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China - Dead chickens at market for 1/2 price - officials deny bird flu and Newcastle diseases - Yangzhou, Jiangsu province

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  • China - Dead chickens at market for 1/2 price - officials deny bird flu and Newcastle diseases - Yangzhou, Jiangsu province

    Braided river farmers market there is more dead chickens live avian anatomy exclude fowl plague
    2014年09月04日07:33 | Source: Yangzhou Network - Yangzhou Evening News Yangzhou

    Reporters visited the wholesale market found a dead chicken

    Grandpa said to be in the hands of only being killed in cages

    Dead chickens deep processing site
    Recently, the Bureau of Hanjiang River branch of law enforcement officers in the farmer's market, find someone to bring more than 50 dead chickens at poultry slaughter point processing. These dead chickens come from? Whether there is a risk? Yesterday, this reporter interviewed.
    Industrial and commercial inspections
    Sixty five dead chickens found in processed
    At 9:30 on September 1 or so, Hanjiang Industry Bureau law enforcement officers at the time of the braided river farmers market daily inspections found that someone brought fifty or sixty dead chickens are being slaughtered poultry point processing.
    "Normal consumers will not buy so much chicken, chicken even buy more, nor are the dead chickens." Found abnormal, law enforcement officers immediately stepped forward to ask, that these dead chickens are braided river village street Mr. Choi villagers just purchased that morning, but he could not provide a quarantine certificate.
    "He said that early in the morning to buy chickens from White Swan poultry wholesale market, and is based on low-cost 3 yuan each, at the time I did not expect to quarantine certificate." Because Mr. Choi has refused to be interviewed, the reporter from the on-site inspection of industrial and commercial personnel at informed that Mr. Choi said the purchase, part of the chicken is dead, another part of half-dead chickens, dead chickens purchased purpose, it is ready to slaughter after the farmer's market, feeding their own dog.
    What is the cause of death of these dead chickens? Subsequently, law enforcement officers and technical personnel immediately contact Hanjiang animal epidemic prevention departments, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station Branch River Street, the site of which two anatomical dead chickens.
    "According to the pathological changes, technical personnel on the spot ruled out avian influenza, Newcastle disease (fowl plague) and other similar animal diseases.

    Initially suspected, is in transit due to high temperature, or squeeze to death." Unknown cause in order to prevent birds from entering the market noon that day, under the guidance of braided river in animal husbandry and veterinary station technical staff, supervision, Mr. Choi parties braided river in a village in a remote place street, all the chicken all buried, according to the provisions of the disinfection process.