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China - Taiwan avian flu scholars warn about fall season - September 11, 2017

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  • China - Taiwan avian flu scholars warn about fall season - September 11, 2017

    Fall and winter anti - avian flu scholars called to strengthen the monitoring of the source of extinguishment

    2017年09月11日 17:29

    Avian flu has become a difficult problem in the autumn and winter period, the beginning of this month Shuangbei City slaughterhouse have found chickens infected, emergency destruction of carcasses, and recently the central region more repeatedly maliciously abandoned dead chickens, it is worry that the outbreak will be the outbreak Precursor. Farmers believe that with their big money to compensate for the culling, it is better to help farmers do a good job fishery fence to improve the feeding environment. Scholars believe that should strengthen the active monitoring, early detection of infected poultry farms, to avoid the spread of the epidemic.

    Early this month, Taipei City, New North City, each have a slaughterhouse slaughter of veterinary workers on the scene with the slaughter of red feathers chicken feet bleeding flushing and other abnormalities, suspected of infection with avian influenza, after the test confirmed that the infection of the batch of birds infected with H5N8 High pathogen avian, slaughtered 64 carcasses have been destroyed, not into the market. On the other hand, the recent cloud forest, Changhua are found dead chickens were disgruntled malicious disposition of the situation, we can see that the season has gradually entered the fall, the avian flu epidemic has gradually surfaced.

    Infants infected with avian flu should be culled, but will give farmers the cost of compensation, according to the Bureau of Statistics, the previous year culling compensation of about 1.51 billion, last year to 45 million, this year to the end of May was 91 million, nearly 3 years A total of 1.746 billion, the average annual cost of 582 million yuan to compensate farmers.

    Duck Association Chairman Chen Zicheng said that if the feeding of ducks duck ducks to see, regardless of duck or duck, do a fence construction, even with the material in fact tens of thousands of dollars will be able to achieve, The cost of culling compensation can also be used to subsidize farmers to build fence, the poultry farm biological control to do a good job, completely blocked the contact between poultry and migratory birds is more effective direction, this way, even if can not eradicate avian flu, Probability can also be significantly reduced.

    Taiwan University Veterinary College of Honor Professor Lai Xiu-sheng said that one to the autumn and winter is a good period of avian flu, to strengthen the epidemic prevention or rely on the Government to strengthen the monitoring, as well as farmers self-reported epidemic situation. Earlier this year, the first case H5N6 confirmed, that is, monitoring staff found Hualien roadside has a dead duckling, after the infection, immediately intensify the epidemic prevention, and finally almost H5N6 eliminated, which shows the active monitoring of epidemic prevention personnel important, but the epidemic prevention staff visit Poultry farms considerable effort, this time whether the farmers can take the initiative to inform, will determine the success or failure of epidemic prevention.

    Lai Xiu-sheng pointed out that the field of poultry as long as there is not normal, poultry farmers must first find that if the timely notification, so that epidemic prevention personnel involved in the fight against the birds, you can avoid the epidemic expansion, will not affect the other poultry farms, But if the poultry only to the birds infected and not notified, and even to reduce the loss of the poultry sent out to the field of sales, will lead to the spread of the epidemic, but also the behavior of public morality.

    Lai Xiu-sheng pointed out that if poultry can be closed or semi-open, you can block the birds and migratory birds, wild birds, is the best epidemic prevention strategy, but the cost of converting poultry farms may not be low, the government It may be more practical to consider appropriate subsidies for poultry farmers and even to strengthen the study of how to improve the poultry environment.