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Jiangsu Taiwanese died from H7N9 disease - previously known case

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  • Jiangsu Taiwanese died from H7N9 disease - previously known case

    Ministry of health and Welfare said today that the disease control agency, nearly 3 years H7N9 3rd infection patients receiving medical treatment in hospitals in Jiangsu Province. CDC Department of epidemic prevention physician to go to the Mainland to understand and advocate for local Taiwanese, the patient died this morning. A North 26 year old male in the evening of January 8, city, Jiangsu Province, China since Taipei's Sungshan airport, the temperature is normal and has no other symptoms, but take the initiative to inform the airport quarantine officers, had contacts with the suspected H7N9 flu patients, the airport quarantine staff preliminary assessment of risk is not high, home for self-health management. CDC Department of epidemic regulation found that this man was in late December last year to visit doing business in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, father, end of December to return to Taiwan on January 5, received notification of the father is seriously ill and went to land access, but the father in critical conditions in the intensive treatment and has not contacted. CDC says the man and have been exposed to his father's friends on January 5, Lu Fang and health unit also collected specimen, January 11 test results show that the nasopharyngeal swab tests negative for H7N9 influenza virus nucleic acid.

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      Taiwan media reported that the name Taiwan last Monday confirmed infected with H7N9 bird flu, which Nianliu year-old son earlier this month after a visit from Jiangsu too sick father, informed that the initiative 28 this month after returning to Taiwan, worked with suspected H7N9 avian contact with influenza patients, a preliminary assessment by the airport quarantine officers is not high risk of infection. The Programme disease situation at this time only learned the name of Taiwan, and it is known that he has contact with poultry market record in Jiangsu Province.