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Taiwan - Reporter Interview with Research Vice President Chen Chien-jen on China H7N9

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  • Taiwan - Reporter Interview with Research Vice President Chen Chien-jen on China H7N9

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    Interview ?? week in research vice president Chen Chien-jen ?U / China H7N9 epidemic spread of new flu fear 10 years

    Reporter Huang Jing / Interview

    China H7N9 avian flu epidemic is worsening, 2013 confirmed cases so far have been broken three hundred and twenty, more than 73 people died, and even came to see the H10N8 world's first bird flu death cases. In research vice president, former Director of Health Chen Chien-jen warned that China Jiangnan pooled intensive poultry, pigs and residential population, human beasts easily be three types of influenza virus gene recombination, is the world's large factory new influenza virus reassembly and manufacturing, the next ten years to twenty years is expected there will be new viruses.

    As the Chinese H7N9 cases since January this year early to enter the peak period, he reminded judged based on epidemiology, prevalence is expected to extend the period may be expanded to four, in May, Taiwan must continue to be vigilant in the future H7N9 bird flu could become more inter-season year-round threat.

    Popular variant of the annual assessment extended to May flu fear

    Q: China H7N9 outbreak cases of persistent surge, it was rumored H10N8 new avian flu virus also causes fatal cases of bird flu in China will worsen?

    A: There are sixteen types of influenza virus H, N has nine, can be composed of up to one hundred forty-four kinds of combinations, most humans infected with H1 to H3 and N1 to N2, birds were more likely to be infected with the virus. But can be expected in the next ten to twenty years, there will be more people in common livestock new influenza continue to emerge.

    Because of the global population to move quickly to form a global village, greatly increased the range of human exposure, contact with birds have changed much. Because of climate change and migratory bird habitat destruction and other human factors, and even birds will extend southward stranded viral infection caused by migratory ducks and other poultry chances greatly increased, more and more viruses will become localized or long stay type.

    The H7N9 epidemic spread from the north to the south, south China, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and more devastated that displays H7N9 virus in southern China in early localized. The H7N9 virus has emerged and H10N8 fatal cases, China failed to release the chickens died suddenly message display has become a long stay in the local poultry virus, Chinese agricultural sector failed to grasp; died suddenly due to poultry will not prevent harder.

    What is more worrying is that bird flu will be in pigs restructuring, variants, human avian swine flu virus is very easy to combine the three variants in pigs. The Chinese Jiangnan (south of the Yangtze River) is not only habitat for migratory birds, there are intensive pig, poultry and gregarious population, and therefore has become the world's big factories manufacture a new influenza virus. Such as titanium ?? ?? ???? global epidemic of the H1N1 virus, the source of infection is China. China in the future there will be more people fear a new avian flu virus common in Taiwan will inevitably impact.

    Chinese people are not effectively control the spread of the epidemic caused by contact with poultry

    Q: Last year China H7N9 cases occur peak in February, but this year from January, on high, the epidemic will be expanded?

    A: China has more than three hundred twenty cases, this is due to the intensive hospitalization or death notification, be treated as a cold or pneumonia infections heal without notification, fear there are three to four times. And in early January this year, appeared in February also increased perspective, H7N9 should expand the trend of last year to March and April decline this year fear of going to April and May will fall on both sides to prevent the epidemic can not be taken lightly.

    Currently more than 70% cases of H7N9 have experienced contact with live birds should still limitations person to person. If continuing to deteriorate and become human to human transmission, is bound to be another wave of the pandemic, seasonal and may cross into the annual influenza; but the virus may also be human domestication, will reduce fatal, it could be another turning point.

    But the best stage in poultry successor effective control, it depends on China in the end people can really grasp the effective control of contact with poultry. Hong Chuan has shut down all live poultry markets, Taiwan has banned the slaughter of live poultry markets, but China has so far failed to take effective control of the poultry market, and even chicken farmers calling for the suspension announcement came the pressure of the epidemic, China must be more effective in reducing human contact with poultry to control the epidemic.

    Q: China is still a fever epidemic, with more preventive suggestions?

    A: Taiwan has devoted considerable attention to prevent migratory birds, poultry farm has fence measures, cross-strait personnel exchanges as well as health monitoring and management, it is also the successful containment of avian influenza outside. To further prevent the flu harm, you need to develop a vaccine and reserves cold medicine.

    There are two groups in the development of H7N9 vaccine, one of Taipei Veterans General Hospital and ADImmune to traditional chicken embryo vaccine manufacturing technology training; another is the National Institutes of Health, in order to enhance the tissue culture vaccine, Phase I clinical studies are trying to .

    Domestic vaccine manufacturing technology has improved, but still only a vaccine to deal with a virus; therefore Academia Sinica President Wong Chi-huey leading research groups dedicated to specific viral across the hope of finding a "universal vaccine", the principle is the virus protein polysaccharides in H polysaccharide removal, developed monosaccharides viral proteins, the future is expected to produce a combination of viral proteins of different types of the virus, developed a versatile vaccine. Currently in animal experiments successfully stage, expect three to five years to complete clinical trials, the vaccine can be manufactured into a new realm.

    China haze deterioration of cross-strait talks warning on request

    Q: human avian bird flu infection can block the outside, but can not block the other side of the Taiwan air pollution haze hazard? The new cross-strait harm?

    A: WHO has already outdoor air pollution as one of the major factor in human cancer. Note that each year over the past Taiwan in March and April will be floated sandstorms from China, flying larger particle size of suspended particles PM10 from northwest China desert. Because larger particles, easier blocked nose or the upper respiratory tract in.

    Recently, seriously, the only particle PM2.5, PM1.0 or even just fine suspended particles, more directly invade the lungs. These pollution, mostly from China's coastal provinces burning pollution, including coal-fired power generation, factories, car exhaust, and human combustion heating, caused by lung cancer is more likely to carry arsenic, heavy metal pollution, can also cause acute asthma death and so on.

    China haze on Taiwan and Japan, South Korea have caused harm, and getting worse, from March or April to extend the winter, or even the whole year are likely to occur. For PM10, DOH had over the past monitoring data to EPA and the public health data and found that suspended particles increased visibility deteriorated air, sudden infant death rate is also relatively high.

    Environmental agencies as soon as possible is necessary to do more sophisticated monitoring and analysis published. The Department of Health also required air monitoring data and public health, health information than do the research, more in-depth understanding of haze effects on public health can not be called negative only people wearing masks.

    Q: Only Taiwan to strengthen environmental protection prevention may not be valid, recommendations on how to strengthen the prevention and treatment?

    A: must strait talks or through international pressure, requiring China to haze pollution information more transparent, and to an earlier issue of cross-border notification and warning. Over the past SARS, China also hide information in the WHO and international pressure, fishes International earlier notification, notification of avian flu as well. For example, the cross-strait talks can make the king asked China Zhang warning haze.

    Taiwan to take more preventive measures can be taken as soon as possible, in addition to high-risk groups reminded to wear masks, avoid outdoor activities, there have been proposals to put "air pollution false", but involves much economic and social impact, it may not contribute to public health management. Perhaps consider only "prevention false" for high-risk groups of people, eliminating the impact of attendance records, and more effectively reduce the population morbidity, but also take into account the air pollution prevention and social functioning.

    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela