On October 18, the wild bird avian flu samples were collected from Nanhu Dongtan, and the wildlife disaster surveillance technology platform of East China Normal University and East China Normal University on October 18. In the Pudong New Area, with the cooperation of the forestry station, the total collection of wild birds 35, throat anal swab 70 copies. Collection of species including the tail duck, white eyebrow duck, green wings duck, spotted ducks and other migratory migratory birds and white bones, black water chicken and other local waterfowl. All samples have been stored and detected by the platform for avian influenza virus carrying. Wild ducks and ducks are the natural host of avian influenza virus. As the weather turns cold, the goose and ducks have moved to the south. According to the active warning work plan of this year, the capture and sampling of wild ducks and ducks will continue from the present Month, in order to obtain enough samples to study the wild ducks and ducks to carry the dynamic changes in avian influenza virus. (Shanghai Forestry Bureau)