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Taiwan - CDC closely monitoring changes in H7N9 due to concerns about virus mutation

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  • Taiwan - CDC closely monitoring changes in H7N9 due to concerns about virus mutation

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    H7N9 epidemic diseases to expand the Agency worry virus mutation

    Time: 2014/1/14 Written ‧ Editor: Shen Yawen News citing: Interview

    Chinese mainland H7N9 bird flu has recently been growing, Disease Control Department today (the 14th) that due to concerns about the virus continued to be active, causing mutation enhanced infectivity again, is closely monitoring the epidemic changes. As Taiwan's second from H7N9 confirmed cases, there is still a serious condition, still in the intensive care unit for treatment.
    H7N9 bird flu comeback this fall, as well as the recent trend of expansion, causing great concern for Disease Control Department.   

    Deputy Director of the Agency Zhou Zhihao the 14th illness pointed out, the virus active in the community, if sustained, is likely to cause mutations, more unfavorable for epidemic control. He said: "(acoustic) in China so far, from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, the continual emergence of H7N9 human cases, displayed in popular among poultry should also common, indeed let us worry about viruses instead there will be further changes, making it easier for infection between short remote, in this regard, we pay close attention to them. We will try to find ways to pay attention to the virus has not changed the message. "   

    According to the Agency of disease worldwide so far, a cumulative total of more than 170 cases of confirmed cases since last year. In addition to the two from Taiwan and Hong Kong 3 from outside, all in mainland China, has caused 52 deaths.   

    In addition, the end of the second from the H7N9 Taiwan also reported imported cases, the patients were from the mainland Chinese province of Jiangsu current condition is still very serious, still in ICU treatment; However, due to three consecutive test results are negative for virus , is expected to be released soon forced isolation. As more than 600 related contacts that patients currently determined not detected any cases.

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