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China - Shanghai reports new H7N9 case - a person who resides in Jiangsu province - April 6, 2015

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  • China - Shanghai reports new H7N9 case - a person who resides in Jiangsu province - April 6, 2015

    H7N9 virus confirmed cases in Shanghai reported an exceptional treatment of people infected with the province to Shanghai

    Published: 2015-4-6
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      Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission April 6 briefing, H7N9 virus confirmed cases in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Shanghai reported one case of human infection treatment.
      Patients, Chen, female, 37 years old, Jiangsu Province household. On April 6 diagnosed patients in critical condition at present, is actively therapy.

    hat tip Biological100

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    Until further clarification I am posting this case in Shanghai.

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    Translation Google

    Shanghai infected with H7N9 virus to reproduce and live animal morbidity cases related

    2015-04-08 07:46:30 Shanghai TV

    After April 4, last night, the city population and family planning has informed the city reported on its website confirmed cases of H7N9 virus case of human infection. After the Spring Festival closed live poultry market, the Shanghai Why two consecutive patients were infected with H7N9 virus, two patients have any special circumstances, this reporter interviewed the person in charge of the city of CDC.

    According to reports, last night notified cases of a 37 year old woman from Jiangsu Province, recently severe pneumonia should be sent to the local 120 ambulance rescue Shanghai, April 6 was diagnosed as infected with H7N9 virus Shanghai hospital is currently in critical condition, while in April 4 confirmed cases notified Shanghai native, 52 years old, male, relatively stable condition, the CDC survey found that the two men had a history of exposure before the onset of live birds, including Shanghai men have made many trips to neighboring provinces buy live poultry experience. According to reports, this year's Shanghai were found in five cases of human infection with the H7N9 virus cases, including three cases occurred before the live animal markets closed. And last year, nine cases of infection, there, too, shows that the incidence of open cases with live animal markets in eight cases presented dramatically close association.

    CDC Deputy Director: "From the beginning of 2013, three years of sporadic H7N9 cases have occurred, but in live bird markets closed period, no new cases have occurred so that the live bird markets closed for the prevention of H7N9 virus infection. is a very effective measure. "

    In this regard, the city CDC experts once again appealed to the public to try to avoid close contact with live poultry.
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
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      Avian Influenza Report, VOLUME 11, NUMBER 19 Reporting period: May 3, 2015 ? May 9, 2015 (Week 19) (Published on May 12, 2015)
      Since the previous issue of Avian Influenza Report, 5 new human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9) with onset of symptoms between March 27 and April 12 were reported by NHFPC. The cases were from Zhejiang (2), Fujian (1), Jiangsu (1) and Anhui (1). Since March 2013 (as of May 11, 2015), there were a total of 660 cases reported globally. In the third wave since November 2014 (as of May 11, 2015), 200 cases have been reported in the Mainland......

      Anhui Huaibei 3 M Stable 10/5/2015
      Jiangsu Nantong 37 F Fatal 10/5/2015
      Fujian Quanzhou 5 F Recovered 10/5/2015
      Zhejiang Jiaxing 67 M Serious 10/5/2015
      Zhejiang Jiashan County 52 M Fatal 10/5/2015

      * The Government confirmed on April 9, 2015 that the carcass of a peregrine falcon found at a construction site in **** Shui Kiu, Yuen Long was tested positive for H5N6 virus. The Government confirmed that the carcass of an oriental magpie robin found in Sai Kung on April 29, 2015 was tested positive for H5N6 virus. #
      The Government confirmed on January 27, 2014 that a number of samples from a batch of live chickens imported from a registered poultry farm in Shunde District of Foshan City in Guangdong were tested positive for H7N9 virus.
      The Government found on December 30, 2014 a number of samples from a consignment of live chickens from a registered farm in Huicheng District of Huizhou in Guangdong tested positive for H7N9 virus.

      most likely the same case... I have some media but Nantong was not mentioned!

      only one issue..... empress-i has two posts for the Jiangsu case! Mind you... WHO reports only one case!

      Most recent

      I' 'll post the earlier GLEWS rss feed which was grouped with this Shanghai case later tonight!