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China - Xinjiang - Urumqi live bird market operations have been closed

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  • China - Xinjiang - Urumqi live bird market operations have been closed

    ?r?mqi (red) in Xinjiang (orange)

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    Urumqi live bird market operations have been closed

    2015-02-02 09:56:00 Source: Xinjiang net

    January 29, in the district of Urumqi Shuimogou Xinmin Street Farmers Market opened a new shop selling fresh whole chicken, a customer is the selection of the day with fresh whole chicken. As of December 31, 2014, 37 live birds Shuimogou district shut down trading points, including 13 in situ conversion began selling fresh whole chicken.

    February 1, from Urumqi live poultry business market rectification work leading group sources said, as of now, Urumqi live bird market operations have been closed. This closure is designed to protect the health of people of all nationalities, clean up the market sanitation, prevent the spread of bird flu by market segments, improve the quality of life of the people of all ethnic groups, to enhance the degree of civilization of city management.

    Since the July 2014 report of the first case of H7N9 flu cases in Xinjiang has reported a total of 10 cases of flu cases, most patients have a history of contact with live poultry. To protect the health of people of all nationalities, clean up the market sanitation, prevent the spread of bird flu by market segment, since December 2014, Urumqi live bird market operators set up special work leading group, carry out a comprehensive rectification of live poultry business market .

    According to statistics, Urumqi existing Ling Qing, the new North Park Spring, the new joint, Fengyuan 4 meters east of live poultry wholesale market, 145 live poultry slaughter points, totaling 202 dealers engaged in the transport of live poultry wholesale practitioners have 80.

    Live bird markets are operating restaurants, canteens and needed fresh whole chicken retail live poultry and live birds in the main channel, only the city's four wholesale average daily trading volume of 25,000 chickens.

    After the market closed live poultry operations, to protect the public demand Urumqi, according to "slaughtering poultry, poultry IOUs listing" requirements, the city has been legally approved three poultry slaughtering plant (field), expand the variety IOUs poultry and its products, production establishment of cold fresh poultry product distribution and sales network; the establishment of poultry and its products chilled carcass sales counters in 289 communities conditional vegetables direct point; in a closed area where live poultry retail outlets or market, priority setting IOUs poultry and its products or retail counters.

    Municipal Bureau of Commerce party secretary Zhang Jun said that through special campaigns, clean up the market environment, health, and reduce the risk of the outbreak of the general public's health has been effectively protected.

    Market reaction

    Live poultry business market closed, the public understands and supports businesses

    Whole chicken clean assured that business will get better

    Currently, the city live poultry wholesale and retail live poultry slaughter point all closed by law. February 1, the reporter interviewed people live bird market dealers, for the live bird markets closed, they expressed their understanding and support.

    Public: whole chicken clean, eating at ease

    Fortuna resident who lives in North Park District warehouse ditch Wan Liping said: "The slaughter of poultry or unity, after sterilization, and then get the market, it was assured that we eat."

    The same day, Wan Ling Qing Liping market to buy a chicken, ready to go home confinement for being the daughter up the body, although now freshly slaughtered chickens, but Wan Liping think to pack up trouble.

    Work every day to go through the new Beiyuanchun live animal markets 丁永峰 people said that since the market is closed, no unpleasant odors and noisy sound.

    "Fortunately the winter, one summer, here are all the flies, dirty." Ding Yongfeng, said he rarely ate chickens, usually to the supermarket to buy a whole chicken to eat, plus the outbreak of avian flu, he was more in favor of the Close live animal markets.

    Dealers: in situ conversion, business dealings

    Shuimogou district in Urumqi, there are 13 shops selling live poultry conversions, have been re-opened, Xinmin Road 马秀芳 Street Farmers Market is one of them.

    Maxiu Fang shops selling fish and chickens ten years, and has now become a fish and fresh whole chicken.

    "Now want to see, and consequently it is safe for customers to buy first, avian flu, selling chickens at risk, is now selling a unified security wholesale chicken, do not deal with their own, and guests can also buy, do both." 马秀芳 said.

    While shutting down Ling Qing live animal markets, so in chickens slaughtered seven Li Shuguo some dismay, but considering the epidemic and health, Li Shuguo being prepared converting, in whole chicken sales.

    "Probably the beginning of the business is not very good, but I think a long time, we will be able to accept, as long as I sell chicken safe, fresh, and I believe the business will slowly get better." Li Shuguo says he is now waiting for the market as soon as possible transformation is complete, re-opened.

    Expert opinion

    Away from live poultry to reduce the epidemic

    Urumqi Municipal Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (Veterinary Services), deputy director of Animal Disease Control and Diagnostic Center Lee Aiqiao reminder: people should stay away from live poultry, to reduce exposure, buy the regular channels of supply of cold fresh "white" poultry.

    "Whole chicken" that slaughtered after chickens, sell "whole chicken" mode control poultry outbreaks and reduce the spread of the epidemic is a good way.

    First, the city now has designated slaughterhouses, and are qualified to obtain slaughter detection qualified by government departments; secondly, there are professional quarantine quarantine officers, on the "whole chicken" in check, consumers should look at changing consumer habits. Currently on the market frozen products are also the day-to-market, to ensure fresh taste. After a certain frozen poultry meat processing and standardization of primary processing, packaging, it has both nutrition, improve the taste but also to protect the health requirements. (Reporter Li Jia Mengyan history Suowei sunny intern Shiyue She shadow reports)

    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela