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China- Woman, 20, confirmed H7N9 case: reported by Shaoxing City Govt., Zhejiang province

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  • China- Woman, 20, confirmed H7N9 case: reported by Shaoxing City Govt., Zhejiang province


    One case of H7N9 confirmed cases keqiao area
    Source: Municipal Health Bureau Date: 2014-12-29

    December 28 Keqiao District confirmed one case of H7N9 cases, this is the first cases appeared in this winter of our city, our province, following the recent Jiaxing, Yiwu, Yongkang found after the first five cases of H7N9 cases.
    According to CDC epidemiological investigation, the patient Xing Moumou, female, 20 years old, currently living area keqiao Anchang, one week prior to the onset has been to the farmers market, no clear history of exposure to poultry, currently in critical condition, still active treatment, the epidemic prevention and control measures are being ordered implemented.
    Really good job in the prevention and control of H7N9 and other respiratory diseases in winter and spring, to protect people's lives and the safety and health of the city since the fall of the H7N9 prevention measures to further strengthen the government held a special meeting, a clear focus on the prevention and control tasks, strengthen epidemic patient monitoring and treatment of preparatory work, promote poultry "slaughter, kill white listed" to regulate the management of live poultry market transactions, joint special rectification, investigate and punish illegal trade of live poultry and other measures.
    Experts advise consumers to prohibit live poultry trade, the implementation of cold fresh selling not only the government's requirements, but also to prevent bird flu, pay attention to science inevitable choice for a healthy lifestyle, the general public need to change consumer attitudes, and establish healthier eating chilled products, safer scientific concept. At the same time, the current high season coincided respiratory diseases, people should pay attention to personal hygiene, indoor ground ventilation, air circulation and less places to go, do not contact with sick / dead poultry category, carefully touching live poultry, fever, cough, etc. symptoms medical institutions should be approaching fever clinic.
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