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China - Increasing sudden death in 20-40 age group year after year

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  • China - Increasing sudden death in 20-40 age group year after year

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    Sudden death is approaching young adults

    Landlord Posted: 04-26

    One night not long ago, about nine or ten o'clock, the city of 30-year-old Wu is sitting in front of the computer playing games, and suddenly felt chest tightness, chest pain, after loss of consciousness, stopped breathing. Mr. Wu and other dead when the ambulance arrived, the doctors diagnosed as acute myocardial infarction. "He usually very good body, and almost never taken your medicine, so how to say a big no no a living!" Mr. Wu's family grieved, still can not accept this fact. Reporters in the hospital interview that, like Mr. Wu that the phenomenon of sudden death is increasing year by year, mostly in the age 20-40 years old. A time when young adults die suddenly, people ask, in the end is what causes more and more young people to death?

    80% of sudden cardiac death From the onset to death in 1 hour belongs to sudden death. In recent years, sudden death, more and more younger people, from a clinical point of view, sudden death, about 80% of patients with sudden cardiac death, including acute myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, heart failure and so on. Liaoning Province, cerebral vascular medicine branch of knowing member of cardiovascular experts Jiang Shan City, told reporters that sudden death of young adults, the overall etiology of view, there is usually high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood viscosity, etc. genetic basis of disease or have a family history of disease in these young people based on vigorous exercise, mood swings, fatigue, excessive alcohol consumption under the action of extrinsic incentives, can easily lead to myocardial infarction or arrhythmia, leading to sudden death.

    Weak awareness of young people's health Sun often entertaining person in charge of private enterprises, smoking, drinking more, stay up late rush is commonplace, one overtime sudden transient loss of consciousness, just due to rescue in time of danger. The doctor told him that a transient loss of consciousness, that means there is arrhythmia, within an hour if not timely rescue is likely to die. Sun family history of heart disease, but he never pay attention, that his young, good health does not matter, this disease also sounded the alarm for his health. Experts said that occult coronary heart disease is clinically asymptomatic, young people generally believe that cardiovascular disease, sudden death occurs mostly in older people, and they are not detached, but in fact, the age of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases has been advance to the young adults. Some young people a long period of high load, high pressure working state, is apt to cause increased blood pressure, cardiac overload; there are many young people have such a habit: the work was tired during the day and at night after dinner to to sleep, I feel this is a rest, relax, actually it is not proper physical exercise, over time, the body appears sub-health state (sub-health state is that people not yet sick, but there are varying degrees of illness risk factors, with a tendency to occur at high risk of a disease), will increase the chance of sudden death.

    Less than 1% success rate In China, the hospital survival rate of sudden cardiac death less than 1%, many patients did not receive the beginning of the onset of timely and effective rescue, before reaching the hospital have died. "If within 5 minutes after the onset of the local rescue could save the lives of some patients. Because of cerebral ischemia for 5 minutes will be permanent and irreversible damage occurs." J