Ilan non highly pathogenic H7N9, Yilan H7N9 non-highly pathogenic | 醫藥 newspaper | health 醫藥 | Yonhap newspaper network

(South Korea)

Anti CIQ COA said yesterday, at the end of the bird excrement samples of wet ground when in Ilan, the detection of avian influenza virus subtype H7N9, confirmed fortunately unlike in mainland China virus subtype H7N9 epidemic, not highly pathogenic virus features, check the wetlands near the poultry farm poultry, are also healthy.

This is the second time this year in Taiwan appear H7N9 virus, anti-seizure bureau said that Taiwan is the land of the north-south migratory birds, the high risk of bird flu, please immediately strengthen the poultry industry poultry farms mounting anti-bird quarantine facilities and biosecurity measures and implement control and disinfection operations poultry farms.

[2014/12/19 United Daily News]

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