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China - Pediatric outpatient clinic traffic up 34% over previous 2 months, fever & respiratory - Shenyang, Liaoning province - September 7, 2017

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  • China - Pediatric outpatient clinic traffic up 34% over previous 2 months, fever & respiratory - Shenyang, Liaoning province - September 7, 2017

    Day cold cold fever cough children continue to increase

    \ Shenyang: outpatient half of the children to a small "cold" into a pneumonia

    2017-09-07 10:55 Source: Shenyang Evening News Author: Wang Yu Zhe

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      Early autumn season, the temperature fluctuated, many infants and young children are due to a cold, fever to the hospital. Recently, the Shenyang Evening News, reported that the media interviewed a number of large hospitals in the pediatrician, found pediatric clinics filled with children playing bottles. Shenyang Military Region General Hospital Department of Pediatrics Wei Bing told reporters, into the autumn began, pediatric clinics daily admissions of the number of people increased, compared with the previous two months increased by 34%. Which is the most obvious trend is the mycoplasma pneumonia in children. "If the doctor admits 100 children, more than half of them are mycoplasma pneumonia."
      Yesterday, the reporter saw the children in the pediatric ward three-year-old children sweet (a pseudonym), sweet mother told reporters that the child after a cold, the family thought Ting Ting can be in the past, give the child simply eat some cold medicine, Days after the symptoms are serious, to the hospital a check is mycoplasma pneumonia. "This is not a case, there are 'quite' this idea a lot of parents." Wei Bing introduction, children with pneumonia is a pulmonary infectious diseases, clinical common disease, outpatient nearly 80% of children due to neglect treatment, small Cold "quite" became pneumonia.
      Cold in the end can be quite, parents should pay attention to observe: First, the child fever at 38.5 ℃ or more, the mental state is not very good, frequent cough, people suffering from pneumonia, and these conditions to the hospital in time; if the child heating temperature Not high, mental state is better, cold to runny nose and sore throat-based, cold before a history of cold, these children can be temporarily observed at home, drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, appropriate medication.
      In addition, the early autumn season, parents should follow the "spring cover autumn frozen" principle, do not rush to the child overturned clothing, the child is more vigorous metabolism, wear too much will cover sweat, and then a wind is very sick. To determine whether the appropriate thickness of the child dressing, as long as the touch of the child's palm, the back is warm and no sweat, this case, the child's clothes than adults in the same environment to wear a layer can be.
      Shenyang Evening News, Shen reported media reporter Wang Yuzhe