Zhejiang issued a temporary subsidy policy stability poultry industry production
2017-04-21 16:48:50 Source: Xinhua News Agency

  Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, April 21 (Xinhua Yue Deliang) Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture, the Provincial Department of Agriculture recently released poultry industry temporary subsidy policy to stabilize the poultry industry to help poultry enterprises through the storm.
  In order to curb the high incidence of influenza, February 11 this year, Zhejiang Province closed the live poultry market, the province's poultry consumption downturn, prices continued to fall, poultry industry suffered heavy losses.
  Effective protection of poultry is the basis for the restoration of poultry production. Zhejiang Province, the policy provides that the holders of "livestock and poultry production and operation permit" and in the period of the species of poultry farms, in accordance with the implementation of classification of poultry protection, to give a one-time production maintenance subsidies. Among them, the national, provincial poultry genetic resources conservation field (gene bank) and ancestral breeding farm by the provincial finance to give each farm 30 yuan (pigeon for each pair of 30 yuan) subsidies.
  At the same time, Zhejiang Province will also purchase orders for the acquisition of poultry farming enterprises and designated slaughtering enterprises to subsidize. For poultry farming enterprises and fixed-point slaughtering enterprises from February 11 to April 11 during the original contract (order) acquisition of the province more than 100,000 poultry birds, according to their actual live birds by the provincial and county (city, district ) Finance to give a one-time subsidy.