Prevention and control of H7N9 influenza outbreak Nanchang is strictly prohibited live poultry transactions

Time: 2018-2-7 15:57:30 Source: Jiangnan city
  On February 5, the reporter learned from relevant departments in Nanchang that Nanchang will resolutely ban the live poultry trading market and severely crack down on mobile stalls, slaughtering live poultry, illegally trading and trading.
  In order to actively do a good job H7N9 influenza epidemic prevention and control work to protect the people's health and safety of life and maintain normal social order of production and life, Nanchang City Urban Management Commission requires City Urban Management Detachment, County District Law Enforcement Bureau to further strengthen the management of live poultry occupy the road .
  The city required law enforcement agencies of urban management departments in all counties and districts to step up inspections of the market area around the market for farmers' markets and the spontaneous formation of markets, and to conduct temporary inspections of business areas (outlets) to ease the sale and slaughter of live poultry and resolutely ban them Live poultry trading market, crack down on mobile stalls slaughtered live poultry, illegal business and trading phenomenon.
  In addition, Nanchang City Urban Management Detachment will also strengthen the counties and streets to carry out occupational regulation, especially live poultry transactions supervision and inspection, timely detection of problems, promptly notify the situation, promptly urging rectification.
  The inspection found live poultry transaction management is not in place, ineffective treatment, Nanchang City Commission will conduct assessment accountability; violations of law led to the spread of the epidemic, will report to the relevant departments strictly pursue their responsibilities.