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China - Demand does not meet supply of eggs causing lowest prices in 10 years - Hangzhou, Zhejiang province - May 3, 2017

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  • China - Demand does not meet supply of eggs causing lowest prices in 10 years - Hangzhou, Zhejiang province - May 3, 2017

    10 years did not encounter! Egg wholesale price fell into the 2 yuan era

    2017-05-03 08:32:16 Source: Hangzhou network reporter Zheng Wei intern reporter Liu Qing

      Break 3 into 2! This year, "stumble endlessly" ordinary eggs, in late April ushered in a wave of decline.
      According to the Hangzhou City Egg Industry Association's offer monitoring system, April 30, the wholesale price of ordinary eggs is 2.6 yuan / kg -2.8 yuan / kg, the retail price of 3.6 yuan / kg -4.0 yuan / kg. The wholesale price is so low, called the most recent 10 years.
      Price is a mirror of market supply and demand. On the one hand, after years of cultivation, the market demand for ordinary eggs has been relatively stable; the other hand, from 2014 onwards, laying hens breeding industry in a continuous state of profit, farmers have been relatively high enthusiasm, , Together with some areas of live birds to stop trading, making 500 days of the chicken elimination rate is low (under normal circumstances, 500 days and above the laying hens to enter the phase), the old and new laying hens exist, resulting in an endless stream of eggs Into the market.
      When the peak supply and consumption peak met, excess capacity problems highlighted.
      For consumers, the lower the price is better, but it also means that, in order to digest the inventory, the arrival of eggs in the hands of consumers will be extended, the original production of eggs that may be in the warehouse to be 6 -8 days to enter the retail market.
      For ordinary egg farmers, the cost of a pound of eggs in the 2 yuan or so, plus water, labor, origin, damage and other costs, a pound of eggs, if the wholesale price of less than 2.7 yuan, that is no doubt the loss The
      The greater the loss, industry reshuffle signal lights. If not timely adjustment of supply and demand, two years ago, "rocket eggs," the situation will inevitably occur again. Hangzhou egg industry association president Qian Mingyou hope that the relevant functional departments to establish early warning mechanism system for the majority of aquaculture enterprises "guardian of security."
      So, in the end who is spending eggs? How to expand sales and promote the speed of egg digestion? In addition to fresh eggs, eggs can also be in what form in the hands of consumers? How to increase the added value of eggs? How to let consumers eat more rest assured that more affordable egg?
      Right now, including farmers and dealers, are eager to find the answer. Practice has proved that large-scale production, brand management, deep processing extension channels, or crack the predicament of the egg through the road.
      From rocket eggs to sad eggs
      Now buy an ordinary egg may be as long as 0.3 yuan
      Ministry of Agriculture data show that in February this year, the national daily output of 1.355 billion eggs, an increase of 12%. There are more eggs in the country. Supply up, the price naturally go down.