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Taiwan's anti-H7N9 vaccine strains in the animal testing phase

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  • Taiwan's anti-H7N9 vaccine strains in the animal testing phase

    Food Partners Web messages according to Taiwan's Central News Agency' message, in order to prevent H N 7 9 bird flu again to attack, and the Taiwan region health sector that has been completed domesticated elected vaccine plants. The animal experiments, and March next year to apply for human experimentation, next year, 6 complete human phase 2 clinical. It has been reported that in March this year my country in the Mainland at the end of infection H N 7 9 influenza virus infections, in so far as there are now 134 people were infected, 45 people were killed, in cases about 75 per cent of them had contact with poultry and birds; over the age of 50 cases accounted for about 72 per cent. There are 4 family gathered together, do not exclude the limitations human-to-human transmission events, no evidence to suggest that there are sustainable, human-to-human transmission. International experts forecast H N 7 9 in winter of this year or next year, it could once again to attack, the World Health Organization (WHO) (WHO), the United States, Japan and the European Union (EU) has begun to prepare for 7 H N 9 vaccine preparation and anti-retroviral drugs for reserve in the Taiwan region Ministry of Health and Welfare in June of this year and opening up a 2 research program. For Taiwan H N 7 9 vaccine preparation. National Institute of Health infection with vaccine research institute, said that access to research plan, to the United States for the RG - 32 A vaccine plant (Shanghai No. 2 type 7 H N 9), The British provided RG 267 and 268 RG vaccine plants (Anhui Corp. , to develop and domesticated.