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China - 1 Confirmed H7N9 case in , Xinchang County, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang province - 18-Feb-16

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  • China - 1 Confirmed H7N9 case in , Xinchang County, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang province - 18-Feb-16

    Xinchang County Health Department , County confirmed one case of H7N9 cases , Published: 2016-02-18 [Xinchang County Shaxi Shaoxing City]

    2 months 18 days Xinchang confirmed one example H7N9 cases, this is the first case in the county. According to CDC epidemiological investigation, the patient Yu Moumou, male, 57 years old, who lives in Xinchang County Shaxi. The sale of two weeks before the onset of breeding poultry history. At present serious condition, we are in hospitals to treat.

    After the outbreak, the county started immediately human infection with H7N9 joint prevention and control mechanism and the related contingency plans, held a special meeting, a clear focus on the prevention and control tasks: First, strengthen surveillance, diagnosis and treatment of patients with fever specification, unexplained pneumonia patient investigation and early anti- viral therapy work; the second is to suspend the county farmers market trading of live poultry, poultry do "slaughtering, killing white listed" to regulate the management of live poultry markets transactions; third, to conduct joint special rectification, investigate and punish illegal trading of live poultry behavior.
    Experts advise the general public changes in consumer attitudes, consumption of chilled poultry products set to kill white listed healthier and more secure scientific ideas. Meanwhile, the current time when the high season of respiratory infectious diseases, the public should pay attention to personal hygiene, wash interior ventilation, air circulation places little to no contact with dead poultry, careful contact with live poultry, such as symptoms of fever, cough, immediately to the medical institution fever clinic, and be sure to tell the doctor if there is history of exposure to poultry before the onset.
    To date, no confirmed H7N9 flu virus cases have human transmission.

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    I believe this 57yo Male Yu from Zhejiang confirmed by Xinchang County Health Department report should be on the Flu trackers H7N9 case list....


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      Done. Thanks!