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Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

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    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    It should be noted, however, that near the residence location of the October 15 Zhejiang case, some environmental samples from live poultry market tested positive for H7N9 as detailed in the Eurosurveillance report describing the investigation on the case.

    An animal reservoir is active and thus is essential to increase distance between animals and humans in order to avoid further cases and deaths or Dangerous cluster of cases.

    Importantly, the virus has not much changed since this spring in terms of mammalian adaptation or resistance to antivirals so that the animal-human interface interventions remain pivotal in control and prevention of epidemics. GM


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      Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

      I believe this is the same case

      Jiaxing Disease Prevention and Control Center
      Zhejiang Province, one case of H7N9 bird flu new
      Source: Evening News (Hangzhou) Date: 2014-01-10 Read: 20

      ....In addition, the reporter learned that the second half of 2013 H7N9 avian influenza infection in patients Shaoxing Liu, struggle with the disease 89 days after the medical staff trying to resuscitate, passed the critical stage. The day before yesterday has been transferred to a general ward, which means that he has been cured of bird flu, and has been able to walk, just a short time after rehabilitation, can be discharged. Professor of Zhejiang University First Hospital ICU main任方强consultation as he repeatedly said that it complies with all the laws of the flu virus, virus attack, very destructive, especially H7N9 avian influenza virus so cause people to breathe in a short time failure and life-threatening.....

      Other official sources as above!

      Chen Y, Fu L, Chen Z, Gong Z, Mao H, Wang D, Ni MY, Wu P, Yu Z, He T, Li Z, Gao J, Liu S, Shu Y, Cowling BJ, Xia S, Yu H. Human infection with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus re-emerges in China in winter 2013. Euro Surveill. 2013;18(43):pii=20616. Available online:


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        Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

        Translation Google

        Life Diary: glass slide with the 123 days of bird flu

        February 11, 2014 08:40:18 |Zhejiang Online news site|
        Shaoxing H7N9 patient discharged yesterday diagnosed last fall, the younger brother of the night waiting for each other since childhood, recorded the victory over the death of his brother, bit by bit
        123 days later, Liu Jintao hospital.
        October 11, 2013, he was admitted to intensive care in Shaoxing City People's Hospital. Three days later, he was diagnosed with in 2013, Zhejiang Province, the first cases of H7N9 patients autumn bird flu.
        He was unconscious for three months, repeated illness, life was once predicted to enter the countdown. But he survived!
        Beyond 123 days, wards, is the younger brother Liu Dong refused to leave the fate of dependency, and record life with 123 diary. "No parents, no me no brother, no I am now his support from the whole family." Brother who is also the father's brother also had his eight-year youth to go to Guangzhou to work, only for the home brother to complete their studies.
        Now, he basically recovered. After a month or two to rest, you can go to work. However, full recovery, the need to at least 2023.
        Fried chicken with bloodshot Blame
        "My brother was finally released from the hospital this morning." Yesterday, Liu Dong wrote in the online journal Dir 123.
        Discharged Liu Jintao, wrapped tightly: Wear line cap, a thick black feather underwear.
        "I lost and now only 130 pounds, 165 pounds before, a reduction of 35 pounds." Without an oxygen mask, no wheelchair, he can walk independently, self-care. But, to speak, to walk, and some minor asthma.
        That nightmare remember 123 days ago, Liu Jintao fresh. Single, he lived in the unit dormitory, eating simple. During the National Day last year, he went to the supermarket and bought three fried chicken.
        Second only to eat, the taste is not right, chicken with bloodshot eyes. He did not dare to eat, thrown into the trash. Nevertheless, the first two days, he started having diarrhea. The first three days, is also true. He dared not neglect the first four days to the town's hospital, hanging drip.

        Can be worse, but the disease turned straight down, until last October 11.
        6:00 that evening, Liu Dong in Shanghai received a brother working telephone. "A breathless voice, at first I did not recognize my brother. Brother said, 'Are you free? Tomorrow can come to me about it?' I have not had time to ask what had happened, the phone was taken away side nurses of her serious and urgent to say, 'You come over here now! your brother is very serious. better hurry up tonight!' I'm a, head 'Om' slamming. hastily **** up the phone, in a hurry to go out to catch the last Shaoxing class high-speed rail. "Liu Dong, wrote the first paper diary.
        Liu Jintao, lying emergency room, wearing an oxygen mask, high fever, cough, sweating more than. "The doctor showed me a brother of the film, when two-thirds of the lung have been white. Doctor said, very serious, to immediately intubated into the ICU."
        That night, Liu Dong signed a notice in critical condition. "One night. Cold. Worry, fear, despair. Memories, prayer. Accompanied by bursts of others grunt. Finally coming dawn." Brother, dead or alive.
        Experts predict "into the death countdown"
        In fact, far more than this day. Every day, all life to death.
        4 days after admission, Liu Jintao was diagnosed with bird flu. "Notice of family and friends, everyone was surprised. Really did not expect that a term has been almost forgotten, suddenly fell on my brother's head, which is how a probability ah! Yiyewumian again."
        Although, expert consultation, Liu Jintao coma, but in line between life struggle. "Every once in agony for a few seconds, the power of the body are exhausted, cramps camel breath. Overall situation and unchanged from yesterday, but this is the lowest limit of the flat. Again low, you lose." 2013 October 29, Liu Jintao first 19 days of admission.
        Despair enveloped his brother Liu Dong. "What I can not help him out, he looked on helplessly. Thinking of the suffering he suffered, I really want to give my lungs out half brother with."
        That night, Liu Dong was not any sleep. "Cranky, brother in mind is the picture suffers." The next day, the situation did not improve, "Brother has come to the edge of the cliff, there is likely to fall at any time, the situation is very critical."
        He began to fear, fear of losing his brother. "Before I am to ask the situation will call brother and now I can not, mainly fear. Afraid to hear bad news, but also afraid of receiving ICU phone. Endured not fight, endured not ask."
        Gradually, Liu Jintao began to improve. To life, love to joke. When you think of luck, but to a disaster.
        By the end of November last year, Liu Jintao again critical. When new ones artificial lung, a few seconds of ECG appears straight. Doctors in advance under a death sentence.
        "Experts say the province, according to her decades of medical experience point of view, the situation is very bad my brother a few days this improvement, it is an illusion. Before she thinks I'm younger brother, other organs are very good-maintained , there will be a miracle, but now she felt disillusioned and now has a countdown, and may at any time be gone and she is very sympathetic to us, but no longer do nothing. "
        Departed loved ones who bear the weight? Liu Dong despair again. "I cried for a long time in the afternoon, his eyes a little pain, a little sore brain Jen evening, did not even tear up."
        Family misfortune, leg broke, he came through
        Yeah long 4-year-old brother, also brother is also a parent.
        "No parents, no me can no brother, no I am now his support from the whole family." Liu Dong said.
        In 1998, Liu Jintao 19 years old. In another year, he will be able to middle school, earn money for the family. But, wait less than a never been seen.
        Money, has been wound Liu nightmare. "We childhood poverty caused by family, could not rolled over so many years." Liu Jintao age of 15, the mother died.
        19-year-old Liu Jintao, said nothing, pack a few clothes, jump on the train, went to Zhengzhou. With a handicraft art skills, he was spotted by a business. Not yet graduated, he entered the community early, south of Guangzhou.
        This walk is 8 years. One person alone, how no hardship? May he never said loudly. "I'm fine here, you worry." He always said so.
        8 years, he used the best years, only for his brother Liu Dong grown up. 3 years of high school, three years of college police academy, a full six-year tuition Liu Dong, Liu Jintao wage earned thanks.
        He himself, but no savings. "Over the years, he was almost no deposits, just leave your own living expenses, everything else supplement the family income, for my school. Family had no money, not to pay off a debt ass, own meager income." Perhaps for this reason, Liu Jintao has not married.
        For fate, he never complained. He endure in silence, a man picking up. He is very stubborn, do not believe in fate. 7 years old, a car accident, not the left thumb, but he survived. In 2005, he broke his leg skating, and survive. Liu Dong said, "This is my brother rest of my life Bumpy Road, was a lot of crime, but hard life. Recent outbreak of avian flu, I think he can get over it."
        Yes, the hard life of Liu Jintao survive. Despite his pulmonary function still good body is still soft. But as long as alive, there is hope.
        Alive, nice!
        "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
        -Nelson Mandela