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China Warns Poultry Breeders Not to Confuse Avian Influenza, Atypical Newcastle, & E. Coli

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  • China Warns Poultry Breeders Not to Confuse Avian Influenza, Atypical Newcastle, & E. Coli

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    View: 48 Source: Veterinary 114 Network Time :2011-5-2 7:18:12

    Due to the low pathogenicity avian influenza infection often caused by low levels of the chicken immune response, the body's resistance is weak, that happens often with E. coli after a period of mixed infection, is often clinically mistaken for E. coli infection is only The only treated with antibiotics, the disease often seems to have improved after treatment, but soon will relapse, despite spending a lot of treatment costs, but the result is poor. Low pathogenicity avian influenza mixed infection with Escherichia coli, the chickens infected with avian flu in addition to the above-mentioned symptoms and lesions, but also E. coli infections can often see the typical lesions. In addition to sporadic chickens died in a long time, the chickens weight loss, internal organs are visible fibrinous exudate, such as cellulose of pericarditis, perihepatitis, balloon inflammation, peritonitis. If the follicles of laying hens is also often accompanied by rupture within the abdominal cavity accumulation of yolk substances.
    Differential Diagnosis:
    These three diseases are common in clinical respiratory symptoms are typical, such as coughing, sneezing, rales, mouth breathing, etc. Shen Jing, necropsy are visible larynx, trachea congestive hemorrhage. Atypical Newcastle disease, low pathogenicity avian influenza is dead chickens are part of the muscular stomach disease, glandular gastric bleeding.
    Differences mainly in: Atypical Newcastle disease generally do not have eye irritation, tearing, discharge increased, blindness, pancreatic hemorrhage and necrosis; low pathogenicity avian influenza is unique to pancreatic hemorrhage, necrosis, and the plantar part of the Department of phosphorous bleeding chicken ; and infectious laryngotracheitis in addition to respiratory disease, in general, there is no muscular stomach, pancreatic gland necrosis of gastric bleeding and other gastrointestinal lesions.