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​China - Jiangsu Province - Zhenjiang City currently vaccinating poultry against highly pathogenic avian influenza

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  • ​China - Jiangsu Province - Zhenjiang City currently vaccinating poultry against highly pathogenic avian influenza

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    Zhenjiang Jiucheng free-range livestock and poultry will be immunized by the village.

    Source: China Jiangsu Net 2018-03-20 09:19:00

    Jiangsu, China, March 20: After the spring began, Zhenjiang City entered a high season for animal diseases. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Animal Epidemic Prevention and Control Center of Zhenjiang City that from now to the end of April, all levels of animal epidemics and epidemic prevention personnel organized and implemented prevention and control actions for major animal disease epidemics in the city.

    Do you remember frequent bird flu around the Spring Festival in recent years? For the characteristics of bird flu in the winter and spring to seasons, the animal epidemic prevention and control personnel at all levels of the city are currently vaccinating against highly pathogenic avian influenza using the recombinant inactivated bivalent influenza virus (H5+H7) vaccine against H7N9.

    Subtypes of bird flu play a preventive role.

    According to relevant sources, livestock and poultry farms will establish a sound scientific immunization program under the guidance of epidemic prevention staff, and the resident veterinarian will implement the immunization. The immunization work for free-range households shall be organized by the town (street) animal husbandry and veterinary station epidemic prevention staff. Each village shall go household by household and ensure that the density of livestock and poultry groups should not exceed 90%.

    According to another understanding, livestock and poultry major animal epidemics also include livestock foot-and-mouth disease, highly pathogenic pig blue ear disease, swine fever, and small ruminant ruminants. From late April to early May, the animal and animal control departments of the municipality and municipality will carry out antibody testing. According to the four random principles of ?people, townships, farms, livestock and poultry?, the citywide inspection of the immune effects of major animal epidemics was carried out to ensure that the immune effects of major animal epidemics reached more than 70%.

    This year, major animal epidemics in the city are still in a stable state. (Qianguang Lei Zhu Wei)
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