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China - Aflatoxin found in milk from 2 manufacturers - Carcinogen

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  • China - Aflatoxin found in milk from 2 manufacturers - Carcinogen

    machine translation -

    Mengniu milk was found to strong carcinogens
    2011-12-25 19:37:00 Source: Beijing News (Beijing)

    WASHINGTON AQSIQ on the 24th announced the recent product quality of 200 kinds of liquid milk sampling results. Spot checks found Mengniu, two products long rich milk aflatoxin M1 project does not meet the standards.

    Among them, Mengniu Dairy (Meishan) Co., Ltd. production of a batch product was detected aflatoxin M1 exceeded 140%. In this regard, in its official website yesterday Mengniu admitted the test results and "solemnly apologize to consumers nationwide," also said all the batches of the product was sealed and destroyed.

    Mengniu milk a carcinogen exceeded 140%

    It is reported that AQSIQ is in October this year, involving 21 provinces and cities of 128 200 kinds of production of liquid dairy products to start spot checks involving protein, acidity, lead, arsenic, total mercury, chromium, aflatoxin M1, Staphylococcus aureus, melamine and other 18 projects.

    AQSIQ released the test report, Mengniu Dairy exceeded the batch processing of food products by the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Fuzhou detection. Aflatoxin M1 was detected in the measured value of 1.2μg/kg, state the maximum value of 0.5μg/kg, Mengniu exceeded 140% of the batch. Mengniu's products for the batch exceeded Meishan Group Company October 18, 2011 the production of 250ML / cartridge packaged milk products.

    Public information, aflatoxin M1 is known carcinogens, are highly carcinogenic.

    Another long-Rich Dairy Co., Ltd. Fujian long rich milk (milk quality) has also been detected aflatoxin M1 failed, compared with standard exceeded 80%.

    Mengniu said the sampling of the products in question have not yet shipped


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    Re: China - Aflatoxin found in milk from 2 manufacturers - Carcinogen
    India Extends Ban on Chinese Milk
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    By Julia Gu

    Dec. 28 – India’s central government issued a notification on December 26, stating that it has extended its prohibition on the import of milk and milk products from China until June 24, 2012...
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