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China - 2 H7N9 positive samples found in market screening, birds "detoxified". Loudi, Hunan province - February 8, 2018

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  • China - 2 H7N9 positive samples found in market screening, birds "detoxified". Loudi, Hunan province - February 8, 2018

    Loudi intensified animal H7N9 influenza epidemic monitoring

    2018-02-08 09:15Loudi News NetworkPoon Wen-wu

    (Staff conducts sample monitoring of live poultry market)
    Loudi News Network (correspondent Pan Wenwu) winter and spring season is the H7 influenza virus season, recently, Loudi city animal epidemic prevention departments vigilant and actively take measures to do a good job poultry and live poultry market epidemic monitoring and comprehensive prevention and control, full protection Live poultry products quality and safety.
    In order to effectively prevent and control H7N9 in animals and prevent the H7N9 influenza virus from spreading and spreading through the live poultry market, the department of animal epidemic prevention and control at all levels in Loudi vigorously carried out monitoring and monitoring of the H7N9 influenza in live poultry breeding and transaction so as to ensure that the epidemic situation Dispose in time. According to the "Emergency Meeting on Prevention and Control of Avian Influenza in the Whole City" on December 29, 2017, from January 2018 onwards, all the poultry exchange markets in the city will be monitored every Monday. By the end of March, all the live poultry of poultry farms in the area will be completed. Environmental monitoring. According to statistics, as of February 5 has been monitored 3685 poultry samples times, found two positive samples of foreign poultry, are strictly in accordance with the provisions of the same group of birds were detoxified.

    Some counties and cities carried out market closures and disinfection of the live poultry market where H7 environmental monitoring was positive.

    The city's animal epidemic prevention department strictly enforce the 24-hour emergency shift system and the leadership of the band system, so that a clear responsibility, personnel in place, the flow of information, developed a contingency plan, well animal H7 influenza vaccine, disinfectant and protective equipment, epidemic prevention material reserves , Effectively improve emergency response capacity.