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China - Government media: 2 new H7N9 avian flu cases - recent total is now 6 in Sichuan province - February 14, 2017 - recovered

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  • China - Government media: 2 new H7N9 avian flu cases - recent total is now 6 in Sichuan province - February 14, 2017 - recovered

    New cases of infection in H7N9 cases in Sichuan
    2017-02-14 09:53:26 Source: Xinhua News Agency

    Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, February 14 (Reporter Dong Xiaohong) Reporters on the 14th from the Sichuan Provincial Health and Health Committee was informed that two new cases confirmed in Sichuan infected H7N9 flu cases. At present, Sichuan confirmed people infected with H7N9 flu patients have increased to 6 people.
      Reporters learned that, on February 11, Sichuan Pengxi County confirmed a case of human infection H7N9 flu cases, patients Hwang, male, 60 years old, resident Pengxi County Renlong town; February 13, Sichuan Zhongjiang County confirmed 1 case People infected with H7N9 flu cases, patients Zhou, female, 48 years old, who lives in Zhongjiang County Cangshan town. At present, two patients in critical condition, in hospital isolation hospitalization, the close contact were not abnormal.


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    The cases are:

    u-v. 2 new cases reported by Sichuan province. Both are in stable but critical condition, Suing City, Sichuan province

    a7. Male, 55, [Wang], Suing City, Sichuan province CHP rpt 9/2/17

    a8. Male, 75, [Zhang}, Suing City, Sichuan province CHP rpt 9/2/17

    a17. Male, 60, [Hwang], Renglong, Pengxi, county, Sichuan province

    a18, Female, 48, [Zhou], Cangshan, Zhongjiang county, Sichuan province


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      An earlier case this year lived in Sichuan province and was treated in Shanghai:

      #825 - Male, 34, [Liu], under treatment in Shanghai lives in Sichuan province


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        More from Sichuan:

        Two cases of severe H7N9 flu patients discharged In Suining City


        Source: Sichuan Online

        April 7, Suining City Central Hospital Hedong Branch (Suining City Infectious Disease Hospital) treatment of two people infected with H7N9 flu severe cases of Hwangmou and Zhou Moumou discharged from the hospital.

        To ensure that the two rehabilitation patients successfully home, the hospital also arranged an ambulance all the way escort.

        According to the introduction, which is following the February 28 success of the province to cure the first case of severe H7N9 flu patients, Suining once again ushered in H7N9 flu patients discharged.

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