On the evening of 25, Sichuan Meishan City People's Government issued a notice, 25, by the Sichuan Provincial Center for Disease Control confirmed that the county's first confirmed the first person infected with H7N9 poultry Flu cases, the current patients are receiving isolation therapy. Patients Zhou Moumou (male), 67 years old, who lives in Renshou County Zhangjia town, home with more than ten chickens and chickens, one of the chickens appear apathetic. According to the family members of patients to reflect the patient without slaughter chickens and other poultry contact history, appeared on May 17 fever, cough and other symptoms, has to Zhangjia town private clinics, hospital treatment, due to exacerbations due to illness to 23 days to Renshou County people Hospital hospitalization. At present the patient in critical condition, is fully treated.