Taiwan MAC: Xinjiang yellow travel warning lifted, Posted: 2014/10/07 22:13

Central News Agency reporter Zhou Yi Ling in Taipei on the 7th power) Mainland Affairs Council said today that, effective immediately, to lift the continent Xinjiang yellow travel alerts, and reminding people to go to the land should strengthen self-health care. MAC on the 7th through the press release said that the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare is currently on tour in mainland epidemic recommendation level 2 (alert) remaining region of Xinjiang. Since nearly a month no H7N9 flu cases have occurred in Xinjiang, disease management department from the 7th to the first stage of Xinjiang: Note (watch), MAC with disease management department, lifting Xinjiang yellow travel alerts. MAC stressed that the current mainland provinces and cities, although no new cases of H7N9 influenza, but H7N9 influenza virus persists, the threat of infection has not lifted, people should pay attention to go to the land of self-health care, keep washing hands, wearing masks health habits. MAC reminds people not to touch any of feeding birds and avoiding to have live poultry and birds traditional market street, Bird City; eating poultry and eggs must be cooked; return to Taiwan, such as fever, cough, etc. symptoms, seek medical advice immediately wear a mask and inform the physician contact history and travel history. MAC said that since April, there were several explosions in Xinjiang mainland and violent attacks and other incidents, the impact on tourism safety, so to remind people planning to travel to Xinjiang, should be particularly careful, the MAC will also be associated with the Ministry of maintain close contact with the subsequent development of the situation sustained attention. 1031007