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Taiwan: Update to live poultry/wet markets ban due to confirmed H7N9 case

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  • Taiwan: Update to live poultry/wet markets ban due to confirmed H7N9 case

    Taiwan recently announced that a nationwide ban of live poultry markets would become effective on June 17th. But now with a confirmed case, the ban will begin on May 17th. In addition, some cities are instituting a ban effective immediately.

    "Taipei, Taichung immediate ban slaughter of live poultry


    ...Taiwan the day before yesterday confirmed the first case of H7N9 avian influenza cases caused concern, Taiwan's agricultural sector, announced yesterday that the ban on live poultry market will start early, scheduled June 17 in advance to May 17, which is densely populated Taipei, Taichung and Shenzhen announced a ban on the slaughter of live birds from today.

    ...COA chairman Chen Baoji, Taipei, Taichung, today a ban on the slaughter of live poultry, poultry consumption of these two metropolitan areas of the entire island for 25% of the poultry consumption, can greatly reduce the risk ". Hualien County is the first to prohibit traditional market slaughter live poultry yesterday. The rest of the local government officials also agreed to with the gradual promote. Chen Baoji commitment with county and city governments to provide inspection, disinfection services.

    May 17, full sync on penalty Sizai live poultry, violators will be fined NT $ 20000-100000 yuan (about 5,200 to HK $ 26,000), recidivism at one year in prison and a fine of 100,000 yuan...".


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