Keep H7N9 away from live poultry in order to prevent it from coming back

City Express 2018-01-31 09:32:51

  There are two weeks is the Spring Festival, and many holidays are kill chicken slaughter sheep custom, for this reason, Hangzhou Center for Disease Control reminder, in order to prevent the H7N9 influenza struck again, please stay away from live poultry.   Citizens do not   Purchase live poultry from mobile vendors   "Most cases of H7N9 confirmed in our country before the onset of the disease were exposed or exposed to live poultry for the most part before exposure and were exposed to farmer's markets where live poultry were sold. Therefore, direct or indirect exposure to infected live birds or belts The environment polluted by poisonous birds is the most important risk factor leading to human infection with H7N9 virus. "Sun Ji, deputy director of the Infection Prevention and Control Center of Hangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that members of the public try not to buy live poultry from mobile vendors. Do not polyculture live poultry purchased from live poultry markets or mobile vendors with their own domestic poultry.