of professionals to conduct investigations kindergarten at the scene fill out the "five-wah District CDC infectious disease outbreak investigation kindergarten disposal, "and also the disinfection of drugs, and made recommendations.
                      Wu Huaqu Department of Education also conducted the investigation and handling.
                      经调查核实,该园幼儿患病情况与五华区疾控中心掌握相关情况相符,幼儿园设有相关缺勤家长联系登记本,并在 开园时刊登了手足口病的相关材料。
                      After investigation, the prevalence of child care and Park Wu Huaqu CDC master the relevant circumstances in line with related absenteeism kindergarten registration contact the parents and published in a park when a hand, foot and mouth disease related materials.
                      在该幼儿患病后园方曾于7月23日、25日到医院看望了患儿并每天联系其家长了解病情,并加强了全园的消毒 措施。
                      The prevalence of child care in the garden after the July 23, 25 to the hospital to visit the children and their parents understand the daily contact condition, and to strengthen the entire park disinfection measures.
                      At present the children with stable vital signs in a stable condition.

                      在昨日的情况说明会上相关负责人介绍,昆明市儿童医院已按照相关《中华人民共和国传染病防治法》进行了报告 。
                      At yesterday's meeting notes related person in charge, the Kunming City Children's Hospital in accordance with the relevant "the People's Republic of Infectious Diseases Prevention Law," the report.
                      园方已按照相关规定加强晨检及消毒工作,做好全园及家长相关知识的培训、宣传,保健老师每天早上9点半向五 华区疾控中心进行?日?新发病例报告和?零?报告制度,连续两周。
                      Park has strengthened in accordance with the relevant provisions of Chen Jian and disinfection work, do a good job in the whole park and parents knowledge of the training, information, health teachers 9:30 every morning to Wu Huaqu CDC "days" and report new cases "Zero" reporting system, for two weeks.
                      此外,五华区教育局已于7月25日向幼儿园下发了责令该幼儿园立即停止办学的意见书,目前该幼儿园已经按照 五华区教育局要求停园。
                      In addition, the Department of Education Wu Huaqu was on July 25 issued the kindergarten to the kindergarten ordered to immediately stop sponsoring the submission, the nursery has been stopped in accordance with the requirements of Education Wu Huaqu Park.

                      Park, argued that "-reporting" inaccurate

                      ?在之前媒体报道中,对事实的了解还有一定不全面的地方,"瞒报"一说并不准确。?在接受本报记者采访时, 特蕾新书香门第幼儿园负责人告诉记者,在幼儿的手足口病病情确诊后,幼儿园主动停课,目前还暂时没有恢复上 课的计划。
                      "In media reports before, the facts do not fully understand there is still a certain place,"-reporting "that was not accurate." In an interview with this reporter, Telei Shuxiang new doors for the first kindergarten, told reporters, Child care in the hand, foot and mouth disease diagnosed after kindergarten initiative will be closed, at present there is no resumption of school projects.

                      ?有报道中称我们幼儿园确诊了3例幼儿患手足口病,这并不准确。?该负责人表示,幼儿园最初被确诊患手足口 病的幼儿只有1名,后来经过排查后经疾病预防控制中心确认的只有2名幼儿患病,后面确诊的这名幼儿只是最轻 微的感染。
                      "It has been reported in kindergarten that we confirmed three cases of children suffering from the Hand, Foot and mouth disease, this is not accurate." The official said, the kindergarten was initially diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease in only one child, and later after the investigation and disease prevention and control Centre confirmed only two sick children, after the diagnosis of this child care is only the most minor infection.

                      "From the perspective of the kindergarten, we need for our children, responsible for parents." The official said, it is necessary for kindergarten children, parents responsible for the privacy. "Parents tell our children sick, but there may be hand-foot-mouth disease, we will strengthen the disinfection work." She said that children in the hospital diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease, it is impossible to kindergarten children's condition in accordance with the report of the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Departments, "This is also responsible for the child to the parents." The official said, the fact that in the children's parents told them the situation, the kindergarten day-to-day disinfection work has been strengthened, purpose is to children's health.
                      She said that can not be recognized "kindergarten-reporting the epidemic".

                      "Because 26, 27, is the weekend, we take the initiative from the 28th onwards will be closed." She said that suspension is not in receipt of the order issued by the departments concerned to immediately stop sponsoring the submissions.
                      "We are also not seen the document."
                      Kindergarten also has no current plans to resume.

                      CDC school district had training

                      Yesterday, Wu Huaqu CDC to participate in an investigation of this incident the official said, according to China's relevant laws, citizens will be obliged to close suspicious outbreaks of infectious diseases reported to the health sector.
                      ?区内所有幼儿园、学校都接受了有关知识的培训,掌握上报渠道和具体职能部门的联系方式,但特蕾新书香门第 幼儿园开学不久,可能没有来得及参加我们组织的相关培训。?
                      "All local kindergartens, schools have accepted the knowledge of the training, and specific channels have reported the contact functional departments, but the new Shuxiang Telei the first kindergarten opened the door soon, we may not have enough time to participate in the organization of the relevant training."

                      Intervals incident

                      July 27, according to the Kunming TV programs on finishing, Kunming, a kindergarten-reporting hand, foot and mouth disease epidemic.

                      In an interview with television station in Kunming, Kunming, Shi said that the people of her three-year-old children in kindergarten through areas on a small class, July 21, and her son to school with a classmate boy was diagnosed as suffering from a hand, foot and mouth disease, but after what happened Kindergarten this matter has not been the parents of other children, also will be closed, and so did not take the necessary measures to dispose of.
                      26 am Shi, will this situation during the Kunming CDC.<SOHUADCODE></SOHUADCODE>



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                        Re: Daily China news

                        Avoid Public Toilets! An Olympic Visitor?s Guide to China

                        <FORM name=mailingListForm method=get>
                        </FORM>July 18, 2008

                        By Jamie Weinstein

                        On August 8, the Games of the XXIX Olympiad will begin in China. Most of the events will take place in Beijing, but travelers to the games should surely take the opportunity to travel to different parts of China during their visit. Since I am just a year removed from my own visit to the country, I thought I would offer some tips and advice to those who are making their first journey.

                        First of all, American travelers may be happy to know that the only image more prevalent than that of Chairman Mao throughout China is a fried chicken-serving American Colonel who goes by the name of Sanders. If you are obsessed with KFC fried chicken, you will be happy to know that the Chinese are as well. Everywhere you turn you will find this nice reminder of America and of capitalism.

                        If you are an exotic eater and are itching to get your hands on some dog for dinner, you too are in luck. Like Korea, dog can be found on the menu of many restaurants throughout China. I doubt, however, most readers of this column find the prospect of eating dog appealing. There is good news for you as well. Understanding Western sensibilities and wanting to leave a positive impression on Western tourists, the Chinese government has taken man's best friend off the menu at all of its 112 official Olympic restaurants. But for the more adventurous among you, I am sure if you travel off the beaten path you will be able to taste a little bit of Rover ? though I wouldn't encourage it.

                        While I am spending a fair amount of time discussing culinary confections, there is good reason for it. When Americans think of Chinese food, they think of their favorite local Chinese restaurant. Don't be fooled. Real Chinese food often bears little resemblance to American Chinese food. It is worth going to a neighborhood farmer's market to see the diverse types of things that pass for food in China. If you don't throw up or contract bird flu, you will thank me for suggesting the experience.

                        If things haven't changed dramatically in the one year since I was there, one of the first things you'll notice once you deplane in Beijing is the thick coat of pollution that pervades the air. It may make you wonder how the world's best athletes will be able to compete at peak performance in outdoor events. You'll have to provide me the answer to that question. I'm still baffled by it.

                        The public toilets in China will surprise many Westerners attending the Olympics. And by surprise, I really mean horrify. Chinese public toilets are very crude and often possess a hole where one would expect to find a typical Western flush toilet. Unless the Chinese government is splurging for the Olympics, you should also expect to bring your own toilet paper. If you extend your Asian journey to include Japan, you will see a crystal clear contrast between a developed country and a developing country. In the Tokyo airport, for instance, restroom toilets are such a stunning technological marvel ? with more gadgets than you could possibly believe ? that a tear may very well come to your eye. <SCRIPT type=text/javascript><!--google_ad_client = "pub-8947388409604770";google_ad_width = 300;google_ad_height = 250;google_ad_format = "300x250_as";google_ad_channel = "";google_color_border = "FFFFFF";google_color_bg = "FFFFFF";google_color_link = "000084";google_color_url = "31659C";google_color_text = "000000";//--></SCRIPT><SCRIPT src="" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>

                        True, you may develop tears in Chinese public restrooms as well, but this will be for an entirely different reason. It is hard for me to accept that a country with holes posing as toilets is on the brink of global dominance.

                        Any trip to China would be incomplete without a visit to Shanghai. Shanghai is unbelievable. It is like New York City meets Las Vegas. In my mind, it is the most architecturally stunning city in the world, though I should stipulate that one of my friends who actually knows a thing or two about architecture tells me "New York City meets Las Vegas" is not a particularly celebrated combination among architectural aficionados. But I am not an architectural aficionado and I suspect that you too will be knocked off your feet.

                        Don't forget during your time in China that it is still a totalitarian country. Despite opening up economically, it remains a closed system politically. While over time this will hopefully change, China continues to oppress segments of its population (sometimes brutally) and buddy up to unsavory regimes around the world from Sudan to Venezuela. Though it may be imprudent for ordinary visitors to shout this truth from the rooftops during their visit, hopefully American athletes will take every chance they get to hammer home China's poor human rights record to the media every opportunity they get.

                        So enjoy your time in China. The people are very friendly. Remember to avoid public toilets if possible. If you have a weak stomach, eat in your hotel. Be sure to visit Shanghai. And always, always remember that no matter how grand the show China puts on, its government has much to do before it should be respected and honored.

                        Let's go USA!



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                          A long story on their preperations 2008 Olympics: nuclear, chemical and biological war on terror



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                            Re: Daily China news

                            <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="98%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle width="100%">Anhui Province: the epidemic to spread misinformation accountability <HR>
                            Date: July 30,2008 a total of 7 Source: China News Net Author: </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle width="100%"><TABLE style="TABLE-LAYOUT: fixed" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle width="100%"></TD></TR><TR><TD class=newstitle id=fontzoom vAlign=top>
                            Hefei Evening News - 2008 January to June, public health emergencies in our province received information from the report of 86.
                            然而, 12个市报告疫情,有10个市存在不同问题,其中误报传染病疫情18起。
                            However, the city reported 12 outbreaks, the city has 10 different issues, including false positives from 18 infectious diseases.
                            <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
                            Yesterday, the Provincial Health Office informed the province's 2008 January-June infectious diseases and public health emergencies of network quality of the report the situation.
                            According to a circular, the first half of the province report information related to public health emergencies 86, 70 have been closed.
                            除宿州市、淮北市、淮南市、巢湖市与宣城市未报告突发公共卫生事件相关信息外,其余12个市均 有报告。
                            In addition to Suzhou City, the city of Huaibei, Huainan City, Chaohu City and the cities were not declared public health emergencies related information, the remaining 12 are in the report.
                            省卫生厅在通报中要求说,今后对传染病疫情报告将实行责任制和责任追究制,对迟报、漏报以及报告质量差的将 通报批评。
                            Provincial Health Office in his briefing requested that the next report on infectious diseases will be accountability and accountability system, the Chi Bao, omissions and poor quality of the report will be informed criticism.



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                              Food shortages under the shadow of North Korea (AP)
                              2008年07月30日16:26 [ 我来说两句 ] [字号: ]
                              At 16:26 on July 30, 2008 [I Laishuiliangju] [name: Big Medium Small]

                              Source: China Network

                              <SELECT onchange=javascript:window.location=(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value); name=gotopage><OPTION value= selected>No. 1: the severely malnourished children</OPTION><OPTION value=>No. 2: a mother holding her twins</OPTION><OPTION value=>No. 3: to malnourished children do check</OPTION><OPTION value=>No. 4: Chongjin orphanages for children</OPTION></SELECT>
                              <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle>
                              [Click the picture to the next page] </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR><TR><TD style="FONT-SIZE: 12px" align=middle></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
                              6月20日,这张由世界粮食计划署提供的照片显示,朝鲜清津一所孤儿院,面容瘦消的保育员抱着一个严重营养 不良的儿童。
                              June 20, this by the World Food Programme to provide the photos show the North Korea-a-orphanages, looked thin Consumers of mothers holding a severely malnourished children.
                              North Korea last 10 years due to frequent natural disasters and international embargo, food shortages have been very serious.
                              Last year, as a result of floods, North Korea's food problems distress.
                              North Korean leader and the media this year, has repeatedly said that efforts should be concentrated on solving the grain problem.
                              World Food Programme in April this year, the Korean food shortfall this year of 1.5 million tons, is the largest since 2001, 2001.